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What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutiemark?

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Gysenok #1 · Mar 21st, 2019 · · 12 ·

First! Lol

Congratulations, you fuckweasle! You have no life! You've just been awarded a participation trophy in the "your existence has no meaning" competition.

So wait, the Foal Free Press was right?

Lolification station! Congratulations, Gysenok, you have won two prizes:

Prize No. 1: First Comment Award, 2019
Prize No. 2: Weirdest Username Award, 2019

Well done! :rainbowlaugh:

Er. . . yeah, pretty much. . .


Finishing first? How rude!:twilightangry2:


Lolification station! Congratulations, Gysenok, you have won two prizes:


the basics....the BALDIS BASICS? :ajsmug:

Twilight probably wants to continue her advance studies with her private tutor.:twilightblush:

Who's to say this wasn't the first time Spike done this before?

Damn that was pretty good. Wouldn't mind seeing another continuation on this one.

You do some great work here, Inky.

Why thank you, SpyTwi! I do enjoy writing this sort of thing, and it's a bit of a change from my usual fics. So we'll have to see!


This was really good. Feels like it can have more. Maybe another sequel?!

Good job, altogether!:moustache::twilightsmile:

Thank you! I shall see what I can do. . .

Now for Luna to hear about Spike's teaching methods and employ him to educate Celestia.

*reads description*


What does it say that I really hoped this fanfic came into existence?

Well, you got ten dislikes, but at least you weren't on YouTube.

love the role reversal can there be a bonus CH where they take eachother's virginities?

During her early adolescence she had, in fact, been going through random books in her parents' small library back home in Canterlot, and their reactions when they came across her reading a book entitled Kinky: Interesting & Unusual Sexual Activities for the Jaded Couple (written, incidentally, by none other than the now Princess Cadance) had been more than enough to ensure she was far too frightened to ever try reading such books again.

Makes sense; in fact, I actually expected something like that.

Spike raised his eyebrow again; with the amount of exercise his eyebrows had got over the past few hours he'd have to be very careful to keep his calorie intake high enough.

Not much longer and they will be visiting Cloudsdale.

"What? Oh!" Twilight had apparently not noticed the steadily, salubriously leaking liquid which had been dripping from her nethers for some minutes. "Oh dear - I hope that doesn't stain! I'd forgotten the book mentioned that might happen."
"That's okay, it'll wash out." In fairness, he really didn't mind Twilight's juices seeping into his bedsheets in the slightest.

At least he will have an nice "aroma" when he goes to sleep later.

With one arm rubbing his own member feverishly, he reached up with the other and grasped hold of one of the Princess' breasts, rubbing the teat through his claws, and squeezing her firm bust masterfully.

Did he had an teacher or is he just an natural?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it!

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