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Something awful must've happened to Applejack, because now she isn't in school. Rarity isn't friends with her, but she's the only one bothering to do anything, so she must rescue Applejack from whatever ails her! But she's still not Applejack's friend.

Though, she does have a thing or two to tell Applejack. It's not about friendship. She's just worried.

But she's still going to be stubborn about the whole thing.

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Awwwww!!! Will this have a sequel!? This is sad and sweet and.... unresolved! XD

I have none planned, sorry. It's meant to be a one shot about a first crush that never went anywhere (other than AJ and Rarity meeting again later, obviously, we know she came back from Manehatten). For every love story I write where the relationship between characters is requited, there's one where that same character or another pair has an unrequited love - it's just natural! :twilightsheepish:

There's so few stories about these two as fillies, glad to see this one!
It was quite more introspective than I had thought, and an interesting time when AJ is gone. I was a bit confused what had happened to her parents, was that intentional?
Anyway, lovely look into Rarity's thoughts, hope we get to see more someday :raritywink:

Thank you! And what happened to her parents was intentional, I didn't write them as bright Mac and pear butter though.

Melancholy and beautiful.

Thank you very much for reading! I'm glad that was the tone you got, because that was the tone I wanted. Young Rarity was a blast to write.

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(P.s, I loved the fic and I'm really glad I got to review it, hoped I helped and have an amazing day!)

Stories of the Mane Six before the Rainboom are always a delight. We see them raw, unpolished, unknowing all they'll learn. And yet the brilliance of who they'll be still shines through. Lovely vignette. Thank you for it.


raw, unpolished

These are the first of many gem puns I see in your comment.

Raw and messy feelings done raw and messily. I highly approve of this! Thank you for sharing your work. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for reading and enjoying it! Raw and messy Rarity emotions happen to be some of my favorites.

Nuuuuu! So sad!:raritydespair:

... I love it.

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