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His face was inches away from there's at this


Okay... oh my god that was funy

So Chrysalis wasn’t actually evil.... Just permanently pregnant :trollestia:

ho torax !!! rolf:rainbowlaugh:


We all know who the “daddy” is. Someone call up Ted Nugent, stat!

By the way Thorax has a brother who is appearing in an upcoming episode, folks. Pharlax is his name (or something like that)

That might also explain why she didn’t just ask for some love or work out a business deal...jeez mommy hormones are the worst.

I was not disappointed, i was hoping for fat, egg-bloated Thorax and got it XD and his mood swings were a nice comedic touch. nice work

THANK YOU for spoiling the episode.

That...was...terrifying actually. Poor Thorax

And since the dragon is a very capable librarian assistant he realizes the next day that he is older and finds the book himself. I can just see how even more intensely awkward questions for Twilight the next day.

....Twilight....they are SHAPESHIFTERS....
if they can turn into a rock, they can get pregnant

"I've had it with these MOTHER F**KING JIVES in this MOTHER F**KING HIVE!!!"

Where . . . . . where do the eggs come out of . . . . O.O?

I . . . . I’m scared.

Agreed his body changed form, his head remained the same...............................and don't mention it

It isn’t if I can’t confirm it. Dumbasses.

You are whale-cum. Lots and lots of whale-cum everywhere.

By the way, I had it spoiled to me too. Dumbass.

So that's why Chryssie was so cranky ask the time.

Congratulations for your Twitter comments.

I don’t have Twitter. I’m more of a bird kind of person, so I use Tweeter.

Mate, really? Call me an dumbass? Not cool

Yeah sorry about that. You’re not a dumbass. I withdraw that statement, with many an apology towards you.

Just for you, though. Dumbass for everyone else though. I need to feel like a jerk once a week.

Thanks for the apology.
No worries. I know what's it like the have the urge to be an asshole.

By God, I do.

But why is everyone else a dumbass?

If it’s okay with you, would you mind sending that question again but in a PM? I don’t want to add more comments to this person’s story. I actually know this author and he’s one of the good ones. He doesn’t deserve more fecal matter in his comments than I’ve already spewed. So do you mind going along with my request? Sorry for the inconvenience, if any.

women can maintain the birthing process, they earned it. i feel bad for thorax man

Way to be a tool, dude.

I am a screwdriver!

I was waiting to see if Spike was the father
:twilightsheepish: Why would he be the father?
:duck: Twilight dear what are you talking about ?
:twilightoops: ?
:moustache: Twi? Why are you looking at me that way?

Very clever choice of censorship tool... You get cwedit for dat!

I assume he is now a she.

Holy shit i know this was just a parody of that one Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode but holy shit I am dying XD

I’m pregnant.

What the f:rainbowderp:k did I just read?

“Oh you’re not pregnant, Thorax. Those are just spider eggs.”

I'm surprise, Spike, didn't just give his buddy the ice cream. Twilight may want answers but, Spike, would have usually moved into action when the yelling and threats started.

Still funny. 7/10.:moustache:

Wow your avatar icon is now the 8th most disturbing I’ve seen.

That's worse... Ugh...(Arachnophobia a bitch.)

The idea lost its shock humor value ever since Overlooked, for me, but this was a good take as well. :twilightsmile:

Spike squinted his eyes at the cover. "'The Many Laws of Nature'." He then went deadpan. "Wow, what a name. Was 'The Rules of Animals' already taken?"

Careful, Spike. Use too much snark and sass at one time and TD Powell will appear in this story to distribute punches. :pinkiecrazy:

“Told ya so.” Spike said, crossing his arms.

*starts looking around nervously* ...

to be honest, I let out a little giggle when I saw this comment

You know what else will give you a giggle?

An amazingly beautiful and delightful webcomic series called Two Kinds. Absolutely brilliant. It's funny, suspenseful and heartbreaking in some areas. Highly recommended if you haven't heard of the comic series already.

If it interests you to know, it's got adorable tiger girls in it. AND THE CURRENT COMIC HAS A FREAKING DRAGON PRINCESS, DUDE!

Oh, and if you promise to go check out Two Kinds on my behalf, I'll give you this Follow. Please humor me?

Number 1 is still Rule34 of Jabba the Hutt and Rosie O'Donnell

Poor Thorax...
Maybe he should get a chariot like the other princesses.

Dude, the spoiler-tag is your friend. It will get sad if you don't use it regulary.
Do you want to make it sad?

Yes. Yes I do want to make it sad.

Because, spoiler warning - People check the spoiler tag anyway! XD

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