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That's really good,Keep it up! ^^

Wanderer D

Oooh! I like!

This is was really intense and really enjoyable. The writing is superb! I can't wait to read more!

First the crossover comic from a couple weeks ago, now vampire Vinyl? Seems like we're getting a fair share of old school fan project themes lately.

This is going to be soo good...

This was powerful. I can't wait to see more! Curious about Octavia's fate, honestly. But we'll seeee!

Yay! A spoopy story for spooptober!

Amazing work. Gripping and suspenseful right from the get-go and just enough mystery and dialog ur that I get this nor-horror feel. I'm not knocking that because I want to feel that.

Just amazing. Keep it up!

:facehoof: 8 years... eight damned years and STILL Vampire Vinyl fics are a thing.

There must be thousands of them by now.

The dilemma that is deciding whether to read/listen to it now, or wait till it's all up and then binge it:pinkiehappy:

That is no problem to me if those fanfics are well written.

If they're well-written, there's nothing wrong with it.
Same thing with TCB fics, they've been done to death, but if the fic is well-written, there's nothing wrong with.
Sure, it might no be the most creative idea, but that doesn't mean people can't use it.

Also, eight years and still no vampire Octavia fics.

just one question, that i will only ask here and not on You tube, but how Manny chapters does it have?

I beg to differ.

There is one, and Vinyl is a werewolf. Of course its all humanized.

Nah, pretty well done. A bit of mind control and deception. Worth the read

While I'm sure it is, I'm not a fan of Humanizations. :twilightoops:

I've been here for four years now and I didn't know you could greentext.

>you cant
>The color wheel is really something though

I listen to the reading on YouTube. Wow. Do I want to know how much darker this gets?

Huh weird. never tried this.

I don't mind the Vinyl is a vampire fics. Most of them I am mainly disappointed that they end way before I want them to. It's like we get to the point things are getting to serious plot developments and we just...end, leaving me feeling frustrated.

Holy shit my body is so ready

I really enjoyed this and kinda hope Octavia doesn’t really die but that’s my opinion.

Damn you and your uncomfortable couch’s New Mexico I can’t enjoy this as much as I would like until I am able to return to my home.

you could have made the name of the story a joke even more by adding the word 'domestic' to it domestic vampiolence hehe
that said poor vynel, poor tavi

likewise, i also hope vynel digs this bastereds heart out with a clothspin

Wow...that was amazingly dark and brutal Scribbler:rainbowderp:! Keep going:pinkiehappy:!!!


9212766 Yeah... highly rated does not equal well-written.

Suffice to say, I've never found a single one that isn't either Twilight-level crap or absurdly plot-armored in favor of the whatever's supposed to be the protagonist, to the point where everyone around that character is floundering in the Idiot Ballpit to make sure it succeeds in spite of all reason.

? my spelling may be bad but you can clearly understand what i was saying.

um....typically actually yes, yes it does
if a story gets past a certain number of upvotes it should be obvious it must be well written, and if you think its not then it probably just means the story is not your type, i've had that happen a few times, reading a story that i 'know' is well written and good...but it just doesn't 'grab' me...so i stop reading

also just realizing this was writen by scribbler...i revoke any hope of tavi surviving now....the only way i could be more sure would be if losty had writen this.

Well, you know... after what we've learned about Voran, how disgustingly high he thinks of himself, how he interacts with other ponies, and since he broke Octavia's heart, I think we can alas pretty surely assume that she's dead. Yep. Dead as a coffin's nail. :-(

This will not be just your common feud. It will be a blood feud. Winter Song "Vanelda"/Vinyl Scratch is going to go Spartan on her father.

Whoa. That is harsh, man. Is it really as bad as you say it is?

I don't. But in the same time, I do. Because I want to know what becomes of Octavia. And, also, what is Winter Song's/Vinyl Scratch's course of action towards her father.

9214377 :ajbemused:

There is such a thing as 'fandom', which often celebrates unadulterated SHIT.

Hence, the Twilight fandom. We also have this little thing called "Jurassic World"... BOTH MOVIES... which have such staggering flaws in the writing any student in college for a literature degree would FAIL if they dared to submit the scripts to those movies as a final project.

There are countless examples of truly awful things being celebrated by those who just happen to love the subject.

9214438 This one, I don't know. It's only one a single chapter. But I have 8 years of experience warning me to go no further. I believe I shall heed the warnings.

Vampire fandoms tend to be among the worst of the worst.

see thats the thing when your dealing with art
its subjective.
besides anyone who goes to watch a jurasic park movie for the story is doing it wrong.
jurasic park, like pacific rim is a movie you go into for the visuals, not the story...its glorious eye candy, nothing more.
that said im a bit of a fan of vampire stuff myself...just...not twilight
no my prefered vampires are named alucard and kain [helsing and legacy of kain blood omen, anime and video game respectivly]

if this was written by anyone other then scribler id agree with you but she has a long history with audio readings and writeing herself....hence my comment earlier about the possibility of tavi surviving see scribbler is known largely for two types of readings, sadfics and comedies [just as losty is known for grimdarks and saucy comedy readings]
thus if scriblers writing tastes follow her taste in stories she reads....and since this isnt tagged as comedy....

9214640 Alucard... dude, he's a black comedy JOKE, so OP and absurd I actually laugh out loud when watching "Hellsing".

The fact that his name is just 'Dracula' backwards should be evidence that no one was taking the character seriously.

Still a better Twilight than love story.

It's an ok start; we're thrust into some action straightaway, nice hook by the end, nice descriptions. The pov managed to smell something, I guess it takes vampire senses for ponies to achieve that. I'm hoping evil vampire dad is more Yujiro Hanma than Lestat.

9214644 Nah, vampires are just so overdone. I'm completely done with the entire concept.

Listened to this before I found it here. I love it, Canterbury wait for th next.

*Eager to see next chapter so I check out the original story and finds out who wrote it, and controls its release*
Ah... fuck!!! >.>

to each there own.
i will admit it does erk me somewhat that vampires get so much attention and my lupine breathren get so little

somebody out there needs to write some halfway decent werewolf stories damnit....im tired of my lcyanthropic brothers geting relegated to being a side charicter in things...

and i don't mean the teen wolf bullshit, i dont mean the 'wolfman' no i mean an actual honest to bucking god werewolf
like as in hircines hounds in the elder scrolls, muzzle bigass claws thick fur and a tail preferably
as in you see this thing and if you didnt know what it was theres no damn way you could guess it was ever human [or pony] at one point

i mean i suppose theres ginger snaps but...i never was a fan of horror...

Forget my roommate or babysitter is a vampire, the thing I wanna know is: Is someone about to be eaten?😬

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