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She was so CUTE well up until the part where she tricked him...me......you:applejackunsure:, shit i don't know all i know is that was great.

I hate to do this but,FIRST! :D*ahem* anyway this was great! You want ideas right? Since Anon is into some kinky stuff how about Luna and Anon try bondage on him? Nothing too strong just being tied up,maybe a blindfold and since Anon and Luna like it,some roleplay. Or maybe maid roleplay? Or nurse? Or even kinkier maybe butt enlargement? Hope that helped!
Edit:Crap...I'm second :P

Luna being bonded. midlevel-BSDM.

I'm leaning towards flutter's maid idea myself.

these three stories are great:eeyup::pinkiehappy:

Yeah…not big fan of bondages, honestly I like the one where she was pregnant a lot better. Sorry dude but tricks, drugs and the whole master role-play just make me extremely angry for some reason,I suppose its was good to some people I'm just not one of them.

But hey, if you are going to continue with all those weird role-plays may I suggest a reverse mode for the ones that didn't like Luna taking commands? Like the 'lost boy kind of scenario' where a young lost boy wants his mommy and find it on a nice and very warm stranger.
I just saying that could work too.

But as for this…yeah sorry maybe it was good, maybe it needed it help but mares dominating ordering and drugging just make me very angry, not because it was bad, but because that its the way I'm sorry

Came for the cute filly Luna ...
Left because evil, ruffying, body controlling filly Luna ... :rainbowderp:

Here is my idea for the next one. Exhibitionism... with using Twilight as the audience or for added hilarity all the Mane 6

well i loved it so you say you need ideas well
1. anthro transformation
2. nurse role play
3. maid role play
4. 3 some with (no clue let you decide)
there are my ideas for you next one

4090699 That sounds like a good idea.

Yeah because of Bioshock, whenever I hear the phrase "Would you kindly" it has made me extremely paranoid, so because of this, when Luna said it I would have gotten out of there, or at least tried too.



4091708 Damn you Ken Levine!!!....If you weren't so damn good at game making and alien killing (Ever try putting Ken Levine in as a soldier name in X-COM? It gives a special unit) Id hate you


But I have to say I rolled my eyes at the Twilight scene. It seemed kind of pointless...

Seriously, you used Marvin Gaye's "Come get to this" instead of "Let's get it on"? I think it would be more appropiate

4104421 I didn't want to go with the obvious song. I wanted to do one about life and love, not just sex

I vote Anthro for the next one.

Would you kindly do antro. And is this friendship growing? Do continue.

knight and move it to knock off your king.

Then he couldn't have moved his rook, as it would have left his king open check. Plus, it isn't possible to take an opponent's king.

You should try and make friends with her

I guess I can see why someone would be pissed by Twilight. Humans generally hate suck-ups.

Without my permission? Without asking?

She's right, but she did it first. That makes it fair.

more like a helpless pony that had been caught by a fierce and vicious predator.

Technically, that is exactly what happened. We didn't become top-dog of Terra without being the fiercest, most vicious of all the species on our world.

Anon needs to tend to some of Luna's fantasies. Otherwise it's not fair!

A man/woman after my own heart. Thought the exact same thing when i saw that line.

You really didn't want to be around when that brown nosing little teachers pet showed up to gush over the Celestia.

The Boulder does not approve of this ripoff. The Boulder is beginning to question his life choices.

Great story! Next should be, Luna, in her best form, Nightmare Moon, (without the armor).:moustache:

Luna, may be the younger sister, but she can't be that much younger than Celestia. She should take that form and stay like that.:twilightsmile:

It can also play as a fear that she doesn't want to reveal because of the reaction that she fears she may get.:moustache:

What did Anon mean by "Gabasuba?"


What about luna as nightmare moon. For one and two what about luna in anthro form.

i think that luna should just tell him how she feels

5062676 and I was worried that no pony would get that. Silly me;)

Really liked this story but my cynicism(not criticism) wont let this one go.
The root extract made it so he could not move outside of her permission... so why couldn't he pick up the scarf?

5177423 she only asked him "kindly" which wasn't a direct order.

"would you kindly"

bioshock ftw

"It is our night sky, and those stars are there for a friend and Equestrian historical figure," Luna replied defensively to the older looking stallion. Her face was red, and she looked like she was on the verge of tears.

Now I'm sad... Snowdrop was sad...

Luna's expression shifted from her devious smile to one of shock and disbelief. You could almost hear her thoughts at your reply.
Her little cheeks puffed up, and the pre tantrum face she made was even more adorable than that pink fluff ball pony you saw last year.

Fluffy pony is best pony... Fluffles and Chryssi forever...

Her lips were soft as little pillows, and you imagined putting them with a piece of chocolate between two gram crackers to eat them.

Oh Kay... That's some really creepy shit...

Despite the many glaring errors, this was a pretty solid read.

The bear is called Ted. Nice reference

You pulled out the small chair and squatted to sit at the table.

Did he squat like Slav?

You should adjust the into page so it connects properly to its prequel.

What trouble could come from a little scarf on the floor?

Famous last words.

Call it cliche, but I'd like to see them move beyond a FWB relationship into something serious.

Yes he did comrade. I now need to go put vodka in my IS7 and go fuck up the Germans. Glory to the motherland

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