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My name is Sweetie Belle.

No not that one.

I know what you're thinking.

"How can a stuffed pony tell a story?"

Well, I can.

My story may not be the most exciting, but it is close to my heart.

So if you like, give it a chance?

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I'm usually emotionless. Sad fics leave me like Maud.

This one?


How I felt Sweetie felt when the girl called her ugly (and how I felt:)

This... This is just flawless. I cried. This works so well, especially with the war part. It makes you feel bad because it's actually realistic! The human lead is suffering from PTSD, and you did this so well! I... It's amazing.

I need to curl up and try to decide whether I'm crying tears of joy because of the end or sorrow because of all the pain this story has.

I am perhaps too familiar with "lower tabs" and such. :unsuresweetie:

This works wonderfully well: at times it seems a bit disjointed, but then I remembered that Sweetie is (1) still a filly and (2) still stuffed, and this is very likely the way she'd perceive things. Consider this faved.

Jesus man that was... Awesome, I mean you handled PTSD well and accurately. I not super happy about the PTSD but the way you portrayed Jacob was very well done. Tears were shed as well by the way I myself had to help my uncle until he passed and you putting in the VA was a nice ending and message.

This a good story.

It speaks to people who have an understanding of depression or experienced it in some way. I'm not gonna claim this the best story I've ever seen nor the most well written. However, it is one of the most touching stories I've read in a while.

FIve :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry:

Congrats on featured. An amazing story!

NARNIA! :pinkiecrazy:

The parts with his family are right on point. Some days I still can't even look at my mom, it hurts so bad.

:pinkiesad2: This is the way you feel after you read this story.The ending is so sad.She is mistreated by the girls at Build-a-Bear.But the end left me speechless:derpytongue2:

Is it wrong to say that I cuddled my Build a Bear when I read this?

That was just beautiful!

It was really creative, and just an all around fantastic read.

love this!

That was great! I didn't know what quite to expect, but I'm really glad I read it. And I feel no shame admitting that I held my Build-A-Bear Sweetie Belle while I read this. I was glad I had her with me for the really touching moments, especially that critical moment there near the end. Have a fav and a Thumb! :yay:

Not in the least, I did the same with my Sweetie Belle as I read this. :twilightsmile:

Given the Build-A-Bear plushies I have, and how much I love "Toy Story", I've often wondered about that very idea. :eeyup:

You poked me right in the feels, man. :applecry:

This was terribly visceral for me for... reasons. Might add a trigger warning, for sandbox-style PTSD, but honestly I'd have probably read it anyways. It had a sweet, heart wrenching ending; I'm glad you didn't softball in a pone-made-everything-okay-again BS wrap up. The honest and non-dramatic way you handled the near suicide / climax also earned my appreciation.

So thanks for that.

Just ...10/10 dude and I don't give that score out lightly. Great read, touching, thoughtful, melancholy, hopeful, all my feels.

loved it very much. i haven't felt this combination of feels from reading fimfiction stories for a while now. thnx for them feels.

liked and faved.

This was a most excellent story. A great read. I had a feeling when the man was described as having tattoos that he was once part of a motorcycle gang and now has a soft side, but that was incorrect. Once I read "V.A." I figured out the rest. His scars also provided some insight that he most likely sustained injuries from an IED attack. The part where he was apologizing to someone made me think of "surivor guilt". The nightmares was a final clue that he was also suffering from a chronic case of PTSD. Altogether this was a fantastic story that will go in my fav list.

. . . Yes, thanks for this.

This was a beautiful story. Ah can't really form much else than that since Ah'm feeling a bit emotional after reading it, but Ah liked it. It felt real and Ah wish Ah'd found this story sooner cause it was a great read.

I enjoyed the story!:scootangel:
The only flaw that I could find in it were the misspellings here and there (vein=blood vessel, vain=self-absorbed).
The moment that Jacob's mom said "VA" I solidly knew what was going on with him. Admittedly with his initial night, I thought that his daughter died in an accident in front of him and the ponies reminded him of her.
I liked the sort of Toy Story feel to it, that SweetieDoll was aware that she was a toy, and that SweetieDoll liked to watch SweetieBelle.

Though I am now sad thinking of the inevitable point when she gets thrown in the trash or packed in a box for years and then gets thrown away.:fluttercry:
Hopefully SweetieDoll is donated to Good Will or the Salvation Army when her time with Jacob ends.:applecry:

.....Dang it, now I feel guilty about hiding my pony collection in boxes in my closet away from my roomie's guests and my parents. :applecry::fluttershysad:

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I finally found this again, I suddenly remembered this and needed to read again. Thank you very much for this.

I recently got my first plush, a wingless Hasbro official hug able Twilight.
When I got her, I knew that I needed to reread this. I'm glad I did.:twilightsmile:

Though I do sometimes wonder if she's actually watching and thinking like Sweetie Plush.:duck:

Given that wingless Twilight plushies stopped being made when Twilight became an alicorn, and I picked the plushie up at the vender alley at Nightmare Nights Dallas from a comic book shop vendor, this Twilight Sparkle plush probably gave up on being bought and loved a loooong time ago.
There's a part of me that feels like shit for taking Twilight plushie back home with me after my friend's ~5 year old daughter napped with the plush while I was showing him the Pony Finder books that I picked up at the con.
In my defense though, I got her a Tony Fleecs art print that was autographed by all of the guests (which involved standing in the autograph line for about 8 hours and dropping ~$300 ($20 an autograph) (Lauren Faust was there for the first two days and Ellen Ray Hennessy (Mistmane VA) was there on the third, narrow autograph window, and I was getting two other things autographed), she and her father now have access to the official MLP pen and paper RPG to play together, and I saw a same model Twilight plush sell for ~$250 in the charity auction on the second day. My purchase of the wingless Twilight plush was pretty influenced by the auction, and the potential for a significant resale value down the line.
Though I still snuggle it.:twilightsheepish:
Which makes me feel a little like a hypocrite.:facehoof:

I did a video review of this fanfic. Thanks to HMXTaylorlee for requesting it. I hope you enjoy it!

Returning to read this once more~
Still one of my favorite stories out there. Thank you author for making this one where ever you are.

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