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Annnnnd we've hit the Discord Line of Chaos. It's kinda fretzel shaped and i+splunge dimensional, but it's been crossed.

It's just not her week
Or is it...


He wasn’t sure exactly what the wicked little pegasus was doing to her


as she dangled in from her tail in the Chaos Lord’s grasp.

Extra in

Okay.......Things was going great. Then everything went and kerspoded into pure chaos. Poor Anon. But this is way to funny. It had me rolling with laughter.

Thanks! I was aiming for that hazy middle ground between "MY SIDES HURT" and "WHY BONER" :yay:

Omg that cliffhanger

"WHY ______"
My constant state of being.

Lyra went from 0 to creep super quick.

God damnit if I don't look forward to the next one!

Let's just hope that everyone's favourite lord of chaos decides to do a good

or at least something that isn't the mess that would be dealing with sparklebutt and zephyr

This is beutiful:rainbowlaugh:rainbowlaugh::moustache:

God dammit! don't leave us hanging like this!

Looking at the cover art, I have the urge to boop her nose...

This is like finding a sweaty nerd's porn stash and discovering it consists entirely of nude photos of themself.

The comedy is decent, but could be improved upon. Keep thinking outside the box, but try thinking, "what is the most outlandish thing this character could go through?" Then, just mold your story around that concept/event. If you want to be comedic, it's easier that way.:twilightsheepish:

Just a bit of advice, you can seriously expand your portfolio if you use it though. It's the formula I use when making new material, and I have enough original jokes to fill a library.

Resu #19 · Dec 20th, 2018 · · 1 ·

I'm like, there is some kind of anon's dick behind that courtain that lyra is going to fuck anon with. *reveal* I F*CKING KNEW IT!
But seriously now, I imagined a lyra wearing human dick strap on before it was revealed. Ok back to reading

Having adorned her homemade strapon harness, the black length of dildo dangled from her


DISCORD and here I thought this can't get any more out of hoof!

Ryza #20 · Dec 21st, 2018 · · 1 ·

I never knew I needed this, but I need to know how discord bucks now!

Your right but even i'm curious what discord's going to do

and a few other bits of regular, medical fare greeted her.

remove the comma

this ain’t rocket science!

I have a sneaking suspicion that this most be a reference to something. Don't know what it is though... Huhuhuhu.

And what's next? We'll know soon...

Im not usually into these kind of stories but this series is just to funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Thanks! I won't spoil anything, but be sure that the inappropriate misadventures will continue! :trollestia:

Anon felt like she was going to die. No sooner had the sex toy penetrated her pliable marehood, than she came with the force of a minor tsunami. Not even Thunder’s stallionhood caused her to go full ahegao, yet here she was; leaking like a faucet while being fucked by a socially inept unicorn wearing a strapon. Even though she was sure the magical elements of the marital aid were fully at fault, she had to admit, it felt pretty damn good. Sure, its size may have paled in comparison to a pony’s, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. The rounded head, slight curve, and ridge of the glans seemed to tickle her canal in the best way imaginable. “Oh Anonymous,” she groaned, lovingly looking up at her partner, “fuck my sweet little horse pussy.”

Lira , that ... could addict and make any girl to blundering mess .

she’d wandered over to the medical facility.

As she watched the moe unicorn babble on, her resentment began to wane.

(New paragraph) “Hey,” she said, tapping the other pony’s shoulder, “where’s this little expo of yours? I wouldn’t mind giving it a look, seeing as how I don’t have anything else planned for today.”

Judging from what it did when her tongue caressed it, her loins just might explode if exposed to the ensorceled tool.

Needs more sequels.

I've got more in the pipe, just have to find time to belt them out! :fluttershbad:

I hope Twily shows Anon her... Assets.

I have to ask when is the sequel going to come out

Should be next month, I hope. Kinda been busy with work, commissions, collabs, and other projects.

Just bear with me, it's coming. :fluttershbad:

I just want to be sure and I'm hoping celestial get Punish for what she did to Anon

Oh, I assure you, Anon and Cele are gonna cross paths again. :trollestia:

And when they do I hope anon gets back to normal and celestial gets punished for it

This would work as a multi chapter story. Why do you have it as so many separate stories?

Seems like you do that with a lot of your stories. Like the ones with the student six and Cozy.

Is there a sequel to this?

Funny you should ask
I just finished a sequel piece, but I haven't gone back for final edits.
It should be getting posted on the 26th!

I finally caught up in this shindig, and I am enjoying it, and hearing this brings me joy!

Anon could ask Cadance for help. He found love and cant follow it because of Celestia. That would make her pretty mad or not?!

Twilight is so delusional :facehoof: So sad...

I got the biggest grin on my face when Discord showed up :pinkiehappy:
Very much looking forward to reading the rest of this series tomorrow :rainbowkiss:

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