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Past down through the history of Equestria there is the story of the legendary Twilight Sparkle, and another, and another, and another, and another. So many that we've lost count. But Celestia hasn't, how could she have?

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Experiment 247: Day 1

Subject of study: Why does Rainbow Dash keep crashing into my library?

Hypothesis A: She thinks it’s fun. Disproved because Rainbow prefers staying in the air and hates helping me clean up.

Hypothesis B: She’s clumsy Rainbow is extremely graceful in the air

Hypothesis C: None . . .Further study needed.

For the Abyss' competition.

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Octavia has always been obsessed with the occult, specifically vampires. She dreams of being a creature of the night, soaring through the air, sucking the blood from her victims.That's all it ever was though, a dream.
Or at least it was until she met Vinyl Scratch. Now Octavia is the servant of the all powerful vampire. In return for services rendered, Vinyl will make Octavia's dream into a reality.

A reality Vinyl wants no part of, but she does have to admit, Octavia has her uses.
artist megarexatera

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Her sister was right, this was how it was supposed to be. The sun and the moon, two sisters who walk two different paths. One brilliant and shining but too hot to touch, the other cold and mysterious, yet others are drawn to her. The two of them, together and alone at the end of the world.

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When Rainbow's private property ends up in Rarity's hooves. The fashonista becomes dead set on finding the owner and Rainbow Dash tags along.
Now she has to get it back, while keeping everyone from finding out it's her's. Because Rainbow Dash does not play with dolls.

Sorry if it's crummy first MLP fanfic which also happens to be a rough draft. There shall be Twidash!

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