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Well shit.

This was terrifying. That's a damn well-earned Tragedy tag. Normally I scoff at immortality blues stories, with the whole "you would move on" argument. Of course, that argument only holds water for long-lived beings.

Immortality, on the other hand? It means you'll make it till the end eventually. And then there's nothing left forever. And that right there is quite honestly the most horrifying thing I can think of. I mean I don't personally see the sisters as goddesses (I love them too much to do that), but nonetheless.

I scoured for a glimmer of hope and I somewhat found one in the sense that the sister's consciousnesses basically formed out of nothing. Now, nothing has happened again. The concept of a cyclical world isn't completely swept off the table, so maybe, just maybe, Celestia will get a chance to try again. A chance to figure out, in the eternity she has, how to die.

Anyways, have an upvote for making me experience an existential crisis this evening.

EDIT: Also I was listening to this song when I read and it fits oddly well.

Gorgeous. It reminds me, in a way, of "The Last Question," but turned on its head, the optimism drained and hope snuffed out.

Or perhaps The Silmarilion, aspects, anyway, distilling the tragedy of the elves into one person and one moment, and with no Valinor to retreat to.

It is terrifying! I know immortality is well-trodden ground, but I like to think I put enough of my own spin on it to make it worthwhile. It's also not my headcanon that the Princesses are as otherworldly as they are here either, but I really like that concept of something being so alien but familiar at the same time, and that even though they end up being put up on a pedestal because they're so powerful, it's still impossible for them to understand life because it's so different.

The Last Question is fantastic, and was definitely a big inspiration while I was writing this. I actually came close to having it follow the cyclical universe instead of heat death, giving Celestia a second chance with Twilight, but I just didn't think it fit the theme as well.

A somewhat bleaker flipside to AP's I Waited for You. In my head I'll mesh the two: Celestia believes she now has forever to wait, only to discover that it was Twilight who was waiting for her in turn, and was willing to wait all eternity to be reunited.

I'm suddenly very thankful that I'm mortal...

More lesbiano, why am I even surprised at this point? :ajbemused:


That was... intense.

You uhh may be on the wrong site if that stuff irks you so much. Sadly tagging isn't at the stage where you can filter your preferences, so you have to try to be mature about content you dislike.

That being said, I liked this a lot, existential crises abound.

And there's the other shoe to actual, proper immortality.

And there they were wrong -- had they actually been able to "save" Twilight, they would have been able to save themselves.

:twilightoops::rainbowderp: My goodness, that was both terrifying and awesome at the same time. And much better than those cliche "Oh immortality is painful" stories.

Holy fuck. This is definitely in my top 5. How did this go under my radar for so long? How are you not drowning in comments, faves, votes, and random people's needy requests to make love to them?

Christ, I need to go lie down and think on things.

Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the lovely sentiment, but I've never really been fussed about popularity, especially with stuff like this that's pretty far from my usual fare (although these ones tend to be more important to me personally). That even a few people enjoy the words I put out is more than enough.

I'm not talking only about your personal fame, you damned dirty sloot. I'm mourning the loss of all those people that won't end up having the experience this story is...

But I lub u still doe.

Great story! I love the sadness and deep meanings you put in there, have an upvote! :twilightsmile:

And also:

For aeons after, there was silence.

I think it's written as eons.

Hey thanks, I'm glad you liked it! It's definitely aeons, though, but it may well be eons in american english.


Oh, my bad! The plural noun was aeons :twilightblush:

Fucking hell.

I have never read a mind-fucking story like this in my entire life.

Holy shit.

One second.

I need to sit back and digest all this.

What in the God's Green Earth did I just fucking read?

This is a masterpiece.

I...I can't even comment or say anything about this.

Just wow.


only story from you I didnt read till now
This was amazing and feeling were really mindstaggering
If narrated well this could be epic
Very well done dear sir

FORTH FOREVER IS A LONG TIME TO WAIT if i had to wait that long for a new story...

Beautifully depressing.

Hmm. If I lived for eternity like that, I'd probably just stay in that drifting state of consciousness before sleep, thinking beautiful thoughts, but being unable to care about, remember, or latch onto them. That would be a good use of eternity.

I thought about writing something here, but I'm at a loss for words...and at a loss on how to feel after reading this. Have a like and a fav.

It was as if Lovecraft was a writer of fairy tales instead of horror.

Deep doesn't say it. However I have to believe such a level of being would be fully aware of it's existing in our mental shell.:twilightoops:

Well, perhaps that was anthropomorphising it too much.


And the Universe waited.


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