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That cover.

Smooth Twilight, you read it in "romance 101" ?

Chapter one: Honesty is the way to ones heart...

Wait, what? WHAT? Karrakaz? What is this, 2016? Whalecum buck! :twilightblush:

Welcome back, Karrakaz. Good to see more Twilestia authors returning.

Shortly. The story is completely written, so more updates very soon.

One thing leads to another, and all to quickly Celestia finds herself craving things she hasn't felt, or even thought of, in an age.

too quickly* :twilightsheepish:

You saw nothing! :pinkiecrazy: (fixed, thanks. :pinkiehappy:)

If only you had actual feedback, instead of such a lackluster boring comment. I swear, i fell asleep half way through reading yours.

WOO! Can't wait to see more of this!

Seriously? I found Celestia's neuroticism and Twilight's drunken horniness hilarious.

Excellent story premise, brilliant writing of Celestia, very curious to see how this goes and excited to see how everpony acts, would love more!

Oooooohhh this is gonna be good! 😂😂😂

That's some nice chest floof Celly's rocking in the cover picture lol.

You normally don't see the floof because of her regalia. Twilight caught her about to go to bed.

Well, and she's startled as heck.

I’m not normally a fan of first person stories, but this was very cute. Or, at the very least, drunk Twilight is very cute.

Well Delight, you seem to have her heart ensnared, now you just need the rest of her.

This is great! Is this intended as a prequel to "Outmaneuvered?"

finaly a universe where white privilage exists.

I weep for Celestia. What a day to get in the way of a party one wants to go to.

“Would you like something to drink, Princess?” She asks, pulling out a veritable mountain of flasks and bottles. “I’ve got sarsaparilla, red grape wine, white crystal wine, yellow wine...” She does a double take at the bottle, makes a face, and somehow manages to pull it out of the pile and toss it away. “You probably shouldn’t drink that one."

:pinkiesick: Rainbow, you can't just pee in a bottle and call it a prank!

Comment posted by UniqueSKD deleted Feb 6th, 2018
Comment posted by UniqueSKD deleted Feb 6th, 2018

It was funny and cute, but White Privilege? Considering the fact that term’s getting thrown around as a racial slur nowadays, that name grinds on me.

Poor Celestia, the mare just can't win for losing at times.

Pretty sure he's just quite literally high and posting random song lyrics.

Luna Set this whole story up im sure of it...

After that I almost misread the next bit as "Apple cider straight from Applejack!" :rainbowlaugh:

Well of course she's got an apple side 'er!


The next up is a white stallion by the name of White Privilege.

And that's why we can't have everything be nice. White Privilege isn't a thing and why do you have to put something politically charged in my fantasy horse stories? Please stahp.


He's not a thing! He's a unicorn with a sense of entitlement!

Not sure I was drunk at the time I posted that.

You keep switching Twilight's species in this story. Most of the time she's a unicorn, but other times she's an alicorn. Which is it?

She's supposed to be an alicorn in this story. If you find any mentions of it being otherwise, please let me know (I looked, but I couldn't find them :twilightsheepish:)

8718618 she's secretly Chrysalis who's been drunk on love.

Luna is officially sick of this shit. "And if this doesn't work I'm gonna lock you in here until you either fuck or you figure out how to actually die from embarrassment."

In this case and universe, the stallion known as 'White Privilege' is just a pony. His name is just that. A name.

The fact that you put emphasis on it as being politically sensitive means that you associate it with the meaning from our world/universe, instead of the joke it was meant to be.

Please tell me if I am wrong though, wouldn't do for me to talk all high and mighty about things like this.


It just takes me out of the immersion. That's all. Fiction is a nice way to escape the reality that we experience everyday. Therefore I just had to mention it.

After all, the comments section is there for anyone's opinion to be expressed. Right?

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