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My day was finally going so well. Spent time in the city, got the Pokéball Plus so I can get Mew in my new Pokemon Shield and a Nintendo Switch, which I got far cheaper than normal thanks to the Black Friday sales yesterday and was looking forward to getting home and putting Mew into the game.

Everything was finally going smoothly... until some asshole tries to rob me, I trip defending myself, only to somehow find myself in Equestria as the character Dora the God Damn Explorer.

How I'm supposed to get home or do anything now I'm stuck like this is beyond my understanding and this Equestria's timeline is not like what I know of the show.

For the record, this is NOT a Displaced fic, so if you don't like those, don't worry.

Sex tag is because MC used to be an adult man and merely is for when they talk about mature topics, nothing more.

Note: I have added translations to things spoken in Spanish in the author's notes of each chapter. However, i did not do so for Spanish sentences that get repeated in English within the chapter the sentence appears in itself as that would be a bit redundant. I also will not repeat translations in further author's note after they've already been translated as, if you follow the story, I'm going to assume you've read the ones in previous notes enough to not warrant another translation.

As for the obviously edited cover art, it's from the thumbnail of this weird video Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer Save MLP Frozen Elsa Anna Disney Princesses Storytime Adventure as it was the only reasonably good MLP/Dora image I could find and I think it serves it's purpose enough.

If someone wants to make a better thumbnail for the story, I'd be happy to use it and would indeed credit you, though I doubt anyone will want to waste their time on that and I honestly wouldn't want them to waste their time on it anyway.

I couldn't pay them, so it would literally just be one of those "paid with exposure" situations and I'm not someone who does that bullshit.

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I’m....not sure what to say.

I kinda wanted a displaced.....but oh well.

OK, "Ayúdame " is kind of a direct literal translation of Help Me, But, the context here would make the translation be "Ayúdenme ", Ayúdame is when you ask a single person in front or in earshot to help you, Ayúdenme is used for when you are asking for help in general, like when you are in a forest alone and scream to the wind Ayúdenme so someone might hear and come.

Sir, I have no plans on reading this whatsoever but I just have to know, what kind of drugs are you on to allow you to not only think of this, but to actually write about 2.5k words and submit it?

It Is vámonos not vamanos


The hell I just read?:trixieshiftright:

Did you Really go there?:facehoof:

Huh. Don’t know much about Dora but interesting enough start to track and see where it goes.

I honestly cant argue about you still watching Dora while all of us are on the site about mlp

I always thought bag had a guys voice

Comment posted by DisplacedWriter deleted Feb 13th, 2020

I'm not even going to touch this!!

I'll admit not a fan of Dora but i'm curious and look forward to seeing where you go with this. Plus I have faith in your writings skill love and enjoy your other works like Unexpected Aftermath and It's a Screwed up Life. So i'm sure this shall we say unique premise has potential with you writing it, and plus you likely have a plan as well in the works.

got the Pokéball Plus so I can get Mew in my new Pokemon Shield

Dude. No. Just...no. 488 Pokemon removed, a slew of moves cut, retirement of Mega Evolution and Z-Moves for a far more limited and boring mechanic, practically zero exploration, utterly fails to utilise the Switch's hardware by reusing 3DS models and animation rigs and using low-quality tree and environmental detail assets, a barebones story, a bland and forgettable region, wholly unlikeable characters, two $30 DLC offerings (so $60 total - almost the price of the base game again, and it's $120 for both games to have their respective DLC) that only bring back ~200 of the 488 removed Pokemon, incredibly lacklustre online support and infrastructure, and a $16 per annum Home subscription in order to store roughly 6 MB max of Pokemon files and the proper return of the GTS and Wonder Trading.

Sword and Shield only sold 16 million copies because they're goddamn Pokemon games. If it wasn't for that brand, the games would've flopped, like they deserved. It's blatantly obvious Game FrEAk and The Pokemon Company no longer care about game quality, but instead whoring out incomplete products because they know they'll sell regardless.
The last spectacular Pokemon games were Black/White 2; they've been slowly dying ever since they moved to the 3DS.

I'm guessing the recent resurgence in interest in the Dora the Explorer franchise as a result of the movie is what inspired this?

I actually enjoyed this holding my side and laughing🤣

I always thought it was pronounced "Bamanos"

I'm interested just for the comedic potential, will just sit back and see what you come up.

Funny seeing you here.

In Iberian Spanish, yes. Dora is (from what I remember) Latino (Latina? Correct me if I'm wrong).

holding my side and laughing🤣

Hola Blue. ¿Cómo estàs?

Esta bien.

(Sorry for any errors. My Spanish is a bit rusty.)

¿Qué quieres decir muy bien?

Hasta ahora, mi día ha ido sin problemas. Ha habido poco caos para hablar.

(Esto se ejecutó a través del Traductor de Google, lo siento si algo sale raro).

Eso es bueno. No hay problemas que pueda ver. ¿Que has estado haciendo hoy?

Entre muchas otras cosas, tuvo un seminario más interesante.

¿Quién lo hizo? ¿Uno de tus profesores?

si señora. ¡Es divertido cómo nuestra discusión pertenece poco a la historia!

En efecto. Pero a menos que alguien ponga nuestra conversación en Google Translate o sea competente en español como yo, no lo sabrán.

Ya know, I was just gonna gloss over this as one of the more stupid stories on the site...but then I saw the authors name...

Ya know what? I'll try it, even if its only because you have a reputation for good writing.


Yes. it is interesting how your conversation doesn't pertain to the story:rainbowwild::raritywink:

as did i when i first starting watching Dora about 7 years ago, but, as you watch on, several episodes refer to her as a her.

it's kinda like how, until he got his own show and an ad for it referred to him as a he, i had always assumed from childhood that elmo was a girl

I honestly have no idea why this has so many down votes???

Interesting enough but not enough meat yet for a yay or nay. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

I also thought that too about elmo

Heh. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the Spanish for help was 'socorro'

Mermaid transformation? Cool. Now all that's left are the monkey, spider, elephant, harpy and tinkerbat transformations. :trollestia:

Si. ¿Está poniendo esto a través del Traductor de Google o habla español con fluidez?

Seguro. Esto fue divertido.

¿Creo que te refieres a sí?

¿Dónde crees que irá la historia?

No lo sé. Hay múltiples rutas que el escritor podría tomar.

Tengo un pastel para mascotas.

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