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Octavia has always been obsessed with the occult, specifically vampires. She dreams of being a creature of the night, soaring through the air, sucking the blood from her victims.That's all it ever was though, a dream.
Or at least it was until she met Vinyl Scratch. Now Octavia is the servant of the all powerful vampire. In return for services rendered, Vinyl will make Octavia's dream into a reality.

A reality Vinyl wants no part of, but she does have to admit, Octavia has her uses.
artist megarexatera

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 311 )

This one's... alright. A few things didn't make sense though. Octavia knows that the old man wasn't a vampire, so why'd she change her mind when she got in the house? And why was she afraid? She wanted to get bitten.

Vampires, OctaScratch, man, this is my kinda-


... Damn, not my usual cup of tea, but I'm gonna stick with it anyway.


End chapter blackouts. Always ends well :pinkiecrazy:

Otherwise, good chapter, I only spotted one clichÄ—.

Keep going :moustache:

This is gonna be awwww right.

4965984 I could've explained that a bit better, but basically when she saw the inside of the house it fit everything she knew about a vampire, but that wasn't enough on it's own. What really got her to believe were the portraits, all of them were from different time periods, and ad Mr.Paole in them indicating that hes some sort of immortal.

I like this so far, just hope it doesn't fall into the "every other OctaScratch vampire fic" category. At least this has Octi wanting to get bitten, that's nice

please continue, and update swiftly, I love this story so far. Only thing that would be better is if it would be ponies and not humanized but I'm not complaining.

and he last though?



You've definitely caught my interest! I hope to see new chapters soon! Please keep it up :)

saw a vampony fic gave a chance checked first chapter.........I-I-INSTANT FAV.....combo:moustache:

I love the writing style thus far! Please do keep writing more I'd like to see what happens next this is quite thrilling... I normally dont get into the HUMAN side of things. (Does not mean I don't read HiE stories but I'm not fond of the EG side of fanficions as of yet.) Still you'r writing style really has me intranced!

Title. Check. Description. Check. Picture. Check. All are good looking and ready to go. I already want to read the whole thing.:raritystarry:

4970297 My eyes are glued to the page, waiting for that update. My eyes are getting sort of dry. Please update soon.

So far i like the story alot.
Im a sucker for VinylTavi stories though especialy vampire ones ^^
Its well written and in a good pace.

Do continue to shape this soon-to-be masterpeice :3

Love biting scenes x3

I'm interested by the premise and your writing style. Please keep it and continue writing post haste.

I expect to see a new chapter of this fict soon or I shall devour your mortal soul!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Honestly, when I saw the title, I immediately thought this was gonna be some S&M kinda thing. :rainbowlaugh:

Though, after a read, I still think this is a really good story. Keep it up m8.

4974244 Ha, jokes on you. I sold my soul on eBay.

Please give more I like this story already and would love it to be continued

4974897 and I bought it using some guy I stole from money. And while you were busy reading this msg. I stole back said money. :pinkiecrazy:

4975556 Yes,but what you couldn't have guessed is that, I was the guy you stole money, from, and since I have tracking devices on all of my money, I now know where you live. Have fun with that knowledge. Bye:rainbowwild:

4975596 jokes on you jack ass! I found the tracking becons not 5 feet after stealing/restealing it from you and made the money into smaller bills before taking that money to a bank where I had the bills turned back into larger bills while claiming that i'd just won all of it in small amounts from those stupid scratcher cards. Oh by the way nice boxers! Though hearts really? How stareotipical can you be? :rainbowhuh:

4975658 Haha wrong beacons otherwise you'd know my boxers are all plaid.
P.s while you were stalking a random guy I got my soul back.

4975805 You just had to bring that up. didn't you?

4975825 You brought, up incredibly stupid literature, which I'm probably going to rag on later in this story. Then again you also have a picture of Shel Silverstein so all is forgiven.

4965993 Don't worry its probably going to get a bit more mature later on. When that happens I'll probably switch it over to teen possibly borderline mature. Shits going to get creepy.

I meant that in a style more along the lines of, "damn, I was hoping they'd fuck" kinda vibe, but that's cool too.

So long as there's more, I'm happy.

4975672 lol or did you and did I? Using my skills in genjutsu I swapped out your boxers with your creepy neighbors and simply made you think you were still wearing your own! :pinkiecrazy:

Good story, but..
You, really, need to get, an, editor. Seriously, it's, annoying, to read everything, like this.

I am certainly and most definitely looking forward to this. I like the first chapter, it's really intriguing. :pinkiehappy:

HNNNG so awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Can't wait for the awesome ride of reading the future chapters! :D

well Octavia never read Morganville vampires, Myrnin loves his bunny slippers X3

need update cant wait ahhhhhhhhhhh!:flutterrage:

Cool, I like it, it's short and simply, and tells us all we need to know I think, defiantly makes me interested in what you've got planned for this story.

(P.S. I've found an odd number of Taviscratch stories about vampires, is this a really popular thing for them? Or are vampire stories really popular and I just haven't found any that aren't about Vinyl and Octavia? If so, anyone know any good ones you could recommend?)

4979766 nope just Octascratch. Also Fluttershy but even before that episode its been popular.

Wow a human Vin/Oct Vamp fic. This has never been done before.

Thats sarcasm. This has been done about 1001 times and youre garbage for adding another shitty iteration of it.

4980299 theory of the seven basic stories look it up. People are always recycling plotlines, stories and ideas to make something new. Even if they're not taking it from something else there's a good chance it's been thought of before. For instance a man in the 1600's I believe came up with most of the basic SciFi tropes such as space and time travel and Aliens before the genre ever really existed.
A story isn't entirely about the premise. Its what you do with that premise that makes a great story. That's why remakes like Oceans eleven, Scarface, and even Star wars can outshine the original source material they come from.


Ignore Defendant. There's about ten trolls trying to get famous for slinging this sort of stupid shit on every story, discouraging authors and sabotaging their will to write. Snuggly is one such.

Hopefully Knighty will come down from on high and smite them eventually.

It was common knowledge that the mansion at 667 Dorothy Avenue-

Okay, 1 sentence in, and already commenting, but... Is that an "A Series of Unfortunate Events" reference?
667 Dark Avenue, 667 Dorothy Avenue
Dark Avenue, Dorothy Avenue

Well now, after reading it, I can safely say that- MOAR!
I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!
Only one mistake I could find:

-but the man in the painting was undoubtedly, Ponyille’s former vampire

Missing the letter V in Ponyville

4980792 Nope, but it is now. Also thank you for catching that. I need to find an editor.

I didn't care much for this chapter. I think it might have been better with less purple prose or something. I don't know. I'm not a writer. It might just be that it's too short, and I have to read more than that to get engaged.

But I'm interested, so I'm favoriting it. Hopefully, I'll like the later chapters better.

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