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Think Real #1 · July 1st · · 19 ·

First baby!!

Gotta say, this marks the third time we've released a fic on the same day. First, it was All-Time High and Berrytwist of Fate. I only hit the feature box for a sneeze's worth of time.

Then there was Trix of the Trade and Indomitable Insect, where... yeah, you got the W easy.'

Now All the Time in the World and this. Which is why I say, with all the gravitas this moment demands: happy to share the sinbox with you, Leech, in general, and this saucy story in particular.

Twilight manages to come across as a delightful presence even when hopped on estrus, Anon's introduction sticks the land in a way only you hold an undefeated streak on, and...

...well, I'm pretty sure several geological events/seventh seals have to open for you to ever not deliver on the clop, and they will remain that way.

Tip my hat to you fella; one twice-in-one-month Featured FIMFiccer to another. Thank you for a fantastic FIMfic.

Very nice! Once again Leech, you deliver another great one!

Congratulations on having a child! I wish you and yours a life of peace and prosperity.

nice work

>Kinks Include: heterosexuality

Nani does this website allow this? Isn't this going a bit to far?

Nothing more kinky than having sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of reproduction!

Looking at the kink list... who are you and what have you done with Leech?

Didn't they do it Ponystyle?

Great work. :twilightsmile:

I thought concubine was the term used for female, and consort for male

They did, yes, but I was making a joke

Yes, technically, although I've seen it used to describe males as well

Eh, why worry for the dots on the i's right? It works, I suppose, now is a matter of his tittle remains…as just that or Equestria has some protocol or something I mean, Shining was never call that, and it was confirm in the episode that he has the Prince tittle.

Maybe it applies if they get married.

Also, the tittle I thought it was more like a job, and he is a baker so…in theory we could call him the royal baker concubine?

Not really a joke per-se, but I wasn't being serious either

Is it just me, or are 3D models of these ponies inherently ugly and Uncanny?

Oh and if anyone is looking to talk about clop, post lewd content or talk to Some leech himself feel free to join our Discord!


I think it depends on those who make the model. But anthro ones always look more polished and better put together than the normal pones, imo.

Practically every 3D pony model I've come across (I don't search them out, just stumble upon them every now and then) looks so plastic and toy-like and just...ugh. I don't get why people would want to use these Barbies, instead of something not inherently creepy and uncanny - like, say, 2D animation. It doesn't have to be Hasbro-esque, either - drawn art works, as do other styles; there's a ton of fantastic 2D art and 2D fan animations (fanimations?) out there, that just looks so much better and much more natural and more appealing than models.

"Something different" is the only reason I can come up, for why someone would want 3D models, but...the uncanny valley effect makes that reason quite implausible, in my eyes.

I get it, but when they move it kind of counters the uncanny feeling, for me at least.

A cheesy new piece of Twilight smut. Not bad.

I feel like smaller words could be used during the coitus, as using words that are too large sort of distracts from the buttery smoothness of the scene. But overall this piece's heart is in the right place and it made for a pretty good little fling. Well done.

Only had to read a few lines to get what you mean. Yeah, some words just aren't lewd enough to be used in a clopfic.

wrong site if your looking for you tube go back and take a right :trixieshiftleft:

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