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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Watch Us Shake Our Unicorn Nuts

Now you're in the unicorn know.

Soon you'll be a unicorn's ho!


Fun Fact:
I did a lewd rewrite of that entire song


So does that mean there will be sequels? :trollestia:

This is good. QUite good

I just want to mention there was already a story with almost this exact title.

[Adult story embed hidden]

Great minds think alike.

I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm undeterred

What, if anything would deter you Leech?

I’ve been waiting SO LONG for a futa Izzy story, thank you for finally making the first one :twilightsmile:

Same, It's been so long and there was only 1 I ever saw for futa Izzy. Same with the art count on such, it's really low surprisingly.


The people who made the movie knew exactly what they were doing. I cannot be convinced that "watch us shake our unicorn butts" was an innocent mistake. Can't be done. That whole sequence was bait if I've ever seen it, and I'm eternally grateful that the clop community seems to have eagerly swallowed it.

Smiting from a higher power might work, but death never stopped me before

My pleasure!

Oh they knew good and damn well what they were doin'!

That is an alarmingly credible statement coming from you Leech. :rainbowlaugh:

It's not strictly a lie!

Leech... Leech... Leech...
You just couldn't resist punning the song and writing about it, could you?

I’m only surprised at how long it took you to write this.

I couldn't help myself

I actually wrote this months ago. At any given time, I'm sitting on somewhere around two-dozen unpublished stories.
I sort of baffle them according to the kinks involved and if they're anthro or pony-pony.

shame on you :ajsmug:

silly title and I'm here :P

but it's well written and you've thought about stuff so I think I'll comment even though I rarely read things like this and almost never comment on anything.

what I liked: the concept - Izzy absolutely would be the one to do experimental sex and randomly have an 'extra horn' and Sunny might just be crazy enough to go along with it in the spirit of bonding. Could maybe have used a bit more softening of the usual human restraints with a bit of lore about how ponies are sex mad or something but I'm sold :P

the writing, as I said. You have nice sauce writing. Nuts are large and pendulous :P things taste and things squeeze and an enjoyable time is had by the characters

what I wanted more of:
a bit more characterful sauce - I kinda came to read this to see an over-excited maybe hair-triggered Izzy being absolutely rampant and manic in sex, and a Sunny who is contemplative and curious with her sex - maybe stopping Izzy in the middle to make a note or something silly :P

practical sauce - sex is a practical exercise and often a means to an end (eg having fun) - obviously in a short fun fic like this there's going to be less of that, and you explain it was Sunny's first time, but I suppose I wanted a little more explanation for why characters hit it off so well sexually that they got their fun out of it (and any other goals)

other points:
spoilered due to Izzy-brain :P this went OT fast not that it matters at all since the term is clear but 'medial ring' on horses? I think maybe that's a thing on horse-penis shaped dildos, but pretty sure it's called the preputial ring on actual stallions since it generally lives inside its preputial fold. What is the prepuce? "The prepuce is a specialized junctional mucocutaneous tissue that provides adequate skin and mucosa to cover the entire penis during erection." What is that similar to on a human? Our foreskin! Which some cultures have declared war on for some reason. And our preputial ring is an itty band of skin between the crotch skin and the foreskin. Anyway, that ring on a stallion penis is a foreskin thing and not a body of the penis thing (unlike dogs who have a special knot) - having the preputial ring go in the mare and be squeezed might be pleasurable as part of the general traction on the penis but having it pulled back too hard must be painful, a bit like when our frenulum is stretched? (Circumcised guys, like ponies, lack most of their frenulum, but they also lack foreskin... so it equals out.)

Does anyone have the link to the picture used for this story? I've been trying to find it, but I keep finding the WIP version.

Именно по этому с̶в̶е̶ч̶к̶а̶ единорог совершает свои колебания

Oh come on! You can’t just say that and then not give us so much as a sample of what you came up with!

Added it to the author's note of the story

Obligatory "lower horn" reference.


Time to give Fimfic a music section

The mare wasn’t even fully hard, yet her tool was an order of magnitude larger than Hitch's or, for that matter, any stallion’s dangly bits she’d seen before.

When did she Hitch's full size anyway?

The data she was about to collect would be invaluable, quite possibly the first of its kind ever documented, so she had to force herself to remain calm and professional.

Let's see how long she lasts...

A faint glow and the soft hum of magic was all the warning Sunny had, before something delicately rubbed against her sex; it was an odd sensation, somewhat similar to the soft touch of warm skin, although it felt fantastic.

Izzy got her magic merely days ago and had already mastered this spell... I'm not surprised.

The fact that she hadn’t properly documented her companion’s somewhat singular anatomy, while frustrating, brought a weary smile to her lips - not because she was happy to have forgotten something so vital, but because it gave her the perfect excuse to ask for a second round…

How many rounds did it take until she got her data?

Damn... Friendship is magic especially with benefits ♡

The mare wasn’t even fully hard, yet her tool was an order of magnitude larger than Hitch's or, for that matter any stallion’s dangly bits she’d seen before

10x more than a average?!
That's less a "horn" but an extra leg Oo

Maybe hitch is on the small side XD

Quite a nice little story. A bit too fast paced, maybe, so it doesn’t have as much buildup time or as much detail in each part as I might like … but at least it’s consistently paced. And has just enough juicy details to do the job.

Also, I really want to know if the pizza got burnt or not. And what kind of pizza unicorns do like. The unresolved questions — they burn!


the clop community seems to have eagerly swallowed it.


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