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could we combine answers?
if so 1 and 6.

if not-

I'd say applejack or attempting to fix the problem .... though derpy seems a good choice too lol :ajsmug::derpytongue2:

#2 Derpy! All must vote Derpy! MUST! :derpytongue2:

I have no idea, the other choices are a bit vague (Either due to the fact we have no list to preview, or the fixing thing is iffy at best)......So I will pick as the author recommended, 1) Applejack!

Comment posted by David Silver deleted Nov 16th, 2016

One apple per day........ 1!

Applejack wants a foal. I say, put a baby in her. 1

Oh, before I forget, I say he should go in two legged. Sure it'll be difficult walkin' around with a pony dong in his pants, but it's better than falling over trying to mount a mare.

1 then 2,(edit: can't have AJ as coverart if she isn't first) after a few others, get the nerve up to suggest 5 and 4, some time later get the idea to do 6 but only if and when he gets magical knowledge to attempt it. (Assuming he chooses to be a unicorn or alicorn?)
Dice 3 or we'll have...

...all over Equestria.

Forget Derpy, where's Lyra?

Of the options presented, though, I'd also vote to combine 1 with 6.

7726599 This is only the first selection. More choices will come!

I'm going for 1. Let the Apple family continue.

2nd-person clop from you? I have no idea what I'm getting in to, do I? Still, I'll bite, if for no other reason than it should be entertaining.

I say start with at least asking about 6, if not actually looking into it. Masculinity is not a non-renewable resource, and I object to the insinuation that it is! (It would probably be very good to know what exactly Celestia did...)

Similar to 7726576 but more immediate; work up the nerve to ask 4 and 5 why they aren't on the list. They want to help, don't they! (Reversing what Celestia did might require a direct application of masculinity to the source, y'know...)

I vote 1 as my first choice and 2 as my second choice.

My instinct is to go with number 6, since there's always a way to make a good situation better, but for the moment let's set that aside...and put the sauce in that Apple!

Number 1!!!

Id think Twilight would already be researching this, given Zecoras assistance, as is it only Ponies, or are all races in Equestria suffering from the same problem. If not, one known step would be Mendelevian Hybridisation of Ponies via Griffons, Hippogrifs? Or Zebra, Quaggas?

Another would be scan now, do various amounts of work, then try and reset back to that point unless Magic is being a real pain in the backside, which I wouldnt think Discord would be doing as a prank.

Whats the polygamy situation, or is that why things are stuffed, because theres only a 10% say chance of making a male offspring and youre only getting married couples with a couple offspring?

HFCS from Flim Flam industries in the best selling Equs Cola turning stallions female?

If too few breeding options available, beeing Im biased to Zecora, I would otherwise say,

1. AJ. If it dont work with an element, thres something Seriously wrong.

7726653 If elements are the drive for this to work, then generosity would be the best choice to work logically.:raritywink:


Unfortunately, Rarity is all about Style, and even though Spider Rarity would be intresting for the Hundreds of Offspring, she would more likely place it along Chrysalis, Dragons and Vermin, oh how can a lady look anything desireable when swollen like an airborne whaleship. No matter how she enjoys the feeling? :duck:

7726665 And Pinkie would be the worst. Since laughing is the last thing you want a lady to do when you bring up the topic of you and her getting it on.

Well, let's talk right off the bat about unfortunate implications.

Every husband in the world is a cuckold. All those jokes about how Mr Cake isn't the father of the children he's been raising are true! His wife slept with another stallion to make em, unless there is more magic involved or he was a recent imported masculinity.

And Twilight Sparkle isn't an aunt... again unless something else is going on. Shining Armor definitely wasn't from another world, but his wife is the princess of love so hopefully the rules are a bit different.

This troubles me in a large way, even if this is considered just a physical problem that is usually solved without somehow diminishing the devotion or respect these wives have for their husbands... but it also invites the problem that there must be some mare but there who respects her stud more than her husband. That the knowledge that their husband was never a stallion enough to sire a child, and that this mysterious exotic stallion is the one who is the father of her children... well, marriages persist through problems like this in our world.

But it's also not a broad cultural trend, it is an unusual situation that is a tragedy for... well for everyone involved but I'm pretty sure it's worse for the infertile party, that must be handled with difficulty.

Without the need to actually couple to get children... and the stallions being explicitly worthless in that regard, there is probably some really significantly bad cultural backlash for them.

This is alright in the case of mares who are single or don't want to get hitched but...

Six. Six is the option. This is a cruel situation for every impotent stallion.

I guess one on the side, though. AJ isn't planning on marrying anytime soon, right?

7726688 More worried where in the universe your...stuff:facehoof: might end up at with her space & time dimensional warping abilities! Not to mention at climax, half a dozen party cannons go off. There goes my heart again.

I pick the other option... All of the above


Well, let's talk right off the bat about unfortunate implications.

Whoa there. Let's talk about some of the assumptions underpinning those implications.

Every husband in the world is a cuckold. All those jokes about how Mr Cake isn't the father of the children he's been raising are true! His wife slept with another stallion to make em, unless there is more magic involved or he was a recent imported masculinity.

Or that this is a more recent event. In which case, not every husband is a cuckold...or will be, since not every couple will want children, at least not for the immediate future. The protagonist might not be the first male that Luna brought over, but that doesn't mean that this situation can't be something that's only a few months or a year old.

And Twilight Sparkle isn't an aunt... again unless something else is going on. Shining Armor definitely wasn't from another world, but his wife is the princess of love so hopefully the rules are a bit different.

Come to think of it, we don't even know when this fic is taking place. For all we know, this is set in the future to the point where Flurry Heart has joined the Cutie Mark Crusaders...or is old enough to want a foal of her own!

6. Fixing the problem would be the best solution.

These are both assumptions on my part, true.

I made the first assumption that this has been going on for years due to the way it was described and talked about. The story seemed to indicate this was not the first time they imported masculinity, but it was somewhat unclear, so I presumed this was going on for years at least, but it definitely could go either way, that this is a new development within a year or two, or that it was a development that's been coped with for generations.

The latter assumption was just an automatic "I assume it's caught up with the show unless shown otherwise."

Both are things that I presume the story will go into, though.

7726728 Although I disagree on the cuckolding - for it's a matter of biology, just like there are infertile man in our world - I do agree it's a problem that should be solved. And we are [a] Smart Cookie, therefore we will solve it!! :raritystarry:

Wait, Princess, that's an expression, I don't want to be... :twilightoops:

Aaaaand now we're a horse donged earth mare from some millennia ago. Great :facehoof:

Well, I vote 6 for the shenanigan potential... but as the voting goes, it seems that into the apple the seed goes :ajsmug:

7726736 You're only so much man! You aren't getting all the mares together in one room while one hand's stirring a vial, breeding wildly as you do science and also somehow run away, simultaneously!

I was expecting a bit of push back for the cuckold comment, to be honest. My feelings and opinions on that sort of thing are a bit more extreme than others.

Thanks for disagreeing politely, though!

And, well, about number six... that might depend on what David means by this line:

Unlike a strict CYOA, the untaken paths are gone forever, so consider each choice carefully.

I would say a strict CYOA would be one where you can't go back.

Otherwise does this mean that if we choose to bang AJ we could never choose to later want to fix the problem, even if we could theoretically decide to start after seeing people in the world?

I imagine fixing the problem involves being sexually experimented on by the various minds of Equestria, too. Plenty of potential shenanigans there!

7726786 That would be cruel, and very limiting. After your encounter with a mare (or running away), you will get a chance to reconsider your current situation. Maybe you'll go for one of the other mares on the first list, or maybe something else. It's just that you can't 'undo' what you did. Make sense?

Yeah, totally, I get it. No do overs.

But in a normal CYOA if you wanna see the other choices, you can just turn back to the last page, huh?

Thus difference.

Understanding has been achieved!

I vote for number 1.
Otherways you may have to change that cute cover-art.

... Well, at least this will be zany. I vote for number six. (Perhaps Apple horse can help us figure out the problem :raritywink:)

I vote Derpy! #2! Mane Characters are played out :derpytongue2:

I say 6 I feel that actually working to fix the problem instead of a temporary solution would actually work. I've seen most of the comments, most of them all they want is the clop, really:twilightsheepish:
Actually fix the situation, not just the temporary solution

Unfortunately all votes that are not Derpy don't count. :derpytongue2:

... You know, considering we might get some of these options again...

I choose number 1.

Because I think jumping directly into the "benefits" of this system is the most natural thing to do, at first.

Come to the cosmic meaning and the source and solution to these problems later. The story, I think, will be strongest if we both jump right in and see it for ourselves.

I'd go with 6.


As for typos... the story switches from 2nd person present to 2nd person past in the 9th paragraph and continues to the end of the chapter. If this isn't a typo it's a little odd to read, if it is a typo it's a feast beyond compare that requires reworking every verb starting at paragraph 9. :twilightoops:


Overall, this is as solid a beginning to a 'let's sow our wild oats with all the little ponies' as I've ever seen.

I'll keep following along and, depending on your decision about past versus present tense, I'll be hunting carefully or glutting heartily. :derpytongue2:

An Apple a day keeps sterility at bay.

1, 5, 2, 4, 6 in that order please.

6, lets keep this interesting

1- I vote to find some pants! :pinkiecrazy:

#4 and see what chaos awaits us

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