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Mostly harmless.

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I'm going to aggressively enjoy this later.

L-lewd premise, I'm going to enjoy this when I take my fap break in like, an hour.

i came for the drama and was disappointed

Like father, like son.

EEEWWW!! :applecry:
Nice story, btw.

Judt how bad did you want to go sad and dark and... grim.. with this?

~Skeeter The Lurker

I feel like I'm getting a reputation... :applejackunsure:

Sometimes the smut is just smut!
but only sometimes

“What would you Aunt say if she heard you talking like that?”


Kinda wish Cadence teared up when Shining said it didn't matter who her first was. Maybe I'm just a bad person but I really want to feel her regret over doing his dad.


Kinda. But that's by no means a bad thing.

(Also holy hell this story was hot as hell and my god that end line!)

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'm sensing hints of inspiration from the Kanashiipandaverse here

It will be hilarious if Chrysalis found out.

Ah crap, Shining got a refurbished product. Where can he get a refund?

tried not to wish too hard that would be a little bit more affectionate, a little less detached.

that he would


Good rff.

Kinda wonder where Shiny was/what heir relationship was like at that point, but very nice. Really like the different Cadances.

Also VERY glad that she didn't opt for an active lie.

Finally! Some Night Light x Princess Cadence action! I really enjoyed this one. :yay:

If this was panda inspired then Twilight would have joined in, Shining would have banged Velvet, and they'd all be pregnant...

Ta, fixed.

very good story :)

Great read, been waiting forever for a caddy and nightlight clop between the two, keep it up.

I loved that ending line.
And the whole story, too.
Well done!

Well, that was depressing.

I think you've missed the dialogue rhythm here at the end:

“Do you think she gets jealous that she never gets to play with me like you do?”

He nodded, sweat beginning to bead on his forehead. “I know she does.”

Cadance smiled, and leaned in to whisper in Night’s ear. “But I like getting you all to myself,” she said. “I don’t want to share.”

A sharp sting as he nipped at her ear, one that hurt in just the right way. “That’s not what this is,” he growled. “You know that.”

“Just for tonight?”

Night Light backed off a little, no longer biting but now gentler kisses against her neck. “Tonight I’m all yours.”

She gave him a pointed look.

“You’re right,” he said, his voice rumbling again in that way that always made her thighs squeeze together a little. “Tonight you’re all mine.”

But just for tonight.

Either that or I'm stupid, but I got confused as to who's saying what.
But yeah, it's going straight into my "clop, but also feels" folder.

Hm, okay, I think I see where your confusion's coming from.

Night Light says "I'm all yours," and in response, Cadance gives Night Light a meaningful look but doesn't say anything. He then corrects himself to say "You're all mine", a subtle change in who's 'possessing' the other. But it's still Night Light speaking both times, he just changes what he's saying because Cadance likes him to be dominant and possessive, and he knows it.

Does that help? I'm not sure rewriting it would make it clearer, each new line for a change in active character is already right as is.

I don’t think she does regret it, I think she just... knows it would be hard to explain. I don’t think she feels a desire to continue what she had- but I don’t think she feels bad about what she did, either.

And I don’t think she’s done anything to regret, either. She had consenting sex in an arrangement with an adult, that arrangement broke off at some point, and she had a relationship with another pony. Nothing about that really ought to be regretted, in my opinion. She couldn’t have known she’d fall for his son- he was younger at the time. The arrangement she’d had with the father had no bearing on her getting with Shining, either, it just happened that they were of a similar ‘type’.

Ah, yeah that makes sense actually. Especially once you read to the end.

Would she have stayed, had Night Light offered to make it a regular affair? Was the force that drove her away in the infrequency of their "relationship", or was it in its purely platonic and basal nature?

I think Cadance's primary problem is that the relationship wasn't... well, a relationship. She's the Princess of Love, after all, and Night Light was already committed to someone else. The long gaps were a symptom of that, and that's why she doesn't like them. Shining, on the other hand, is unreserved in his love and dedication, which is exactly what she was looking for all along.

Well then I could have just been projecting my views. Honestly, I skipped the porn because the idea of my significant other having sex with my father previously disgusts me almost as much as cheating does. (If it were both? Hoo boy). I just skipped to the end because I wanted to find out how it was resolved. And I was honestly pretty disappointed that Cadence didn't have to confront Shining about this fact that could've forever changed their relationship.

So what would happen if Twilight did a memory spell with Cadance?

I have not read this but i am already getting Shining Armor is getting Dad's sloppy seconds

Aw, I wanted her to tell him. I really wanted to see his reaction; I love that stuff. Fun story either way.

I agree it would be awkward and hard to confront, but it sounds like it’s not cheating (all involved parties were well aware of what was going on, including Twilight Velvet, and it was implied that Shining hadn’t started dating her yet).
Awkward and difficult to confront and mentally disgusting for Shining? Sure.
Morally reprehensible or regrettable from Cadence’s perspective? I don’t see why.
Ultimately, it was Shining’s choice not to confront it. I’m confident Cadence would have told him if he had wanted to know.

I didn't say it was cheating, just that it's almost if not equally as gross to me as cheating. And I would expect Cadence to regret the fling because of the distress it would cause Shining and how she would've preferred her first being with him instead of his dad. This is really just me venting my frustration that the story didn't go where I wanted it to, but I can't say whether the story is worse for it. It definitely ends more quick and neatly this way.

:heart: this!

You managed to once again both titillate & engage me in the characters and their emotions. It's why you're one of the best. :rainbowdetermined2:

I really enjoyed the stark contrast at the end of how she felt with Night Light and how Shining makes her feel. The Princess of Love may have enjoyed a good rutting, perhaps even toyed with the idea that it could become something more, but in the end that was never going to be where that relationship went, and once she got the love she truly desired, she never really looked back at all, practically forgetting those previous encounters all together.

Wonderful story Grimm, and don't you fret over those people that wanted more drama. :twilightsmile:

I'm a glutton for the drama, but this story was great regardless.

To me it feels as though Cadance is using Shining Armor as a rebound for her flings with Night Light. I get the impression there's an underlying underhanded motive in her chasing his son in order to get what she could not from him, that she's waving Shining around as her prize in an effort―consciously or not―to provoke envy, anger, anything from Night Light. She could have easily chosen anyone, but she went after Night Light's son.

Oh jeez, that last line hit me like a brick, but not in a bad way. That was a good way to end it.

O now this is a grate story.


She's the Princess of Love

See, in the realms of fanfics that title is often a spectrum. With "searching for the one true soulmate" on one end, and "just stick that HMD in me already, I haven't gotten laid in 2 hours" on the other. The initial vibe that she gives in this story is heavily skewed for the latter. You did a good job challenging that view of mine as the story progressed, interweaving the questions that she has started having right in the middle of full clop paragraphs. But until the very end I wasn't sure from which end of that spectrum did her dilemmas stem. It is as 9478022 said, I still couldn't shake the thought that she gravitated towards Shining because he was the second best thing that wouldn't refuse to give her what she wanted, as frequently as she wanted.

I dunno, maybe it's placebo feels. I'm an addict for those, so it would be natural that I've tried to insert some in something that was meant to be a light-hearted clop, increasing both the pain and my enjoyment of the story. Or maybe you're playing us all along.

For what it's worth, I kept things deliberately vague so that could be a valid interpretation. Cadance's exact motivations for being with Shining are left up to the reader to decide.


Cadance's exact motivations for being with Shining are left up to the reader to decide.

I'm glad you did. It's interesting to see the different opinions.
We got a lot of "what a whorish bitch, just using Shining."
But there's room to say "oh she's wearing socks that Shining got her for Hearths Warning."
Maybe father and son just like mares in socks.
Maybe Cadence's father-in-law was the one who suggested the socks.

Anyway, great story.

Thank you for posting.

Was a sexy read. One typo I noticed though.

Each trust accompanied by a grunt

"Until Shining asks her about it, and Cadance remembers why she didn't want to tell him in the first place. Even as the Princess of Love, how is she supposed to explain to her husband that she slept with his father?"

Well, that is the kind of secret that the longest it is kept secret from the other, the more it hurts.
Not good Cadance. Not good.

Cadance smiled, and leaned in to whisper in Night’s ear. “But I like getting you all to myself,” she said. “I don’t want to share.”

Man, does she know that Night Light is a married stallion? O_o This is not even having loose morals anymore, it's a lack of it.

Cadance bit her lip. “Uhhhh…”

2nd is close enough! So the chance is *does the math*

Now that's partner swapping done right^^ love the tension! ♥

Who wants to read about Cadance's first time with Night Light?

I'm just gonna call it right now: Twilight was clopping to them the whole time.

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