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Think Real #1 · May 20th · · 23 ·

First Baby!

where does the cover image come from

CBTwilight drew it =w=

Can we fuck spike next?

Funny you should mention that...

Is Zeyphyr male or female in this story? I'm confused.


I'm confused

So was Anon!
Zeph is a dude, BTW

I can already see without reading that this is covered in big homo radiation.... I'mma read it later~:moustache:

Its's really nice to find a male human X stallion story! Thank you for writing it and as the it's been left open ended I really hope we get to see more of these two :twilightsmile:

:Edit that's not at 4am: I also like the idea that all ponies are just so cute they all look like mares to anon, or am I wrong and it's just Zeph being a cute trap?

K Bird #12 · May 21st · · 2 ·

first to be triple gay lol

Whatever works man, at least I'm the first at something.

Ok PLEEEEAAAAASE continue this

Stay tuned
You'll find out soon enough <u<

Cute, sweet and sexy. Lovely story.

Are we going to get a sequel where Anon's date returns the favor?~ :raritywink:

Also, well done on writing Zephyr likable enough to be sexy. :rainbowwild:

Thanks for the compliment.
As for a sequel - man, NGL, I'm damn tempted to write one.

It's my mind, or Zephyr Breeze looks more like a mare on the cover:rainbowhuh:.

That's kind of the point
If he let his mane down and got gussied up a bit, I'm sure stallions would be lusting over him pretty quickly.

Yes, he would be the jewel of those who are gays:rainbowwild:

Zephyr’s eyes went wide, as he peered at the man’s crotch. “...Huh…”

“Huh?” Anon parroted, jared from his stupor.

“Didn’t realize human mares have such a weird looking set of goods,” the pony continued, cocking his head to the side.

“I’m a guy!” Anon blurted, finally dragging his eyes from the pegasus’ nethers.

We already know where the drill supposedly goes.

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