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I write the countless and troublesome story worlds that I see in my mind for you're enjoyment, mostly to just make them stop! GTFO out if my brain and onto the site! *SMACK*

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If I may offer some feedback: your writing is good in a structural standpoint, you have good vocabulary and sentence building. But, when it comes to writing the "action", you go waaaay too fast. You set up the scene well enough, and then rush through the actual play. In a few lines you go from the first thrust, to the pounding, to the climax, to the aftermath, without taking the time to give some details.

After reaching puberty Spike had sensed the disturbing lack of pony/dragon hybrids in Equestria, and upon reaching the only correct conclusion, he decided to take the matter into his own scaly hands (and loins). In only a few weeks a certain princess will be in for a shocking surprise--merely the first in line of the many more mares to cum...

Go get them, boy :twilightblush::pinkiecrazy::moustache:

You might want to go over the story to get rid of some typos. Also, the actual clop scenes could be a bit more fleshed out.


Yeah. Sorry. I am new to writti g clop, so I don't know exactly how to strech it out. I'll figure it out though.

Not a bad story. Not one for rape though. But a good story still.

Not bad, though there are a few grammar and sintax erros here and there.

Sorry, I can't help but point that out :twilightsheepish:

Would be funny if a pregnant Rainbow and Luna sees Spike and be like "YOU DID THIS TO US!!!" :derpytongue2:

Okay normally I do not read clop, buuut this made me giggle a little bit.

This shit gave me a STD


GOOD HISTORY, I do not usually like clop. but this is a good if the story was anthro certainly would be great but one with the issue of pregnancy not many stories have that. finally I hope the update soon

I also agree with ArmadilloEater you need to give a little more detail at the time of the "action"

“Deal.” Twilight said, yawning as she took the book. Spike smiled as she turned around and began walking to the door. As she made it to the door, har aura around the book faded, the book falling to the ground as she did, a light snore telling Spike she was out cold.


Spike paused for a moment…”So...she dreams about having sex with her own brother...but wouldn’t have actual sex with me...Oh you are so having twins.” Spike grumbled, taking both psnises out of her and aligning them and thrusting both of them into her again, this time his second split off penis entering her now flooding pussy as well.


i like what im reading, continue

So Twicunt was railing on Spike about how wrong jerking off is, while she's done that exact same thing herself.

Having sex in every chapter.

Add Rape Dragon in the Legends of History.

Let's see where this lead to~

(Droals, Dragonies, Kirins, Ponagons, etc)

I never warned you about puberty

Nobody ever does do they, like a snake in the bushes it just comes without warning!

You're including Mrs Cake? Nice, I love a good milf.

If you do too many chapters like the 2nd, might I suggest adding a dark tag?

Partner in crime acquired! :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Mrs. Cake Rarity Applebloom Sweetiebelle Scootaloo Fluttershy Applejack Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie Cheerilee Mayor Mare Starlight Glimmer Maud Pie Spoiled Rich (Make it REALLY dirty) Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon Dinky Doo Derpy Nurse Redheart Ruby Pinch Twist Octavia Vinyl Scratch

love the list Spoiled Rich doesn't get nearly enough hate fuckes.

He did not add these mares to the list.




velvet twilight (the mother of twilight)

Fleur Dis Lee

Comment posted by Rubakor deleted Jul 27th, 2018

“Lyra told me about the porns you bought, and the most recent ones. So, I figure we can black,ale Mr. Cake.”


As Spike’s needs grew he began to wonder if he sould grab Pinkie now and screw her like yesterday, or something. All he knew now was, he needed to screw.


“Her lower half if all yours Spike!” Pinkie said, lust and heat echoing in her tone as she rode Lyra’s luzzle. She opened one of the boxes in front of her with the dildos in it, taking a large, thick griffin style one and pouring almost a whole bottle of lube on it, then shoved it all the way up her poop shoot, her anus stretching out and swallowing it without hesitation or resistance. Spike’s member had never been harder when it disappeared into the endless abyss that seems to be Pinkie’s anus.

been harder than when

Spike pushed more into Lyra’s foal pipes, not pulling out and ramming back in, just pushing in, even though he was already hilted, be kept pushing in, trying to get in deeper. As Spike kept applying the force into her nethers, Lyra’s withers reacted by soaking, and therefore lubing their connected crotches, allowing him to get in just a few more millimeters. As this happened Spike noticed that Lyra was no longer trying to take Pinkie off of her, but in fact was not holding her down, and occasionally spanking her. There was now a puddle of Pinkie’s mare cum under Lyra’s head on the ground.


Must say, not a fan of the rapey parts, or the crap with Mr. Cake, but this story has caught my eye for... I'll be honest, pregnant Clothes-horse. Out of curiosity, will Rarity be the climactic finale of the story or an earlier success (hopefully multiple successes in one chubby, marshmallow belly)?

Loving it, I loook forward to more! Thumbs up.

This chapter feels incomplete.

Can you do one with Spike andStar light glamour and Trixey

Love the story so far I kind of curious how far Twilight is alone

His member grew hard fast, and he wasted no time putting it inside Mrs. Cake’s experienced foal hole. She had foals already, and Spike most likely just impregnated Pumpkin Cake is she just recently had a heat, and once a mare has given birth, the heat is lessened greatly, but she remains fertile long, long after. “Wow Mrs. Cake, you’re pussy feels really good.” Spike said, Mrs. Cake doing all the work while he just squeezed her plot.


Finally, Spike needed to cum, but he wanted her to cum first. He gave her plot a tight, rough squeeze, and reached hit two longest claw tips to her anus, grabbing an end from each, shoved them in, and stretched them apart.

there isn't any mention of spike having two rods when he Fuckes miss cake its written like he has one.

I've always loved heat / corruption fics where an otherwise good and noble protag, male or female, fully embraces their darkest desires. If you're really employing a plot device that basically absolves guilt, may as well go balls to the wall. Highlighting the purest qualities of everyone involved made it all the sweeter, especially the Cakes...

It's kind of heartwarming to see perversion on this scale tempering bonds, somewhat, instead of breaking them. Here's hoping Spike's own relationships fare as well in the coming chapters. Also kinda fun that the 'real' Spike seems to be aware on some level and holding a leash... however loosely.

So pretty much he's got ab as a maid he can screw because she feels indebted instead of going to Celestia and telling her the fd up crap some nobles pulling on the apples ..... I'd respect him more if he reported it .... but still kept her as a maid. Well he better get as many girls pregnant as he can because once twilight realizes what he did she's probably gonna neuter him for raping her. Yes roofying a person and screwing them is rape and non con so if she doesn't get back at him by turning him into a her cast a futa spell on herself and get him pregnant by the end of the story as payback I'll be disappointed. I'd see scoots and rd as more a lesbians or bi type of pair maybe spike can take em both at the same time through some plot of the story he does have two willies after all.

Oh man. No Flutterspike or spikejack baby? Aw man, thats sad. I was waiting to see what you had in mind for them.

I want MOAR!!! pls

I hope for spikebelle soon.

And Spike seduces another filly. He’s not going to have any free time once The Foaling Time begins, considering how many of his girls have full time jobs and careers. Twilight may promote (sentence) Spike to the post of Royal Baby Wrangler, they probably can’t set him on fire, but his gem hoard may never recover from feeding them all.
Non-con isn't really my thing, but pregnancy is. Looking forward to when Spike finally makes Rarity his broodmare. Hope your muse treats you well.

“ I’m here to offer you to sleep with my wife, while I watch.”

I'm surprised spike didn't say "you and mister cake get along well, don't you"

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