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Rainbow Dash is thinking about asking out Soarin', and asks Applejack for advice on the matter. Not satisfied with AJ's advice, she is pointed toward Sunset Shimmer, since she actually did manage to get a relationship going with Flash Sentry. But after learning how, Rainbow then gets caught on a more interesting question:

Who broke up with who?

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It was cute and sweet, but the ending was the best.

"Right." Rainbow Dash clapped her fist into her other hand. "Drinking water. Fish. Honey badger. Tango. Talk to Sunset."

Dear god, that sound like something Jeremy Clarkson would say.

This was fun and entertaining to read.

I see you ship SoarinDash! It was REALLY cute! 😊😊

"I dumped that lying, selfish bitch."


Bravo! One fic where Flash is depicted a strong, honest young man instead of the usual bashing/whimpering for not getting the girl.

While an interesting story, I had a few problems with how you voiced the characters. Rainbow was spot on, but good grief, did you ever lay it on thick with Applejack's countryisms. I nearly quit reading because of them. Also, while Flash is a bit more of a blank slate, I had a hard time picturing him saying any of those lines.

I dunno, maybe I'm just sore because I currently favor the FlashSet ship.

That's fair. I took the most liberties with AJ and Flash in this. I was going for heavy on the countryisms and an impossibly ideal high school boy. This story was sort of an experiment for me. I can see how I may have dragged out each of those characters' appearances for a bit too long.

Thanks for the critique.

lol great ending line

I was a little off put by the next to saint lines from Flash but the ending line earned a chuckle.

Well this was a fun exercise in absurdity and boy did that ending sting... in a good funny sort of way. Also unexpected as I kinda thought the twist would be there was a huge miscommunication and he only arranged all that charity work because it was what he thought she wanted to do. This works better though.

Still, always was a fan of the idea Sunset wasn't always as bad as she was right at the end and there might have been something genuine about their relationship. Maybe she even had a positive effect on him, albeit unintentionally... damn. I think you've set my writer's itch off.

So, anyway, not my cup of cheese doodles in milk but good anyway~ :twilightsmile:

"That's just the tip of the iceberg." Sunset then sat down on the desk behind her, held up ten fingers, kicked off both of her shoes, and sat cross-legged. With each statement, she lowered a toe on her left foot. "He also volunteers at the animal shelter, reads to kids at the library's monthly Kidz Day, donates blood whenever they'll let him, waits back five minutes just to hold the door open for elderly people, gives--"

Now I want to date him.

Sunset tapped at her chin with a finger. "Here's my one and only piece of advice:" Immediately, Dash's attention went back to Sunset as the girl pointed the finger directly at Rainbow's chest. "If you want your relationship to last longer than mine, don't base it lies. Got it?"


OMG, I loved this. Very funny and cute.

Thank you. I'm surprised I missed that.

Glad you enjoyed the story! :twilightsmile:

Reaching out his arm, Flash gently rested his hand on Dash's shoulder. "To come over to someone you hardly know and question their personal life with such reckless abandon is clearly the product of a deep and pervasive sense of curiosity. That's a great asset. It's rare to meet someone else who has such a raw appreciation for the mysteries of the world around us. And I'd hate to do anything to discourage that. I want you to know that I don't think this kind of question in any way reflects negatively on your character." Flash gently squeezed her shoulder.

Look at that, Flash actually got a character trait other than random wingman guy or whatever

"Right." Rainbow Dash clapped her fist into her other hand. "Drinking water. Fish. Honey badger. Tango. Talk to Sunset."

That is how I also understood it

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