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The Rainbooms are one of the few bands at CHS that didn't dissolve after the fad passed with the Battle of the Bands. Of course, they aren't the only one. Flash Drive never stopped being a thing, which means Applejack and Rainbow Dash can borrow their guitarist to settle a bet. Should be simple, right?

To be fair, it was still early in the girls' career as magical guardians. They had yet to learn that nothing is ever truly simple.

Rated Teen for more teenager-y teenagers than EqG normally gets away with and offscreen mayhem. Written for CRACK-STORM 2020

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So, Flash ponies up into the freaking Doomslayer when he plays Doom music?


I kinda wanna see more.

PS: I wonder what song he plays to pony up again.

I love all the character interactions here. I honestly want to see Flash Drive vs. The Rainbooms now.

Georg #4 · April 1st · · ·

Hey, you don't diss Bobby Bare. :)

Sweet. Although I am left wondering if the "First Battle" you mention involved Gusty, Cotton Candy, and Lickety Split.

Does that mean that if he played this he'd go Super Saiyan?

SQUEEEEE :raritystarry:

At this rate, everyone in CHS will be able to Pony-Up and have superpowers :pinkiecrazy:

Riff and Tear.:pinkiehappy:
Sorry, couldn't resist. Nice story.

And thus, do we answer the question, "What was the true source of magic at Canterlot High?"

The answer: It was metal.

What the frag! That was nuts. And I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Also, have you been playing Doom Eternal?

This version of Flash could get a spot on Pentakill.:moustache:

Great story!


So, Rainbow X Flash.



I bet Flash will lose, but at least they fought.

I wonder how much attention will be brought to the battle...

Wouldn't be adverse to seeing a follow-up to this.

I was thinking BFG Division.

10159397 10159775 10159910
Oh dear, I went and made a really intriguing concept in a gag story. :twilightsheepish: I can't promise anything in the near future, but I'm glad you all like the idea.

Certainly not. Again, national treasure.

Given how G4 Gusty was apparently instrumental in thwarting Grogar, it's entirely possible. If Sunspot Shimmer were an external force, she'd still have to come from somewhere, and where better than the Father of Monsters?
Of course, that still implies there was a G1 pony who wore a Praetor Suit... which I'm entirely okay with.

Given what the magic did to his hair before he summoned the suit, I think he already did.

i haven't exactly kept it a secret that I consider that the best case scenario. And hey, even Trixie was teleporting with smoke bombs by "Forgotten Friendship." Who knows what the magic leaks did by the time they finally graduated?

They are noise, brutal, without mercy. But you will be worse. Riff and shred, until it is done.

Maybe the real metal was the friends we made along the way. Or possibly the other way around. :trixieshiftright:

I've watched some playthroughs, but I'm actually terrible at FPS games. :twilightsheepish: I'm still fascinated by the lore, the visual design, the music, the incorporation of action platformer elements... basically every part of the game except the actual gameplay. But I'm having a lot of fun with Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Given the opportunity to ditch Ringo, he might just consider it.

Rarity dropped her keytar and went into a ready stance

That’s my girl. :rainbowkiss:

And those who heard the licks of his axe named him... the Waifu Slayer.

Have i told you lately that I love you? :rainbowlaugh:

Okay seriously though, it’s clear you’re playing too much Doom, and it’s a pleasure to see the results. Pure fun; five pentacles out of five; riffed with flair until it was done.

That was fun, silly, and awesome.

This was a Fun read.

When you got to the acoustic version of an electric song I really thought you’d go for Eric Clapton’s greatest creation, the incomparable Layla.

Man, I'm sitting here reading this at Too-Damn-Early o'clock to try and settle down and go to bed, and then you have to go and throw guitar like that at me

Please grant onto us a sequel please!

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