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Prometheus was a titan who brought the secret of fire from the gods to man, and for this he was punished for all time.
But without his selfless sacrifice, man kind would still live in darkness.

His was a story of sacrifice for the greater good.
His was a story of courage.

This too, is a story of courage........

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Promethus gave of himself to bring the light of the gods, to men themselves.
So from this selfless sacrifice, man pulled its way out of the darkness, cloaked with a burning flame to lead its way.
But fate is not always kind to those who deserve kindness, and thus was Prometheus, bound by the chains of his selfless deed, forced to watch as his great gift was not only squandered, but corrupted and reshaped into a tool of malice and hatred.
Now he watches, silent in his pain, as the light he gave to protect all mankind slowly burns it away, until not but ash remains.

This to, is a story of courage........



So bleak a thought, for a tale undeserving. One day, perhaps, all the works of men will be dust. One way, or another, this will occur. It will not be at the hands of humanity, if it is at the hands of men - it will be at the hands of few men. These are truths, but this is not the place to tell them. This is a story of light, not darkness. Perhaps the flame will grow to an inferno and burn everything to ash... but it started as a spark of light - not a burst of shade.

This is a story about hope and wonder, not misery and destruction.

Please do not treat it so.

There are errors here, in its telling. There are mistakes. But it is a pure tale - perhaps a bit sad - but pure. I, for one, enjoyed it. It is a story of light, not darkness. Of birth, not death. This is not the story of the inferno, it's the story of the candle from whence it came - the spark of imagination.

Please do not make it into something it is not, I entreat you.

Well spoken, Train Track. Well spoken:fluttercry:

Soft Shell * Puts a random bunch of words together that sound cool *
Train Track * Retaliates by using an actual well thought out response *
Soft Shell admits defeat

bravo bravo this was both instersting and beautiful:heart: this story gets :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

too traintrake and soft shell you both get a:moustache: traintrake for making shuch a well thought out response and soft shell for admiting defeat
theres to many on the internet who don't no when to quit

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