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Comments ( 8 )

Well that was depressing. Not bad at all

Ignoring the numerous spelling and grammar mistakes, the whole "Character is dead" plot is a bit too cliché and bland for my taste honestly.
There were also a lot of lines that just made me go, "Wat?" Like Fluttershy and Twilight "talking" to Spike, or my favorite, "Woo boo."

7669086 eh I know that the dead plot is a bit old but I just wanted to try something you understand?:ajsmug:

Not bad. It was like a journal. Few grammatical errors and all that but thats about it.

I'm so mad now
I should not have read this

I love it when I'm just tryin to read some stories the that one guy rolls around with the sole purpose of making sad like :i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/mobile/000/023/811/sneakytom.jpg

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