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So, you like? Tell me what you think~


So, you like? Tell me what you think~

I think it's incomplete, but I'm not sure...

*checks again*

Eeyup, it's incomplete!

1990649 Please refer yourself to the cover art to see what action I am currently performing.

thumbs down for Luna

1990625 I can see a good plot ahead with many chances of an amazing story, good job

1990793 I can understand why you'd do that, sorry, but this is an AU.

1990855 Gives off a very odd feel though, if Vinyl Scratch can disguise herself despite being a famous DJ then why can't Twilight Sparkle, who is generally more quite, is it because Luna converted her? Or perhaps because she couldn't leave her friends.

1990861 Ah, so you mean how did she escape conversion where as Twilight didn't? That explanation will come in time~

1990877 Curses, but whatever, I shall wait to see

1990882 That avatar, love that show.

I like it. For some reason, I keep thinking of Daybreakers while reading this. The description made me think of it. It's a good movie. I like this story and can't wait to see where this goes. Hope updates come soon.

P.S. I think Moonlight Sonata was a better OcatScratch, but we're all entitled to our opinions.

1990969 Mmm, good choice of fic. But I'll stand by my choice!
Hope I can keep up the quality, what with all these ponies coming to see~

1990657 Checking your pulse with your head?

I'm intrigued...I like where this is going and the premise is beyond interesting...

...go on :rainbowdetermined2:

(Also glad to know its Vampony traits I haven't heard of in a long while. And I did catch a few "The Hunt" references as well)

1991026 ... you silly filly, I'm checking to make sure my brain's still in place after I laughed so hard at your comment~

1991031 :yay: I'm not the only one who read it! And thank you!

1991048 ...are you coming on to me?

1991053 How in the world did you rationalise that?

1991100 ¿ɐʞɔnɟɐɥʇoɯ 'ʍou ǝʞıן noʎ ʍoɥ

1991104 Well, I'm bested...

Comment posted by Heath of Tragedy deleted Jan 20th, 2013

1991133 Rainbow Dash can jizz on me whenever she wants~

1991155 Dude,... it's pronounced 'Rainbow jizz'

1991182 Ok, now if you'll excuse me, I am going to write some original shit.

1991186 Origial eh? We'll have to see about that wont we?

1991195 The only thing I think is unoriginal is how the guy gets to Equestria, the rest is SPOILERS

:yay: more please. :twilightsmile:

No problem :)

But I would admit The Hunt was a bit meh...

Replace the concept with the best pony though and I am interested.:twilightsmile:

1991269 Only the world is similar; this won't be a hunt for the last pony, oh no... This will much more *licks lips* interesting
1991258 Of course my fine filly friend. Care to read a terribly made HiE fic while you wait? (if so, check mah profile)

Hmm...the lip licking makes it seem...juicy....

If its dark I'm all for it too. Can't understand why I tend to write them and read them


1991662 It's going to be dark in an interesting way. I've never done dark before, so let's just hope I have the right idea. And juicy, well...
*licks lips again* you could say that.

The book your talking about was it made into a movie call daybreakers because the plot sounds almost the same so is this one

1992125 I do not know, but I doubt it. I think it's pretty recent...

1990625 very interesting concept....definatly wanting more.

It seemed like a nice beginning, though I'd like to point out a few things.

The biggest problem with this is that vampires don’t shiver either, so I need

Where a pony would laugh, a vampire merely smiles. Where a pony would strike out with rage, a vampire frowns, and,

You switch from vampony to vampire a couple times.
Not that big of a deal, but consistency is nice.

Now, eight years later, they’ve settle in.

Forgot the 'd', makes 'settle' into 'settled', which is the proper tense in this case.

Other than that, it was pretty good, looking forward to the next one.

1999971 Thanks, I tend to miss things like this from time to time; if you spot anything else, lemme know!

'Twas all very minor so far.


I'm male, I just like Vinyl as an avatar :twilightsheepish:

2017338 Of course you are dear. *Pats her head lightly* why don't you run along and get a snack now? *hands her 5 dollars* There's a good girl.
xD, well, thank's for reading it anyway's. New chapter should be out within the week.

This chapter was much harder to write then it should have been. It makes me sad.
The popularity it has, on the other hoof, that pleases me.
I'm glad you're all enjoying my story, and for those who haven't yet, I need you to get read the new edit I've placed in the description.
I'm sorry for any disappointment that causes.
So, tell me how you feel, tell me what you like, tell me what you don't, point out mistakes, say hi. Do any or all of these if you want.
Also, if you like it, fav and rate? :pinkiehappy:


I can't wait for the next chapter. It's odd to read it from the other side but definitely worth reading!

It's sorta sexy but not over-the-top. Even if it was I'd still read it just for the concept of the story.

hmm the chapter title is a cliffhanger in itself, "the night before I messed up." good job, finally a vampire story where the vampires actually drink blood *gasp*

There is no sad nor tragedy tag on this. Putting it on my read later list and preparing for justice. How often do you think you'll be updating this and long are you planning it to be?:pinkiehappy:

2035005 Why thank you. :twilightsmile: I do my best!
2035092 Oh, drink blood they shall. Jerks they will be. But of course, it'll all be unpredictable, with a love filled, happy ending. *Gag*
2035321 Updating could take between a few days to a week or two, or longer. It all depends on my mood. As for length, well, I'm not quite sure; I only have the beginning planed out, so anywhere between 50'000 to 100'000 if things go well.

This as an unfortunate part of my life;


Great chapter. Really showed how much Vinyl has to go through to survive. And she has done it for 8 years at that. Can't wait for another chapter.:twilightsmile:

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