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A pony of mystery in the darkness. Or I forgot to take the lens cap off. (They/them is fine.)


When Twilight was still Ponyville's unicorn librarian, she learned a surprising secret from Rarity.

Twilight surprised Rarity with a secret of her own.

Warning: This story is silly, and contains at least one plot twist (some people don't like those.)

(Image Source: I edited a picture by "DimBulb," with DimBulb's kind permission.
The original image is, of course, bigger, better and cuter. :twilightsmile:)

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Best Plot Twist ever. 10/10, amazing.
I loved that bit with the Crusaders at the end.

Mockingbirb, are you from MA? Where P-town = Provincetown = Rainbow Flag central.

:raritycry: Spike!
:moustache: Rarity are you Okay?
:raritystarry: Twilight loves books!
:moustache: and you love fashion
:duck: They love her back!
:moustache: Duh and Pinkie loves balloons
:raritywink: They usually fly away screaming darling
:moustache: these ponies are crazy I'm driven to drink
:raritywink: Lead the way my Spikey Wikey
:moustache: How do the Cakes have unicorn and ...
:duck: Mrs. Cake's a little hor...
:pinkiegasp: You know for kids!
:facehoof: Darn paper got wet...

Now I need to draw Twilight with a paper pony version of Malchior/Rorek of Nol. I hope you're happy.

Never thought about Twi being librasexual, but I guess it kinda works? Need more details on that spell...

Have you ever noticed that there are not a lot of regular stallion-mare couples in Ponyville?

I never thought about that myself, but then again, canon mare-mare couples are even rarer. Could most ponies in Ponyville (in canon) just don't have an interest in forming relationships...?

I alway's knew there was something about P- ville that felt right. Good thing I like timber and rare gem's or all these rainbow's would spread to my shiny blue coat.

on another note...

I laughed.

Twilight said, "It's complicated. I guess for you to really understand, I would have to show you. But I suppose it's time I shared my secret with somepony."

She can only love orange underaged transdimensional ape creatures who play electric guitars without amps. EDIT: and the real answer was even more ridiculous. A tip of the hat--and the wrist--to that reveal.

Dear Lord. :rainbowlaugh:

Have a like.

The Enchanted Library, indeed...

I honestly can’t say I’m that surprised. Still, delightful moment of trust between friends... though this certainly does cast a lot of Twilight’s life in a new light. Especially Tirek destroying the library.


:moustache: How do the Cakes have unicorn and ...
:duck: Mrs. Cake's a little hor...

The really crazy part is that this is still pretty unlikely. There probably aren't supposed to be alicorn stallions except in Manehattan, and I'm not entirely sure that fraternal twins work properly for two separate stallions unless it's a full three-way.

Seeing Mr. Cake sweat as he says one had a great uncle who's a unicorn as the other was a great aunt was hilarious.

Like Space Balls Uncles brothers nephew other roommate...

Mrs. Cake has some explaining to do :rainbowlaugh:

It was former roommate, you uncultured... what even is that thing in your avatar, anyway?

:rainbowlaugh: Of all the things I expected from a story with the tags Twilight, Rarity and Romance, this wasn't among them

The story isn't great, but the Author's Note more than makes up for it. So Kudos for that

10952596 That's a rabbit

That's my stunt double!

Was it ever a secret that Twilight's a bibliophile?

I mean... not many expected it to be like this, although as 10952259 points out it helps to justify her rampage against Tirek as "you just murdered my harem".

"Why not something like the Kama Snootra, darling?"

"I want a stallionfriend, not a sex toy!"

I'm not exactly sure my brain can comprehend this... Good job! I have no idea what to think about this!
Short but entertaining!

Reminds me of Konan

reminds me of "off the Mark" by Goldfur, where Pony Mares have a yearly month-long SEASON where they become fertile AND sex-crazed and ANY stallion becomes fair game for that month.
so in THAT story, any mare who does NOT want foals will find ANOTHER mare to satisfy her Lust with.
i forget who Twilight went with, but Applejack and Rainbow Dash got together at that time of year...

Bahaha!!! Okay, I wasn't expecting that.

But, what would happen if they decide to... ya know...

wouldn't she get papercuts?:rainbowderp:

That was my first question on reading this. Visited once on a Cape Cod vacation, it was fun. Got a "bears" bumper sticker for the lulz.

not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't this...

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