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This story is a sequel to How Many Princesses Does It Take

The Crystal Empire is host to many ruins and ancient temples. After braving one such piece of lost civilization, Shining Armor proudly returns to his wife with a mysterious treasure, rumored to be their daughter's future crown.

... this may or may not be a significant embellishment.

Written for the Springtime Sandbox-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo, as a sequel-slash-inspired-by-piece based on Georg's How Many Princesses Does It Take.

With thanks to my editors: Saddlesoap Opera (shout-out for the cover art), Patchwork Poltergeist, Blue Thrush, and Cthuluigi.

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The snake people of the Far East were as renown for their ingenuity as they were for their shoddy craftsmanship. Even to this day, you should trust anything marked with runes that read "Made by Taipan."

And remember to change your environmental artifact's transmission fluid every hundred thousand rotations.

Georg Approved! Modern instructons onle 45 bits! Fill in warante sheet and includ cash or mony order! Add 20 bits for exprsss delivry and free catalog. Get your new alkorn cild a full collektion of Elemtns of Harmoany Playset! Fluttercrys animal coral. Appl Jack's barnyard. Princess Twilite Sparkls library holds⁽*⁾ up to ninety book.
(*) Books not included. Order for only 5 bits each, plus shipping.

Trust me the Naga still get the brunt of those many jokes...although to be fair their economy has been improving ever since a certain human magnus cleverly tricked the bookhorse princess into that area as part of a ploy to bitch slap the rose-colored lenses off of her by using illusion magic to replicate the effects of the cutie mark map, thus giving them an opportune moment to use skill in mental magic to reveal a long forgotten trauma pertaining her and princess celestia and the infant spike and promptly offer a place of sanctuary should Celestia ever come after her in exchange for certain embargoes being removed.

Needless to say it was rather extreme for an attempt to get Twilight out of the country long enough to find the missing piece of evidence to close a case and discover the whereabouts of spike's parents. And proceed to get glomped by them...because dragon glomps are a thing.

This was a nice run for comedy! I like the implication that there is such a thing as bootleg temples with shoddy/knock-off artifacts.

Thank you for the story!

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