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Newspapers across the nation printed the headline: "A Star Has Fallen." Academies everywhere had a day of mourning. The princesses themselves gathered to bid the Bearded One farewell.

And Stygian found himself thinking about something he'd spent more than ten years trying to ignore.

Honorable Mention in the 2019 Everfree Northwest Iron Author competiton. Rated Teen just to be safe; all deaths take place before the start of the story.

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As bonny to read now as it was at the con. An excellent, touching tribute to Starswirl from a character with a lot to reflect on, and with plenty of nice wee subtle details to convey the passage of time. Quality work, Fan. :twilightsmile:

As always, this is epic. You handled the tone very well and showcased the Pillars at their most vulnerable, but also their most loyal. I enjoyed this somber tale.

That was very good.

Georg #4 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Makes one think the time-traveling, cheating (censored) is in disguise somewhere in the audience, watching the whole thing so he can tell his grandfoals in another timeline all about it.

I enjoyed how you portrayed the different viewpoints from those who knew Star Swirl to those who had only heard about him, and how funerals are a mixture of emotions for all concerned.

Who do you think gave Clemens the idea of attnding your own funeral?

At last, the words clicked into place. “Now we must say farewell to a stallion who seemed like he would last forever, but he would not want us to live in sorrow. He fought to preserve light in a time when the shadows encroached from all sides. I speak from experience when I say they are hard to shake from your mind, but we will honor him by doing so. We have but only to look about us to see all the good he brought into the world, whether through his work or his students. Let us honor it and carry on his legacy. Do not allow the light to dim because one of its caretakers is no longer with us. Let every day be brighter than the last, for the knowledge that Star Swirl was once with us, and that we carry on his work.” Stygian thrust a hoof in the air. “To Star Swirl!”

To Starswirl...:applecry:.

That was very well-written. The message was clear, and the tone was perfect. The perspectives from each of the Pillars were also incredibly realistic (as realistic as cartoon horses can be). No wonder you earned Honorable Mention. Great job, and thank you for sharing this with us.

“I don’t think you were supposed to understand the bells,” said Stygian. “You were just supposed to talk about them. We’re still talking about them. They add to the legend.”

Heh. I could totally see Starswirl hang a whistle around his neck one day, all while looking completely serious, silently daring anypony to say the obvious to his face. He just seems like the type who would go for that type of humour. The kind where he challenges your conceptions and tests your strength of character.

Oooh! Somber! Nice!

I was thinking this was an AU where Star Swirl died instead of going in Limbo or something, but no.

... Cadence has foals... plural... Wow. And they're all crystalline... Interesting details of time passing, indeed!

Title... Always Darkest Before The Dawn Ref?



had come to imbued with her Hope

had come to be imbued with her Hope

“ You more than anypony need to talk about this,”

[Remove space after the quote]

Very nice. :)

Quick read, only two typos that are easy to fix ('to' to 'too', 'was always seemed'), good scene overall.

Kudos to pointing out Mistmane sacrificed her looks, not her health, that's an easy thing to miss. But no mention of Rockhoof's rapid age progression, though, weird. Probably would've made things a little messy.

Also, the bells are easy to explain: it's the same principle as Santa's sleigh or that chicken wizard from Samurai Jack. When a Unicorn walks around, they can still hold things in their magic. Things like, say, books. Dedicated scholars wear bells so ponies around know there's a Unicorn coming who isn't watching where they're going.

The bells are a warning device, and the warning in this case is "Reading Unicorn Incoming."

Possible they ward off evil spirits and/or aid in magical gnosis, too, but that's getting into weirder fanon and occult stuff.

Nice work!

Magnificent as always. I loved the couple nods to Sunset. To Star Swirl!

Very sweet story!

Wonderful and quite solid story. Thank you for it.

Somehow I didn't notice this in my feed until last night. :applejackconfused: Twilight's newly ethereal mane is a nice touch, as is Stygian thinking out loud without meaning to. And Stygian's eulogy was moving, awkward air toast aside. It's hard to lose someone you love, even if they lived to a ripe old age. All you can do is remember that person and carry on.

Everyone's times comes. All we can do is move on and remember.

Nicely done!


If you see them and challenge yourself with the mental exercise of questioning the purpose, you have already answered the why.

Starswirl strikes me as one who finds a moment without thought is a moment wasted.

Precisely. Starswirl may not have expected you to think like him, but at the very least to actually think.

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