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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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What did I just read?

?????????????????????? noice

Oh yeah yeah. This is nice. Filly anon is tight!
and world domination? Super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Why does Anon as a filly has an Infinity Mitten?

Havent read it yet, but I had to say this when I saw it in the description.

a Thrilling Climax!

Just one? :trollestia:

Flint #6 · July 10th · · 2 ·

A Masterpiece

Why didn't he just turn himself back

But seriously, there's a method to my madness. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!!!

You might be wrong but your also not wrong

She has the Infinity Mitten.

Those stallions were lucky. When I read "pull my hoof," I was expecting something foul smelling to come from the other end.

I would not put gas warfare above this version of Anon.

Ballsacked, as all things should be.

If she'd been gassy, that's what would've happened XD

Oh boy! Shits about to get spicy up in here.

She is inevitable

But the question is will he ever turn back into his human form and not a gender bent form

Also here’s another good question why didn’t he just turned himself back to a human man with the “you know what” gauntlet that will be the first thing I would do with it

Do you two honestly think that Discord would actually give Anon something that could actually turn them back into a male human from a filly? Especially when he feels that the filly one is causing so much more chaos?

Dude he literally gave him Thanos infinity gauntlet and I think I’m pretty much do anything think about that for two minutes

Spoilerish Answer, but not really
Discord gave her the "gauntlet" purely to amuse himself. Yes, it is a powerful artifact, although it's capabilities are relegated primarily to chaotic shenanigans.

Give myself a adamantium pelvis for how thicc the would be be turned into.:moustache:

These stories always amuse me.

And now some errors to ruin your day :twilightsmile:

she squinted. “And I you were going to give them to me?”

Extra I

She still felt uneasy about the bargain she’d just stricken


Realistically, she could pull this off

Missing if

Stricken by the blast, Celestia took a step back, but seemed unphased

Unfazed. Unfazed. UNFAZED

Snow #23 · July 12th · · ·

Without having read this, I have decided the look on her face stems entirely from that gauntlet having a theoretically functional thumb.

Is it bad I want a sequel to this in which she n=knocks up the three alicorns, maybe even chrysalis and cadence, while turning Shining armor into a super slutty mare?

Another great and lewd sequel story! Personally, if a sequel comes, and it most likely will, he should make peace with Twilight, then maybe go after that power again. Either way, more sex with Twilight should be fun!:moustache:

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