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I woke up one morning and found myself an anthro Alicorn mare. I love my life now!


(A side story to https://www.fimfiction.net/story/306799/equestrian-eeveelution.)

I just wanted to get away from the storm that was getting worse. How was I to know Discord and Arceus would send me to Ponyville to watch over a pack of Eevees?

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i understand absol is awesome but once in a while I wouldlike to see a fic about Drapion, Tyranitar, murkrow and honchcrow, you know

Awesome, you've passed moderation! I'll be adding a link to this in my next author's notes.

Well then why not write it yourself? I'm sure you'd make a great story.

Cool. I hope things don't get to crazy in either story.

I got my hands full with a reimagining of a story, Lone hunter and the great and powerful centaur other wise i would

I’m confused, he agreed to be sent to another dimension as a Pokémon for the rest of his life because their was a thunderstorm outside and he was bored?

You know, given her name when human was "Arthur", I'm going to refer to her as "Arturia" in my head unless and until the story states otherwise...

Nice Idea to add a bit to the Eeveeverse, BUT:
Plus, I think Absol is to OP. 3-4 'medium' moves at the beginning would be better. This way there is more room for self discovering, funny failed attempts and growth.

PS.: First time of grooming should be interesting.

Heh, there was two problems with this in my opinion.
First was Discord's reaction to the Absol finding out his gender had been flipped, which by the by is also an slightly overused scenario. In my opinion it would take far more than that to make the Lord of Chaos sweat it.
The second was that you forwent the golden rule "show, don't tell." in regards to him/her learning the pokemon moves.
You could have 'wasted' some time with him roaming the Everfree as he learned the moves and how to control his/her body before running into the ponies.

More to get away from the storm. I'm not a big fan heavy storms after all.

As I explained to Breakfaetschain it was to get away from the heavy storm. Also there will be other moves to learn as a surprise to even the Absol.

Let me clear it up then. First, Discord is more scared of what the Marine turned Absol is going to do to him.

Second, Arceus wanted to have to make sure things went smoothly. Also to get back at Discord for all those games of "I Spy".

You don't have to answer this question if it means spoilers, that said.
Does this story take place after or during the events of equestrian eeveelution?
and if during will we see absol in that fanfic?

Still OP, if (s)he can already deal with a pack of Timberwolfs with almost no help, there will be not much left to have interesting fights with for a long time.

Takes place during and we'll see what we can do to slip the Absol in.

You might be surprised later on and besides we still have that "fan" that sent the Poison Joke to Octavia. Could be trouble that you don't see coming.

And that is all the hint I'm giving.

You might want to Google a service called Grammarly If you can't find an editor to help out with spotting typos and etc.

Also, this page might help with more consistency in Zecora's dialogue (though I doubt you'll need it much after this chapter.)

Thanks. I'll make sure to keep it noted.

Agreed. And it never hurts to get little bits of help when we need it. Sorry my first comment came off a bit brisk, I was in a hurry when I posted it. The thing is that I like the potential of your story, and don't want to see it spoiled by typos and easily fixable errors.

Well the writer of main story this is a side to is helping me as an editor. Don't worry she'll still be writing her story, and she's been helping me with typos and other things. I'm just getting back into writing again, so watch out for the dust I'm knocking off.:raritywink:

quick question you two, will there be any chapters in the main story involving the absol here?

Featuring the Absol? Probably not. Referenced in the background, maybe. I personally hold the view that side stories are like my bonus chapters: they are cannon if the individual reader so chooses.

What Symphonicdysonince said. I would love to have a chapter in the story with Athena hanging out with the pack. We'll just have to wait and see.

eyy good chapter. hope to see more.

:pinkiesmile: "Rainbow, come quick! There's an Absol in Ponyville!"
:rainbowhuh: "Another one? We already have Spoiled Rich."
:pinkiehappy: "No, I said Absol"

This is Absolutly great.
Far better than my terrible puns right :facehoof:

great chapter my friendly internet author (didn't know if dude would have been offensive or not so i tried to be safe)

Don't feel so dark about it.

I'm bad with puns too.:raritywink:

Most people are very black and white about puns, they either love 'em or hate 'em. The problem for those of us who like them, is finding the diamonds and pearls hidden amongst the groaners, but, once you find them, it's crystal clear which ones are gold.

The agents of S.M.I.L.E.

good chapter hope to see more soon

They wouldn't be manokins but minokins.:rainbowlaugh:

Sounds more like a breath mint now. :trollestia:

My body shifted and grew, taking on a bipedal form. My fur covered my new body still, so I wasn’t naked , naked. However, I was maybe a five foot ten anthropomorphic Absol with a toned build, under the fur, and maybe C-cup breasts. “Whoa. Hey! I can change forms!” I shouted raising my arms. “Ack! Left arm still hurts!”

Boo. I dont think this was a good idea.

It'll work out later. Just enjoy the fact Vinyl isn't doing the cooking anymore in that house.

You write really well, but you've left in a few typos. This is almost always in the last half of the chapter, so I'm guessing you didn't give that part as much of an editing pass or are rushed.

Clearly he wasn’t use to someone being


when sciences it brought up, isn’t she?

science is

I was getting a very soft disaster

[Edit: Apparently an actual thing and I'm clueless. Still might want to re-word it because it sounds odd, though. "My senses were warning me of..."]

I though with the hope it was a false alarm

thought, I though with the hope it was a false alarm

hid most of the figures body


It’s nothing to be scared of girl.

of, girl

he two of us slide across the large kitchen


Got off me you dumb dog


It threw it

threw {her, the changeling, the nymph}

and she counter with green flames


It worked as she screams covering her eyes and I rushed her

It worked, as she screamed while covering her eyes, and I rushed her

I hissed closing the door and quickly head back to the kitchen

headed back

used her magic to pulled the slime off


and filled a handy pot


looked for the wash clothes


Thank Celestai and Luna


isn’t too bad about some of things

remove "of"

You forgot to have athena explain absols danger sense.



That's not an error, what they mean by soft disaster it it's a light disaster, there won't be as much bad things

Oh, is that an actual Pokemon thing? Oops.

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