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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.


Bradley Sengood has always wanted to be a hero, but the world he lived in didn't have much use for the heroes he always wanted to be. But one day, he lives his dream and saves three lives from an accident. However, saving those lives cost him his own.

Heroism acknowledge, he is given the chance to live again in a world where his idols fit perfectly. Reborn as Flash Sentry, he begins his quest to become the greatest hero of all time. Along the way, he'll meet friends, enemies and a whole lot of obstacles. Can he overcome them? Only time will tell.


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Great start to the chapters can’t wait for more to come.

Love the relic so far can’t wait to find out what’s the relic is really called and it mysterious past.

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This is a separate story from your Flash Sentry Chronicles, right?

I am not realy a fan of "Anthro", but is a interesting world. Good mix of original "MLP" und fantasy world. Twilight is still a unicorn/magi in this world timeline?

I remember this from your One-Shots. I have learned a lot more about Isekai since then and have a better appreciation for it. It looks like Flash at least started out a lot better than someone like Kazuma, since he at least managed to save someone before his death.

Well this is certainly an interesting continuation. I guess that even though Flash's grades were apparently going to keep him from achieving his dream, bonding with this relic might get him into the academy anyway. Some might call that luck, but it works for Flash.

Everyone knew the Royal Guards were a joke. A bunch of Adventurer washouts that Celestia had felt sorry for and given positions near her that made them think they still had a purpose, but they were completely useless. Flash remembered last month, during the Summer Sun Celebration, when Celestia had apparently been kidnapped by an ancient evil right under the guard's nose.

It had been a bunch of Equestrians their age that had saved Celestia, which apparently included her personal student, as they had found a bunch of ancient relics that they used to not only save Celestia, but free another Omni named Luna who turned out to be Celestia's sister. Even though everything turned out alright, the guards didn't look too good with that hanging over their heads.

Sadly the Royal Guard really were portrayed as useless like 95% of the time. Kinda funny how it is laid on so thick here, but it is still cool that apparently the events from the main series still happened here.

Shape-wise, the whole thing reminded him of the Matrix of Leadership from that robot show he enjoyed watching as a kid.

Make Optimus Prime proud, Flash.

He talks about the Matrix of Leadership from that robot show when he was a kid… he died at sixteen, that IS a kid. Also, that was about forty years ago. :)

Very good, Banshee.

I notices you change some part of this chapter (including Flash's parents tried to comfort him when he failed his grade which got cut from the finished draft) from your initial draft.

I wished someone made a TV Trope for this story.

Here's highlights

Everyone knew the Royal Guards were a joke. A bunch of Adventurer washouts that Celestia had felt sorry for and given positions near her that made them think they still had a purpose, but they were completely useless. Flash remembered last month, during the Summer Sun Celebration, when Celestia had apparently been kidnapped by an ancient evil right under the guard's nose.

It had been a bunch of Equestrians their age that had saved Celestia, which apparently included her personal student, as they had found a bunch of ancient relics that they used to not only save Celestia, but free another Omni named Luna who turned out to be Celestia's sister. Even though everything turned out alright, the guards didn't look too good with that hanging over their heads.

Wow! Royal Guards are treated as a joke more than Flash Sentry Chronicles.

Doesn't help the one who saved the princess but also free her sister are teenagers which embarrassed the Royal Guards even more.

"You want to be an adventurer?" Flash nodded, as Shining gave him a suspicious look. "Why?" Flash looked shocked at that question. "Do you want to be one because it's the best way to get rich? Or because you want a life of adventure and excitement. Or do you only wanna be one because you think it'll help you get with the mares? Trust me, I've met adventurers who have become them for those exact reasons. So which is it?"

Ha! :rainbowlaugh:

The last one is pretty much Isekai anime in a nutshell since most of Isekai hero is always surrounded by beautiful girls and no doubt, Flash is no exception to Harem situation.

Starting in the middle, it was a round glass window of sorts that was surrounded by a metal ring. That was surrounded by a white box-like object that was split in the middle going sideways, with each side having a button on the edge of it. Surrounding the box was a metal frame that appeared to have handles on the edges that would let him pull it apart. Shape-wise, the whole thing reminded him of the Matrix of Leadership from that robot show he enjoyed watching as a kid.

Transformers reference!

Also, for those who can't follow my terrible descriptions, the relic is basically the Decade Driver from Kamen Rider.

A Kamen Rider reference?

Through, Flash can summoned weapons (so far) while Decade can summoned all past Heisei Riders.

Were you 16 when you originally wrote this?

This looks very promising, normally stories with anthropomorphic characters are very rare if we're talking about being suitable for all ages, they usually fall into the T or M category on this site.

You convinced me when you said that the device was Decade's dirver, Kamen Rider Decade is my favourite, I hope we can see other classic characters, and what would the dragon race be called in this story? Wyverian?

That's why I'll be willing to read it, I'm surprised you started it right after writing your Bakugan story, how do you stay consistent updating your stories while writing and still maintain quality? I sent you a private message asking something similar.

The video suddenly slowed to a crawl as Brad watched his past self run forward and push the two bystanders out of the way, both falling back and hitting the ground but were both out of the car's path. Unfortunately, Brad had moved into its path and turned to get only a glimpse of the vehicle before the screen went black.

Truck-kun strikes again, now disguising himself as a car!

What a great way for Flash getting in the academy! Not only that but he also got his own party already!

I'm not sure if this is coincidence but the whole getting point by destroying the monsters reminds me of My Hero Academia where the potential heroes have to destroys robots in order to gain points.

"I'll do it." They all looked todays Shining, who smirked at Flash. "I do owe you one and I'd like to see what kind of Adventurer you can be with some proper training."

Todays? Don't you means towards?

He was a gray middle-aged terran, with a gray and silver mane and tail, wearing a black overcoat over a white shirt with a brown vest and tie. The terran looked out at the many ponies and didn't look impressed.

"Welcome, to the Manehatten Adventurer's Academy. I am the principal of the Academy, Grand Hoof." Flash's eyes went wide, as he had read about Grand Hoof. A well renowned Adventurer who had even fought in a war that Equestria had taken part in before Flash was even born. "This school is where the next generation of Adventurers will be trained. We accept only the best of the best here."

GRAND?!?! :pinkiegasp:

I honestly didn't expect him to appear since I thought you would only using MLP canon characters (beside Flash's parents and Faust) but I am not intrigued which roles your OCs will play in the future.

"You might have been the greatest warrior, magician, flyer or whatnot where you came from. But you were nothing more then a big fish in a small pond. And this academy is the ocean. Curb your egos, or you will find yourselves crushed."

Very ironically and a bit of hypocrisy that his Chronicles counterpart start off as an arrogant who was full of himself.

"Maybe to weaklings like you. But the Great and Powerful Trixie will be able to wipe out all four heads with a single move." She charged forward towards it and as the hydra was so focused on the rest of the equestrians fighting against it, it didn't notice her until she was close enough. "Take this! Icicle Shot!" She fired a buck of ice spikes towards the beast, hitting it in one of its necks. And whilst the attack seemed hurt it, it wasn't enough to do any actual damage.

The other heads then focused on her and flew down to try and bite her, but Trixie managed to leap out of the way just in time. She then raised her staff, "Illusion!" In a puff of smoke, she suddenly vanished and the beast appeared to be tricked by it. But then, it started sniffing the air before growling.

It suddenly spun round, swinging its tail across the ground. This caused it to knock down several trees before slamming into something that appeared invisible.

"Augh!" Trixie's voice cried out, as she suddenly reappeared whilst flying backwards. Her staff went flying off and struck a tree, breaking into pieces, whilst she hit the ground and her life points dropped into the red. She groaned as the hydra stared down at her with all four heads, making her think this might be the end.

Grand did warned you to not being full of yourself, Trixie, you deserves that. :ajbemused:

All three of them were in serious trouble know. They had barely damaged the hydra and now their weapons were broken. They were done for.

Or were they?

Cue Flash rescuing them

"It's terrible," Trixie cried. "Trixie spent months saving up for this thing. It wasn't much, but it was hers. If my father finds out about this, he'll be so disappointed." The others seemed to be thinking the same thing. Flash could tell they all wanted better weapons, but they were just like him. Unable to afford the best gear.

Oh… I forgot this! It's no surprise her father is none other than that jackass, Regal Burst. :flutterrage:

This was awesome! The exam reminded me a lot of the entrance exam from My Hero Academia. It was also cool to see Flash meet, befriend, and form a team with others already. Him with Soarin, Trixie, and Wallflower is going to be an interesting combo for the main group.

It was also neat to see Grand Hoof is the principal of the academy. I saw a bit of his "drill sergeant nasty" attitude in his opening speech to the participants, but he wasn't wrong in anything he said. I wonder if Flash and the others will see a bit of his kinder side over time?

Luna appeared very distant and stared at him as if she was trying to determine the best way to kill him.

Well she did get back only recently. Luna seemed cold and a bit distant at times, though that was usually when she was trying to take things seriously.

"Possibly, though where is the question. I'm afraid the crown is only permitted to sponsor up to five Adventurers a year and my sister and I have already handed out those sponsorships."

I'm a bit surprised Luna used hers already too since she has only been back for about a month.

I think it's pretty obvious, but reading the other comments, we all thought of My Hero Academia.

But that's very good, I liked how they were able to overcome everything, it's going to be great, I was afraid that Trixie would not pass the test but everything turned out well in the end.

"However, even with how many were eliminated, there are still too many of you to accept. As such, only the twenty five applicants with the highest scores will be accepted." with that, he pressed a remote and the scores came up on the board. One by one, the winning applicants spotted their names on the boards and cheered.

from here you can make great episodes, I'm sure some ponies that didn't pass the test will surely become villains in the future.

Will you also make that fanfiction where you made flash sentry mega man.

I am honestly shocked you included basically majority of the Royal Knights (except Ruby and Iron) as teachers.

Out of my curiosity, are you going to included Ruby Scarlet and Iron Core in this story? I could see Iron Core as Flash's rival.

I love we get to know Flash's teammates and their backstories.

The biggest change from the draft you shows me was Flash was originally going to confront Trixie on her behavior and call her out but since you includes Cold Steel, it's much better since it made Trixie more sympathetic since she was laughed by her classmates and even Cold calls them out for hurting Trixie's feelings.

Here's highlights

"Yup," Soarin nodded. "Good warm-up." Flash nodded, only to do a double take when he heard this.

"That...was just...the warm-up?" Soarin nodded before letting himself fall forward on the grass, where he started doing push-ups. "You can't be serious. Don't we even get a rest?"

Hey, you brought this on yourself, Flash.

"You ruined Trixie's beauty sleep," the magi complained when they nodded. As they passed the cafe, the metal shutters slid open to reveal the owners of the establishment. One was a lanky blue terran stallion with a short pink mane and tail whilst the other was a slightly plump yellow terran mare with a long flowing orange mane and tail.

The stallion smiled at the sight of them. "Why, hello there. You must be our new neighbours. Name's Treacle Tart. And this is my lovely wife, Meringue Tart."

Uh… are they supposed to be Mr. and Mrs. Cakes but in reverse? :rainbowhuh:

"Good morning class!" A light blue magi stallion stepped into the room, his snow white hair blustering as he looked out at the class.

"Good morning professor Steel," the students all spoke back as Cold Steel pressed a remote button. Doing so caused a hologram of an two foot elephant to appear in the air, this elephant had a black band running from its trunk, over its head and body to end at its tail.

Cold Steel's here!

Royal Knight count: 3 (including Flash)

A green terran with a pink and blue mane was showing Flash and his class around the green house.

"Professor Bloom?" The pony named Heather turned to a magi student, "what's this one?" She pointed at a plant that looked like a red bluebell.

Heather Bloom is here as well.

Royal Knight count: 4

A light gray magi with a dark gray mane and tail with half-moon glasses stood in front of the class.

First Aid!

Royal Knight count: 5

He was a purple avian with a white mane and tail, his face covered in scars whilst his right wing was replaced by a metal prosthetic. "Alright!" He told them before pointing at the a line in front of them, "suicides. Let's see how well you all do." He blew his whistle and the students started running back and forth. Most of them, including Wallflower, only lasted about five minutes before they could no longer do anything else.


Royal Knight count: 6

Trixie and Wallflower were in another, the girls having trouble figuring out how to work the thing. Several more boats flew passed them, including one with their teacher on it. "Don't fight against the wind, mi amigas." He was a brown magi with a light blue mane and tail. "Let it be your guide."

Tidal Wave, I think.

Royal Knight count: 7

All it left is Iron Core and Ruby Scarlet.

But as he got up to head out the library, he noticed a voice speaking up. "Father." He stopped, realising it was Trixie's voice. "I'm trying my best."

Oh no, it's him… that asshole Jacques Schnee-wannabe. :twilightangry2:

Trixie turned to glare at her, "Trixie's family were the ones who started the Crescent Moon Guild. One of the largest guilds located on the eastern side of Equestria. As my father's oldest daughter, it's expected of me to take over the guild one day."

Don't you means him?

This was a nice chapter. We get a bit more backstory on Flash's team as he bonds with them individually. Plus I like their team name. Team Relic is cool.

I also think it is cool how the professors at the academy are the Royal Knights. That is very clever. That ending with Shining showing up and declaring Team Relic is going to have their first adventure assisting him also has me excited.

Team Relic? You mean, Team R?

Flash's first quest went very well and got to help out the folks (one of them is Iron Core! One Royal Knight left!)

Look like we are at the end of this arc as we head to the next arc involving Luna.

Hey Banshee, since you are doing arc stuffs, I might gives the name for each arcs.

* Arc 1: The Beginning Arc 1-5

* Arc 2: Luna Arc

Just saying.

Here's highlights:

"That's horrible," Flash glared at the adventurers sitting on their backsides. "These guys would rather do nothing instead of helping ponies in need. I can't believe that."

"I know Flash," Shining nodded. "But I'm afraid most of the time, an Adventurer goes into this profession for the money and not because it's the right thing to do. Sometimes, Adventurers will only take a job if it pays extraordinary amounts for the reward. Some with special Null Magic can even demand larger sums then the original reward because their magic is so valuable to the mission."

They are mercenaries, Flash. They only cares about getting pay.

"Oh yeah!" Flash nodded, the pair exploding into the air and pushing the bazooka up with them. As they left the shield, Trixie used another Lumino Burst spell the blind the Storm Hounds again. This allowed the avians to fly above them and aim at the pups. "Say hello...to my little friend!" He pulled the trigger and the weapon fired, launching the potion towards the pups.

Scarface reference!

Curiocity getting the better of him, he stepped inside and saw that the one doing the banging was a terran that looked a year or two older than him. Flash suddenly remembered seeing him in school. He was a student in the year above him, being a bulky equestrian with gunmetal gray skin and dark gray hair. He was wearing a black sleeveless shirt and long white pants, his hands having black fingerless gloves on.

Could he be? :rainbowderp:

"Soarin's the one who imagined how it would work. I just used my relic to bring it into reality." The terran nodded as he ground the metal. "You're a student at the school, right?" He nodded. "Um...Iron something?"

"Core," he replied. "Iron Core."


Nice first quest for Flash and his team. I think that this helps show the difference between them and the average Adventurers. As Shining Armor said, most Adventurers only care about getting paid and will even demand more money for their services, essentially making them just glorified mercenaries. But Flash, his team, and Shining Armor care about helping others that can't help themselves.

The way they helped those sick Storm Hounds and how Flash helped a few people around town show that they are going above and beyond what is expected of them. Flash died a hero in his old life and now he is becoming one here too.

I thought it was nice seeing Iron adore here for a bit and that his parents are still alive here. Hopefully it will stay that way. Looks like Luna will get some focus next, and that is bound to be fun. Plus we have more references to the canon series with Twilight and her friends dealing with the dragon from "Dragonshy".

Shining caught it and looked it over, seeing the crystal's colour came from the mist that was trapped within it. He smirked and threw it towards his friends, Flash catching it. "What's this?"

"Sometimes, defeating a monster will result in it dropping items. That right there is a paralysis crystal. If you throw it hard enough to break, it'll unleash the mist trapped inside. You might be able to use it to your advantage at some point."

Just like defeating an enemy in a video game. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since several Isekai anime incorporate some kind of JRPG game mechanic into their world.

Flash and his team finally prove their worth to go on their big big expedition with Luna and unlike Shining's one, this one is more dangerous.

Welcome to the Luna Arc!

Since this brown magi stallion doesn't have a name, I will call him "Rare Find" cause that character is closest to the character description and yes, Rare Find is real.


I do find it weird that this magi somehow knew Luna was Nightmare Moon while Flash and others doesn't... is that a foreshadowing?

Here's highlights

Trixie smiled. "I heard there was a contest over at the Ponyville Academy that had tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala as the prize. I hope the prize is something like that." Flash frowned, not liking the idea of spending a night with a bunch of stuffy high class ponies.

Well, at least Flash and his team got a better prize than gala, even through it's a dangerous expedition.

"What is that?" Soarin asked, as Flash pointed the weapon at the Rape Apes.

Rape?! Don't you means Rage?

"That kid," Grand sighed. "He'd volunteer to throw himself into the volcano if it would save somepony he's never met." Luna looked at him. "His heroic streak is commendable, but he needs to learn not to throw himself into the most dangerous situation."

Why do I have a feeling this foreshadowing the future events? :twilightoops:

Once again Team Relic proves they shouldn't be underestimated. They showed they aren't just skilled and creative but have great team work and friendship. Iron's Magi teammate was a huge jerk though. I almost think he was just saying all that stuff about Luna still being evil because he's a sore loser.

Flash and his team joining Luna on an expedition is going to be fun. Though one thing I am wondering is if it really takes as long as she predicts then that means they are going to have a lot of make up work when they return, considering they had to do some when they helped Shining Armor.

And now an expedition with Luna, that must be fun if this is before the nightmare night episode.

Despite what Iron Core's magi teammate said about Luna, she ultimately prove him wrong when she risked of losing her magic to protect Team Relic even through they (except Flash) were doubting her and accused her of still evil. (Although, they comes to regret their behavior toward her once Luna protected them with her magic)

And look like we got a tease for Discord appearing in this fic and I wonder if he or a certain magi stallion will be first major threat for Team Relic?

Here's highlights

Unbeknownst to them, Flash had created an all terrain van. It was black in colour, with large chunky tires and chrome armouring. Flash looked inside the van and was right behind the wheel, with another seat to his right. He looked behind himself and saw another row of three seats, whilst a larger space was behind them that would allow them plenty of room to sleep in.

Isekai Cliche: Creating/Bringing modern vehicle to otherwise fantasy world.

Through, I am surprised that Flash was killed by a car instead of Truck-Kun. (I forgot to mention this in the first chapter)

"Celestia," Luna sighed, "sure. If she cared so much, she would have found a way to tell the tale of Nightmare Moon without making me look like the villain." Flash cocked an eyebrow, "she could have pretended the two of use with separate entities. Stated I had been possessed or something, or that Nightmare Moon kidnapped me and her destruction freed me. But no, she had to be honest. No wonder she was the one who got to use that element against Discord."


OOOHHH!!!!! :raritystarry: Look like we might see our beloved God of Chaos in this story (either being first major threat to Team Relic or ends up meeting them later after being defeated by Elements of Harmony)

As Luna recovered, she felt she was pressed up against something. She looked down and gasped when she saw she had landed on Flash, with her chest having landed on his face. The teen was bright red as he was blinded by Luna's shirt, the omni gasping and pulling back. "I am sorry."

"It's...fine," Flash told her whilst adjusting his legs so they were hiding his crotch. "Soarin, why did you stop?"

Flash, you pervert! You should be lucky Luna didn't punch you in the face for that… most male lead usually get punched by a girl before being called a pervert.

Luna has finally become part of the team. Now they can focus on getting to the book. And next time, something extra special.

OOOOOHHHHH!!!!! :raritystarry: I can't wait for that!

This was a fun chapter since we not only started the new adventure with Luna, we got a look into her past history a bit and how her mistakes still affect her now. From the way she talked about Celestia it almost seemed like she was still a little bitter towards her. Plus we got our first mention of Discord. Can't wait to see him in this story.

I was a bit upset with Flash's friends for thinking the worst of Luna at first, but I am glad they came around. Even Luna wasn't mad at them since she says being overly trusting can be dangerous too. If this series continues to follow parallel to the events of the canon series though, then Luna will eventually earn everyone's trust in time. Seeing Luna in action was also pretty cool, and this is without her full power. It makes me wonder what Celestia is like herself.

Flash creating a van with his belt came as a surprise, but the action scenes towards the end with them trying to drive away to safety got really intense.

If she does, we'll be known as the team that helped her. Instead of being Team Relic, awesome adventures. We'll probably go down in history as the four horses of the apocalypse.

I get it. A pun on the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Flash nodded and as he said that, the truck suddenly came to an abrupt stop. The four in the back all found themselves sliding forward, crying out as they did so. "Soarin!" Trixie cried out, but Soarin wasn't listening.

As Luna recovered, she felt she was pressed up against something. She looked down and gasped when she saw she had landed on Flash, with her chest having landed on his face. The teen was bright red as he was blinded by Luna's shirt, the omni gasping and pulling back. "I am sorry."

"It's...fine," Flash told her whilst adjusting his legs so they were hiding his crotch. "Soarin, why did you stop?"

That part was hilarious. At least Luna was understanding enough to realize it wasn't Flash's fault, unlike other Isekai protagonists in similar situations. It's also interesting since Flash hasn't met Twilight yet, so is he showing interest in Princess Luna first?

Flash finally got his own Espirt in form of none other than Springer himself!

I felt bad for Springer since his previous owner treat him more of a tool than a friend… glad he found new owner in Flash who no doubt treat him way better than that asshole avian.

Here's highlights

"The truck," Luna replied. "Flash, disengage it." Flash nodded and reached down to his belt, hitting the dispel button. The truck vanished in a flash of light, causing the ponies and their bags to fall to the ground. Well, Trixie and Wallflower fell. The others spread their wings.

Ha! I did find it funny when Trixie and Wallflower fell. :rainbowlaugh:

"Good," the avian smirked, "only three more to go before this job is done. Easiest bits I've ever made." He walked off and Flash realised he was using the esprit to do all the hard work and reaping the rewards. Talk about unfair.

Indeed, Flash. :twilightangry2:

"What are you doing?" The winged equestrian cried, as the light flew back into the amulet around his neck. "Come back out!" He cried, but he did. "I'm ordering you!" But the amulet had no reaction, whilst the mantis monsters stepped forward. "No." He took out a dagger, but it was clear he was no match for them. "I...I can't die here. I'm not supposed to die now. I'm supposed to get rich and die old." The mantises charged, "NOOOOO!"

Karma, bitch! That's what you get for being a lazy bum, you asshole avian! :flutterrage:

"A name?" Flash tried to think. He didn't want to half-ass this name, since it would be something important for the esprit. Then, an idea formed in his head. "Well, you have a pretty bouncy personality. So I'll name you after the bounciest thing I can think of." He grasped the lightning hand, "I name you...Springer." With that, the void around them burst into light.

And that's the birth of bromance between Flash and Springer!

"Ah, sim", Trixie assentiu. "Eu me lembro de ouvir sobre isso. Um monstro parecido com um dragão apareceu e saiu pisando duro pela cidade, certo?" Luna assentiu.


"Ela não o fez. Antes que ela pudesse agir, um jovem mago se aproximou do esprit e usou uma quantidade incrível de magia para pará-lo. Ela então foi capaz de se ligar ao esprit, libertando-o de seu corpo fora de controle e causando que se desfaça."

twilight sparkle!!:twilightsmile:

oops, I'm Brazilian man. I don't know how to read in English, so I use a Brazilian translator

Oh man, Springer is in this story too?! It feels like this story just keeps getting better and better!

I felt really bad for Springer, the way that selfish avian treated him. There are bad people in any world, but that doesn't mean everyone is bad. He doesn't need to worry about being used anymore, because he hit the jackpot meeting Flash.

"An even more powerful type of creature," Luna stated. "One of incredible rarity and ability. An Esprit." Flash's eyes went wide, along with Trixie and Wallflower's. But Soarin frowned.

"A what?"

"You've never heard of an esprit?" Trixie asked, "it's like...adventurer basics."

"Sorry. Not everypony knows everything," Soarin pouted. "Would you just tell me what it is?"

I feel like something is being built up for Soarin. He seems to be lacking basic knowledge that everyone else knows. First he didn't know what a magical layline was, now it's Esprits. It almost seems like he didn't go to school, but I'm not sure how that could be the case if he made it into the academy. Questions for later.

Of course, anime always love the Beach Episode!

Glad Wallflower overcome her fear of deep water and that's ultimately pay off with a nice set of upgrade.

Here's highlights

"Yay." Wallflower sighed, "thanks." She moved around the large rock and returned a few minutes later, dressed in a gray suit that reminded Flash of something from Japanese anime. It fit her pretty well, considering Flash didn't think she and Trixie were the same size.

Uh… which one? There are so many anime that have a girl dressed in gray suit… I better watch anime to see which one have gray suit.

"I've seen enough comics to know where this might be going," Trixie growled as a tentacles got dangerously close to her chest.

Ha! Even Trixie lampshade this cliches! :rainbowlaugh:

It is true, most anime love beach episodes. It is usually a fun way to relax and get in some fan service seeing beautiful girls in swimsuits and/or bikinis, but this one had some big development for Wallflower.

Not only did she face her fear to save her friends, she was rewarded by finding out she can feed her weapon different material and have it change into various other forms. So now while she still has her gauntlets she also has a few other forms for when the situation calls for it. She will probably unlock more as the story goes on too.

The other five finally broke through the surface and gasped, Flash and Springer's air bubbles vanishing. Flash focused on Luna, who still didn't seem to be completely conscious. "Luna. Princess! Wake up!" She finally came around with a gasp, the omni looking around and realising where she was.

Then she realised that Flash was behind her, his arm wrapped around her. Unfortunately, this meant he was clutching a certain area barely anypony had ever gotten to touch. This made her cry out and push Flash away, the teen realising what the problem was.

"Sorry!" He cried, blushing as Wallflower broke through the surface.

Wow, two embarrassing moments between Flash and Luna now. My thought of something happening between them is looking more likely.

Very good chapter, Banshee and you can't have an Isekai anime without Dungeon crawling.

The heroes must stop Golem from corrupting Luna into Nightmare Moon before it's too late.

We are almost at the end since most of Isekai Anime are 12 episodes, that means we are heading toward the end of the first season.

Here's highlights

"These things aren't so tough!" Soarin laughed as he blew up another bat, "so why are they called Sonic Bats?" He got his answer when one of the bats flew in place, then unleashed a high pitched sound from its ears.


"Web Slingers!" She cried, as her gauntlets transformed into the web patterned gloves. She swung them down and as she did, white silk shot out of the metal ports between her knuckles. The silk flew faster then Trixie and caught him by the hoof, barely managing to stop her before she hit the spikes.

Him? Don't you means her?

Wow, things just took a turn for the worst. Ordinary this golem would be seem heroic for wanting to save its master from corruption, but since in this case its master is Nightmare Moon, it is unknowingly doing the opposite of purification. It’s as sad as it is frightening. Now Team Relic needs to save Luna before it’s too late and she becomes Nightmare Moon again.

I liked the various parts of the dungeon each group found themselves in. Especially Flash's. It is a very clever and I have seen that old riddle used in a few other shows, like Yugioh, Powerpuff Girls, and Samurai Jack. Though it looks like this scene is primarily based on one from Labyrinth.

"Yeah!" They both cheered, high fiving only for Wallflower's glove to shot out some webbing. It shot straight up and formed a parachute-like net that fell down and trapped the pair beneath it. "Awkward," Trixie stated before they heard a sound coming from the doorway they were now in front of. A scream.

Just like Spider-Man and Nick Fury! Good one.

"Hey girls," Flash waved as they reached him.

"Is Luna with you?" Trixie asked, "we thought we heard a girl screaming." Flash frowned at this, whilst more hoofsteps made him turn to the other corridor and see it was a staircase.

Springer and Soarin arrived, the pair smirking at the sight of them. "Guys!" Springer rushed up to Flash, happy the team was back together and glad he was near his amulet again.

"What happened?" Soarin asked, "why'd you girls scream?"

"We didn't scream," Trixie and Wallflower stated, as Flash began to walk towards the final corridor.

So, apparently Flash screams like a little girl. It’s especially funny since is team is basically roasting him without realizing it.

The Luna Arc has come to the end! Not only Team Relic saved Luna from Golem but they also got the book as well an espirt that Luna thought she lost.

It's great to see Team Relic standing up for Luna against Iron Core's jackass Magi teammate who been talking bad about her. (Even his own teams can't stand him)

I am wondering when will Team Relic fight an actual villain and not another monster? My bet would be Discord.

Here's highlights

From that light, Luna and Team Relic were thrown through the office and ended up crashing to the ground in a heap. Flash moaned as he sat at the bottom of the pile, trying to get up but feeling something soft and squishy in his hands when he did so.

Luna's and Trixie's cries made him realise what he was touching, the avian quickly pulling his hand back before they realised who had touched what. He quickly pulled himself free and and the others untangled themselves as well, whilst Grand stared at the lot of them.

Oh, Flash! You sly dog! You always find a way to do those things accidentally! :rainbowlaugh:

Sure enough, another omni appeared around a corner. She was pink in colour, looking tall but still being slightly shorter then Luna. Her mane and tail were a mixture of pink, yellow and purple, whilst her clothes consisted of a blue and white dress that went down to just above her knees and a pair of white socks and golden shoes.

Cadence has arrived!

This was a fun adventure. Team Relic has come out stronger than ever and things went even better than expected for Luna, since she not only got the book she was after but she was reunited with Dreamwalker. I wasn't expecting that to happen.

This little expedition was filled with fun and heartwarming moments, and it was nice to see how close Team Relic and Luna became with each other, especially since they seem to be the first new friends she has made since her return.

Pretty funny how the Grand Galloping Gala happened while Luna was away, and that she specially scheduled it like that to avoid the Gala. That explains her absence in canon. It was also nice to see Cadence appear at the end. Also, it looks like the book Luna and Team Relic retrieved is the equivalent the book that had Starswirl's spell in canon. It will defiantly be interesting once we get to the part where Twilight ascends.

What a great way to end this story with festival, maid cafe and takoyaki!

After intense fight in last chapter, Team Relic deserves a break.

Look like Flash may meet Twilight… :raritywink:

The one that I enjoys the most is how characters are aware of anime cliches like accidental pervert, beach episode, maid cafe and so on.

I am surprised that this story lacks proper villains since most of enemies Team Relic fight are monsters and golem being the closest of main villain of this story (a rogue was more of a minor threat)

I don't mind you doing the sequel, Banshee.

Here's highlights

Springer had quickly gotten used to life at the academy. Many ponies expected Flash to return him to his amulet between classes, since esprit weren't meant to be in non combat training, but Flash had told them Springer could do whatever he wanted.

Considered how his previous master refuses to let him do anything, it is understandable for Springer.

"This is takoyaki. These are called potsticker dumplings. And lastly, we have dangos." They all wondered where the heck he had come up with these names, or the recipes. They simply stared at them, unsure what to do since they weren't sure they would want to try them.

However, Springer didn't seem to have this problem and reached out to grab a takoyaki ball. The jakhowl gave it a sniff before throwing it into his mouth, everyone watching as he munched away before moaning in delight. "Yum, chicken." Flash smirked as he turned to the others.

Even in different universe, Springer still have Flash's back. :twilightsmile:

Team Relic had arrived at their designated area at nine o'clock, with everything they needed to make their cafe a success. Their area was a large space covered by a gazebo, with fifteen tables located inside it along with the cooking location next to a small tent they could use to store ingredients and get changed. Flash, Soarin and even Springer were dressed like traditional butlers, something Wallflower and Trixie had demanded in exchange for them having to wear the maid uniforms.

Gender Equality! :rainbowlaugh:

The tree stared at them for a few moments, then smiles and each held up a thumb. "You look great," Flash stated. "Really great."

Don't you means three?

"What's this about interesting food." They all looked around and when they did, Flash was greeted to the sight of one of the hottest equestrians he had ever seen. She was a tall pink mare with a mane and tail that were a mixture of three colours, the blue and white dress clinging to her in ways that left little to the imagination.

Flash's entire body froze at the sight of her, fearing that she would suddenly vanish if he even blinked. But when he finally managed to tear his gaze away from her most alluring features, he noticed the wings and horn she had. This could only mean one thing.

Wow! Flash is still horny. :rainbowlaugh:

When they had their fill, they checked out a haunted house attraction that the males expected to make the girls hug them for support. As it turned out, they were the ones who ended up terrified and needing to be pulled out by the girls.

Be careful what you wish for! :rainbowlaugh:

I'd like to thank Ragnarok17 for his help during the planning process and SuperSonicHeroes for writing the TVTropes page for this story.

I'm glad I am able to help you out with the story. :pinkiehappy:

This was a fun story, and a lot better than I expected it to be when it was first announced. It was really fun seeing the characters develop and seeing the adventures they went on, and seeing how you were able to effectively incorporate multiple iconic Isekai staples into this.

I definitely loved their expedition with Luna the most, seeing them bond with her, meeting Springer, and traversing the labyrinth. It seemed like she and Flash especially bonded well together during the journey.

I am really looking forward to whenever you do the sequel. It will be fun to see other characters from the series eventually appear.

They all looked around and when they did, Flash was greeted to the sight of one of the hottest equestrians he had ever seen. She was a tall pink mare with a mane and tail that were a mixture of three colours, the blue and white dress clinging to her in ways that left little to the imagination.

Careful Flash, you already had plenty of accidental perverted moment with Luna, and Cadance is already taken. Plus he hasn't even met Twilight yet and we all know he's going to fall in love with her.

Cadance nodded. "But before that, I used to babysit his sister when he and his parents weren't around." This surprised them, since they had no idea Shining had a sister. "You'll probably meet her eventually. She's the same age as you and is attending her first year at the Ponyville Adventurer's Academy. With your skills, it's likely you'll end up competing against her."

"Competing against her?" Flash wondered what she meant by that, but didn't get the chance to ask. Another group of ponies arrived.

I smell a tournament arc in the future!

very amazing story, from the beginning to the end.
I hope there is a sequel, this story has a great future,
It could be a VERY big book, for new ideas and adventures 10/10:heart:👏

LOVED THIS STORY FROM BEGINNING TO END! I liked every detail of the plot in the story. I look forward to a second story to continue this one!

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