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U-um... I like ponies...

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Cute, Cool n Awesome :pinkiehappy:
Loved it /)

(Joke) Alt. Title: The Vinyl Hangover: A Different Kind Of Music... Jazz Fusion!
Also, I imagine an orgasm from Vinyl kind of looking like the opening chord of "A Hard Day's Night" or the ending chord of "A Day In The Life": Just this one, big explosion. Or maybe a Picardy third, I dunno...


Well if I was going to go with any of them… It would be Jazz Fusion!!! :raritystarry:

It was a good story. You should have your editor go over it another time or two. I saw a decent amount of mistakes. Not enough to ruin flow or nothing but still, never hurts to be better. Hope you update soon. This was enjoyable.


Thank you for enjoying the story and I'll try to implement your advice... :scootangel:

I'll agree that there were some mistakes to be made but that can easily be fixed with a pre-reader. I can't wait to see an update for this. The talk was dirty but it wasn't outright raunchy. You rarely see an author use the word "dildo" in a story. Sometime I figured a lot more writers would use with this type of shipping.


I know, that's why I decided to hammer it in their.... Oooo an innuendo! :trollestia:


I see... :trixieshiftright:


I aim to please. :twilightblush:

Very very good. The mistakes are inevitable in the writing process, but I like where this story is going. Good job! Have my fave and thumb up. ^_^
Seeing that it's your first OctaScratch, I welcome you to the OctaScratch Writers Club! :twilightsmile:


Thank you very much for the fave and thumb up! Ohh and :yay: yaaaay...

Not bad, not bad...have a like. I'll be keeping an eye out on this one. :ajsmug:

love the spin on this, plus a big octy/scratch fan


Wow!!! I must admit I did not expect this reaction for this little side project! 428 views, 53 thumbs up and 86 fav´s in the first 24 hours! :pinkiegasp:
And to all you wonderful ponies that commented on my story… Brohoof!!! :pinkiehappy:


Your welcome. Now for this to become less of a side project and more of another project.


Yeah I will finish my current chapter on True Black, and then I'll get back to this one. :pinkiehappy:

You deserve it!
This story was wonderful (and not just from a cloppers point of view) :twilightblush::twilightsmile:


Well it was never intended to be a straight up clop. So I am really happy you'd say that. They will be dealing with more than just clop related issues further ahead. I have somewhat of a complete storyline in my head already… But I'm not going to tell you guys about just yet! :trollestia:

I can't wait for this to continue!

I agree with everyone in saying, can't wait for more my good sir

im just going to guess that maybe a part of the storyline that you have planned might involve those three stallions that vinyl knocked out since they were nobles and it was during the wedding of a guard captain and a princess

A few grammar errors, but not all that bad.

Fairly good, for your first try - quite sexy as well. The spelling errors were painful, but I enjoyed it nonetheless :eeyup:

Excellent! I'm looking for a new Scratch/Tavi fic. This sounds great. Will read later!

This fanfic is awesome ! Full of feelings, i love it.
Grr... those 3 stalions, i hate people behaving like that.


I have gotten a few indications about that… I'll try to iron them out. :pinkiesad2:


Hope you enjoy the store! :twilightsmile:


Yeah there complete assholes… You will see more of them later! :trollestia:

Comment posted by Chase deleted Jan 23rd, 2013

Good job mate, I can't wait for chapter 2! :pinkiehappy:

definitely have your proofreader go through chapters more thoroughly. misspellings are easier to catch with a spell checker, but the wrong word that's spelled correctly are often more difficult to snuff out. meet and meat sound the same, kinda look the same, have different meanings. :twilightsheepish:

think I'll be following your side story here, there's too much uppity uptight Octavia out there already, I wanna see how loose you make her :raritywink:

:twilightsmile: loved this fic there is a time and a place for sad fics but its always nice to read a well written fic that's just fun and happy


Good because I will be starting on that next week! :twilightsheepish:


I have asked my editor to go through it again, so we'll see what happens. English is my second language, so if the proof spelling program doesn't find it… I've pretty much had it unfortunately. :raritycry:


Glad you love it! Although Octavia and Vinyl will have some complications in the future… of several different sorts. :trollestia:
Happy fic… They should actually make that a category. Name it Feel Good Stories or something. :pinkiehappy:


Well now it's finally edited… What happened was a miscommunication. Me and my new editor ThatOnePony570 aren't really in sync when it comes to working together yet, he sent me a manuscript with what I thought contained errors he had fixed, when it turned out it was errors he thought I should fix… Uuuups… :twilightoops:
Note to self… Read through the whole message before assuming something in the future! :facehoof:

In the future if anybody finds any errors… Please PM me and I'll fix them! :twilightsmile:


I know miscommunication (really, that's not a word?) pretty good. Shit happens. Hopefully only once. Can't wait for your next update for this.:twilightsmile:

OOooooooooh, I love this story. Can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

Hot hot hot! I hope it gets more romantic with further chapters, ill be waiting. :heart:


There will definitely be more romancing! Although not in every chapter… There will be other things happening as well, which I hope will make the romantic part of the story even better!

My pony senses are telling me a threesome's a-brewin'... And I like it! :twilightsmile:


You never know what will happen... but I think you'll like it! :trollestia:

oh this oughta be good :pinkiehappy:
Meanwhile I think i'm gonna get some coffee....


We all like a little bit of a trolle in our lives! :pinkiecrazy:


Coffee is always a go! :heart:

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