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This story is a sequel to Tales of Love

Spike is back in another series of one shots with seven different mares, including Cheerilee, Spitfire, Gabby, Ember, Screwball and Octavia. Join Spike in the Tales of Love 2: Attack of The Shipping.

Chapter's Descriptions:

Teacher Loving: (Cheerilee x Spike)

When the school holidays finally come around, the fillies and colts couldn't be more happier. Even Cheerilee is pleased, finally having time to relax and spend time to herself. Until her plans get ruin and Spike there to cheer her up.

Dragon Code: (Ember x Spike)

Ember tells her children on how she fell in love with their father; Spike.

Chaotic Lovin' (Screwball x Spike)

Screwball have been causing too much disorder, which is a bad thing. Well thanks to Princess Celestia and her goody two shoes father, she now has to be reformed by Ponyville's town dragon; Spike.

Lending A Helping Claw: (Gabby x Spike)

A love story told through letters.

Star Struck: (Spitfire x Spike)

Hearth's Warming Eve is nearing, Spitfire wants Spike to share the holiday with her in her hometown of Cloudsdale.

Musical Taste: (Octavia x Spike)

Spike and Octavia have been together for awhile now, it started out great. But then it turn into the two arguing over every little thing either of the two do, either it be music, which place they would go to for a date.

Bonus Chapters:

Sky High: (Cloudchaser & Flitter x Spike)

Not been having to much luck in love, Spike decides to ask the two mares he fell in love with on the same day. Hoping for one to say yes, not both of them.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 25 )

I'm gonna be honest here, I didn’t mean to post this yet. But it out... Opps

There are a few grammar mistakes here and there, but other than that it's pretty good. I realize that's a one-shot but it seems to be going really fast paced.

If Screwball had a VA who will it be?

Well I have already made a robot (Robin) that was made to keep Lucky Dice mind on track. But knowing Screwball it would most likely be GlaDOS from Portal or some other evil robot.

In any event there be a ToL 3 in the future maybe he could be paired with those of his age?


apart from some grammatical and spelling mistakes, this is pretty good !

I'm not even sure if I want to make a Tales of Love 3, it mainly because of the bonus chapters after I get through these six mares. I'm going to ask anyway at the end. But I have written down the list of mares I would want to write and Babs Seed, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon are on that list.

It would be pretty awesome to see how Spike would have a proper multi-relationship with Babs, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon and the CMC on their bond of trials and tribulations.

Well it would be one chapter Babs Seed x Spike then a different chapter Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon x Spike. But that's a story that may or may not happen. There is a Gabby x Spike chapter after Spitfire, where I think Gabby around the same age as The CMC. If not a little bit older.

I have to rethink Spitfire. I have no ideas, working on Octavia now. :moustache:

I think this couple could trend.

I like the idea of this shipping, but I feel like this chapter was a bit rushed and wasn't fleshed out enough.

In fact that could work for both of them.

Yeah. I know, I won't be home for most of next week. So I wanted to get a chapter out before then. For this and Seven Days, I planned for this chapter not be ever long in the first place. But yeah it was rushed, Gabby does come back in the final chapter of the story. With everyone else.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the Spitfire chapter, that's honestly one of the shippings I wanna see more of.

Yeah, there's two more bonus chapters. I'm already halfway through the thrid and final one, and got started with the second one. I'm hoping to get that out before The Deadly Three (E Rated)

Sorry about the rushed ending everyone. I just so tired of this story, after writing this I don't think I could touch Spike for a while. Even when Tales of Love 3 have been on my mind, I don't think I'll write unless lots of people wants to see that story. Anyway sorry about all of it, this chapter was going to have a second act where Spike meets up with each girl and tells them to meet him at the castle in the afternoon.

Anyone can tell that I stopped caring after I wrote Octavia's chapter. Here's a chapter list of the girls I thought could be in Tales of Love 3 if anyone is wondering.

Chapter 1: Starlight Glimmer

Chapter 2: Babs Seed

Chapter 3: Pie Sisters (Maud, Mable, Limestone)

Chapter 4. Daring Do

Chapter 5. Trixie

Chapter 6. Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon

Bonus Chapters

Chapter 7: Sunset Shimmer

Chapter 8: Harem Chapter.

The ending to me wasn't fine. Even without fully putting your heart into the story, you still produced something that kept us engaged and reading more. And I soon hope that you make Tales of Love 3

I don't understand, are all the chapters connected to one another or are they all separate stories

There are all different. So, none is connected to the other. That's why the final Harem chapter is confusing, but it a thing since Tales of Love One had it meaning Two and Three are going to have it. :raritydespair: I'm not looking forward to that.

The Tales of Love stories be it One, Two or Three are just random one-shots of Spike ships that would be too short for their own story. But now, for Tales of Love Three, there's a Part One and Two going around and that means the chapters are connected to the last chapter with the same name. It is confusing and it is dumb, just think of it as different one-shots stuck together.

The last chapter is just another one shot. Not connected to any other since in Musical Taste Spike and Octavia was getting married. It somewhat ties them together but each story takes plus in their own Alternate Universe.

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