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Months after Rarity saved Twilight Sparkle from the clutches of Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow with a rock, the unicorn wonders what it really means to have a rock as her destiny. More precisely, what that means for her feelings for Twilight. She needs help to understand. She needs a rock expert.

Quick story for Valentine's Day.

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This is wonderful.

There is never enough raritwi stories, and maud always knows how to make things better.

“Simply explain to her how you already found her exterior interesting, but then you saw her cleavage, and now you’re partially melting from love. Metaphorically.”

Rarity frowned. “Er, hmm, I don’t know. Something about referring to a lady’s cleavage feels oddly improper.”

Do...ponies have cleavage?

They don't (unless a fan artist wills it into existence). Maud is referring to the metaphorical cleavage in Twilight's rocky exterior that shows the beautiful crystals inside. Rarity is able to sense this isn't a good way to word that.

I love the jokes in this story, you have a great sense of humor. I value maud and rarity's relationship

This relationship may have gotten off to a rocky start, but I'm sure it will stratify in the future.

Ok.... :duck: Heh, well, I now understand why Rares was so flustered when Twi brought this moment up in "Throuple-shy" :facehoof:

I did I miss this gem for over a year?! The comedy is great, Maud is spot on and Rarity is a splendid mess…I loved it!

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