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I'm the professor, a pony of sorts, but i'm also a Time Lord!


Changeling Narris finds herself living with her sister and mother in ponyville. What challenges will she encounter?

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So narris how old are you?

Narris, why are you a filthy leech monster, and what do you plan to do about it?

Narris, can Changelings feed from other emotions, or is love the only one?


It's interesting how, out of the stories in the popular list, this is the least liked one, yet it's placed in second.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing your story. In fact, I find it actually quite promising. The only bad thing about it is that the pace is going a little too fast. Try showing instead of telling to help you in that issue, but be careful to avoid overdoing it as well.

As for the question... do all changelings have blue eyes, or some have green ones instead?

So narris, how did you and your sister come to live with Zecora? Complications with the hive or what?

4420145 Thanks. I'll take your advice!

Narris, whatever you do, don't do anything brash to the [profane word] with the tiara on her butt. Or her tacky lacky. Ooh, that rhymed!

Narris, how does love taste?

'Ey Narris, what is your opinion on Moustaches?:moustache:


Is there a changeling named Larry, and are you both on a Gloria to nowhere? :trixieshiftright:

Dear Narris....

What DO you look like in your new form?

Err.... Parts of your story is bolded.

Oh geeze.

Pinkie Pie, we've got another leak in the quadphase plumbing system, could you be a dear and check it out? It looks minor for now, but the filters are out and it's affected two or three sinks.

I like you're mane narris

Hive broadcasting? huh...sounds quite unique really, what else can the Hive do? if you don't mind me asking of course!
-Midderp :derpytongue2:

Woah woah woah. What was that dream thing all about? Is that the first time this has happened or is this a recurring thing?

4435071 Erm...Thanks. I just saw that.....thanks :twilightblush:

Does she know that we can manipulate her world and control her pretty much or well she learn it if she hears this?

Would you like a tasty Love-Flavored Cookie, Narris?

Narris, what are you going to give youself as a cutie mark?

I wonder is you can feel us? *poke poke*

You may want to be a bit cautious in the Crusader's antics Narris. They mean well, but they can be sort of...dangerous.

Hmmm... You might wanna get the Crusaders out of your head, Narris. I'm sure that somepony will just scream out something about you-know-what. Some telepathic ponies are like that.
Also, how was your cookie? :twilightsmile:

-pokes Narris again-

Hey Narris, Do you plan on telling your new friends your... secret? :rainbowderp:

Psst hey narris I'm a changeling as well

To The Prof.
I noticed quite a few grammatical mistakes here and there. Such as using the wrong "your" or Sweety Belle instead of Sweetie Belle.
Would you like an editor? :twilightsheepish:

4480742 Sorry. That sounded a bit rude. Not my intention in the slightest.

Oh frick... Pinkie, the problem is worse than I thought. They've hit three more sinks, unstable ones too, and it seems that there's a rupture in the first one. I know we usually don't do this, but... you have permission to activate Derpy Hooves for assistance.

Good luck, citizen.

4480742 Oops! Sorry. :twilightblush:
And yes, that might be helpful!

Pinkie can I tell him what's going on?

Umm… Narris,…do you know what your into. Just try not to fall down cliffs, bridges, roofs, ropes connecting mountains, etc. I don't want to lose a bet with Nigel.


And so, Senya waited patiently. Soon, however, he became worried. It had been almost a week, and no draft had been sent!

"Had something happened to The Proffesser?" Senya wondered idly one day.
"Of course not!" He told himself. "That'd be absurd!"

But one had to wonder, what HAD happened to the good Professor?

4507874 He lives! And he hasn't had time to write or do anything else because of the joys of summer calling his name. Sorry, dear sir, I am now back in the game!

*nods at pinkie* so the gingerbread is working on his spy treats, also pinkie the three new anomalies known as the cutie mark crusaders are trying to abuse the power for revenge.

Activate distraction 5279

HEY! Who let you into the command center?!

Oh dear flark it's worse then I thought, PINKIE! His intel is correct but you do NOT have permission for 5279 as of yet! We all know the risks... I won't have another Unicornia incident.

Derpy, if you're active trail that filly that just left. Don't be spotted. Just... use your judgement. This is above my pay grade, I need to get the captain.

4513038 *runs off* being a changeling helps


Oh no you don't! Ugh. Somebody call security, we have a shapeshifting native either pranking or gone rogue--cressh, is this still on?

4513174 *jumps into my portable rift*

I could be the teacher or the janitor or that pony you just met or....that red stallion

So you can feel us what about weapons do i have your permission to give you a small cut on your hoof. It well barely hurt and it wont be deep
If yes *cuts hoof lightly*, If no i'm going to be sad :applecry:

-blasts loud techno at Apple Bloom-

Narris, you really should go talk to that colt. He must feel really embarrassed about all this. Just go talk to him!

Fedoras make everything better. Have a fedora, Narris. :coolphoto:

4513038 i think what he meant was distraction 2579 not 5279 both very similar and easy to confuse one is less risky than the other though so yea activate distraction 2579 pinkie

Those mares your friends were talking about killed many changelings, don't trust them.

How does your queen feel about belly rubs?

Why was one of your first thoughts to kill big mac?

Would you ever tell your friends that you are a changeling?

Is it safe for you to eat pony food?

What do changelings taste like?

Can changelings love?

to Fluttershy: If two changeling fillies lived with Zecora and you found out, what would you do?

to Zecora: Do you plan on having foals of your own?

to Dashie: Would you kill two innocent changeling fillies who have done nothing to you?

Just another lost soul who has breached the barrier at some level. Some more than others, see *trips Narris over*
Damn… I just lost a fiver.


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