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Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo spend Hearts and Hooves day in the park.

Everything is perfect.

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Not overly tear-jerking, and a scenario that most people can relate to. A very nice read. I'm sorry that I can't really offer more than that in this comment. :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, I felt that alright. The only thing worse than unrequited love is clinging to those moments with the one you've fallen for. It hurts, but you can't stop yourself, even though you know you're just digging yourself deeper into a hole you'll have to climb out of eventually. :raritydespair:

No need to say anything more! Thanks for reading.

Because it's fine to hurt afterwards if you at least got to spend time with them, right? :fluttershysad:

:moustache: just :moustache: well done my pony

You just keeeeep me haaaaanging Onnnnnnn.... You just keeeeep me HAAAAnnnging ooooonnnnn....

Even before I saw the chapter title I couldn't help but post this. xD

.... Tagged as sad. I'm tired of Scootasad. Should I dare?

Ooooh, Mr Grimm, you just cannot disappoint can you? Fucking love it. It was tense, relatable, and heavy on the atmosphere. Please continue to entertain, I'll continue to read.

Your Antagonist

I shall do my best. :scootangel:

Oh, it's such a perfect day
I'm glad I spent it with you
Oh such a perfect day
You just keep me hanging on:yay:

Just a perfect day
Drink sangria in the park
And then later, when it gets dark
We go home.

I'm very confused right now

It was okay, although I would like to see more actual scootadash stories around here:unsuresweetie::twilightsmile:

I had a rather chest-wrenching emotional response, reading this. While obviously part of that (as with all emotions) was due to my own experiences, the quality of the writing takes most of the blame. The premise is a little cliche, but the execution was great.

So thanks for that.

Beautiful story, but I can't help but wonder how the conversation might have gone if Scootaloo had actually said what she was thinking. You never know what might happen (it's not like Scootaloo knows for certain what she's assuming about Dash), and even if things don't work out, it'd be a conversation better had than left unsaid.

Needs a sequel where Dash finds out who Scootaloo is crushing on... Hopefully not tragedy

I also agree.. There should be a sequel. I'd like to see a Scootdash fic around here.... That's half decent at least <_< This would be an amazing prologue!

First I read the Scootaloo / Sweetie Belle fic... then this just threw me off guard. Wtf is happening. D:

Well, that fic and this aren't related at all. I just like Scootaloo as a character, and there's a lot of potential there.

Here's something for Scootaloo to think about: Scoots helped set the stallion Rainbow likes up with that perfectly lovely purple earth pony...

This was a sweet, somber read.

Good story. Just the right amount of tragedy to make it perfectly enjoyable. Even more so that it doesn't end on a happy note; I love sad endings.

Funny, I was considering writing a scene for a story I was working on that was set to the mood of this song as well, but it had more to do with someone slowly loosing their mind and sense of self to a disease like alzheimer's, and their loved one slowly watching them drift away.

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