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How do I tag Twilight twice? HOW?


No idea, but it happened before. Somehow.

Is there going to be an epilogue or sequel to this ?

I remember seeing a story with the character tag duplicated, but frankly it's not that important. Was more funny than anything, trying to fiddle with the tags.

I have some ideas, but I don't know if it's worth doing another story for it. If I do anything it would be a bonus chapter, but I'm not sure yet.

I think Sunset needs to worry more about two nerds with several years of unexpressed lust to work through getting a hold of her.

Hot lesbian super nerds having awkward science sex?


For the Love of Faust please say you have a sequel in the works, I want to see Sci-Twi (Human Twilight) knocked up with an Anthro baby from Pony-Twi, it would be cool to see that happen, also maybe have Sunset get in on the fun with both Twilights and she too could get knocked up by Pony Twilight.

I don't usually read human on pony action...
But when I do, it's has some awesome yuri and selfcest (with futa as a bonus) :rainbowdetermined2:
Now if you could just add Sunset in the middle...

7044797 Well, you've already set it up for a bonus chapter/ epilogue, the challenge now is just seeing it through.

not sure if all 26 other viewers are reading story, or fapping.


also, seems to be missing the bath scene.

You are literally my hero. I didn't expect you to pump out that story so fast! Awesome work once again.

7045173 I'm at 41 viewers at the moment, not sure how to feel about that


7044719 To bad the Alicorn Twilight Tag no longer exists. Just found out about that a little while ago. Not sure why they got rid of it.

I math good.

I made so many stories that went super hard on the impregnation front, I wanted this story to be a little tamer on that aspect. Couldn't help but let it in the air, but still. I might (emphasis on might) do an optional chapter thought, like a "what if".

Eeeeh, if enough people ask for it I'll do a full blown sequel, but I need to have some good ideas for it.

You have the derpibooru # in the description, I can't link it directly sorry. If you can't find it message me.

I just need an idea for where to lead the story to. Gonna think on it.

I wrote the bath scene actually, but it made the story way to slow for my liking. Maybe next time...

Thanks mate! I had the structure of the story around for a while, just needed to sit down to flesh it out. And Audrarius just keeps doing great art that I want to write about, but I don't want to seem like I'm only riding off his excellent pics. I mean, have you seen his Fluttershy/Applejack/horse? Dayum.

Ooooh, that was how. Well Alicorn Twilight and Twilight are now one character, separating them doesn't really make much sense anymore. The butthurt over her alicornification has died down.

Hope it does justice to the image. Also I'm gonna try the Write Club next, been a while since I wanted to.

7045821 You're well on your way to participating in Write Club, since the first rule of Write Club is to talk about Write Club.

All of my likes, yes's and favs to this story.
Also cliffhanger ending. Time to make things cubic?
Or three dimensional?
Or other math/science pun involving the number three?

Oh. I see that the serial down-voter has come through the comment section.
Hello again.
Thank you for adding to the view-count traffic for this story, thereby making it even more popular.
Good to see that you still choose to expend the effort to do that, with your finite lifespan.

Being this shameless, I love it.

I demand the sequel that is festering about in your genius brain of yours and post it soon!!!!

That...was fucking hot as shit. Well done. I really enjoyed this. This site needs more clop stories like this.

You earned a like and fave. ^^

I ship it. I fucking ship it!

but i want to see sunsets reaction

source for the cover?

And thus Twilight puts a bun in her own oven.

Wait, holy shit, what kind of kid would they have?

7046655 you would think it would be a clone, which is possible, but because you give DNA from your mom or dad with sometimes a bit of the other mixed in, it would probably look a lot like their mom or dad. Or just make a clone; because technically they are being asexual in a way, so pretty much cloning.

7046479 The link doesn't appear to work, it merely returns an "Can't find that error" from the site.

Set your filters to "everything"

Can you believe I actually did the math on the probabilities of Twilight cloning herself by self impregnation in another story's comment section? Here's an excerpt.

the chances that all three possible combination of every chromosome pairs be identical to Twilight's is much smaller. You have the (50/100) * (1/3) ^ the number of chromosomes for ponies. Could be about 0.000(add 24 zeros)0145% chance if I'm not mistaken (math was a long time ago).

And that's with two identical people mating, without taking into account the random mutations during DNA replication.

Why sir, I would never!
No but seriously, it just started as a way to close off the story with a fun gag, but I've got to admit that having Sunset and Twi² together is... titillating. Will see what I do.

Aww cliffhanger? I wanted to see Sunset either NOPE the fuck out.. or ask if she could get in on the action.

Really good! Needed a bit of pre-reading and editing. A few spelling and grammatical errors as well as incorrect word usage. Again, otherwise, really good.

That's my biggest issue, I still make a lot of spelling mistakes. Not my native language and it shows, sorry 'bout that.

Ok, the cliffhanger was really mean in retrospect, I'll do other chapters. I don't think what I have in mind deserves its own story, so I'm setting the story to incomplete.


I'm going either clone, or magic hybrid. If Greek mythology taught me anything, it's that if magical creatures fuck humans, then you get other magical creatures but with human qualities.


You're the author, so it can be what you want but considering you actually did the math for the chromosomes.. you missed something important. Unless Equestrians have the same number (23x2) and type (XX/XY-system) of sex chromosomes as humans, then all of that goes out the window and you have a hybrid with a very uneven set of chromosomes. Or, like I mention in another comment, you could go full Greek mythology and just say it's MAGIC! All of a sudden BAM: Twily's got a centaur/anthro-pony/something bun in the oven.

Yeah, that's the math for identical people, while Twilight and Twily differ when they are in their original bodies. The story I posted that comment on was about pony Twilight getting knocked up by another pony Twilight. Or a bunch of them actually.
As for what happens here... I'll see.

7046842 yes full support for a sequel

Reading the text under the spoiler: OK, OK, OK followed by OK, "two d..." NOOOOOOOO!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

“Social bathing is a very important component of bounding with a friend, I do it all the time with the girls!”
“I was being thorough!” Twilight defend herself, blushing slightly.
made to deposit its seed directing into a mare’s womb.

Those are the errors I found. Sorry to be that guy.
I think that Sunset should get in on the action in this story in the next chapter, and then something along the lines of all the rest of the mane 6 go fuck themselves in the sequel.:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:
Really love the chemistry (ha science pun) between Twilight and Twily, but I just gotta say: Fuck you Twilight, pull the fuck out when your partner says pull out. :flutterrage:
Great story.

Don't be sorry, I actually am thankful when people take the time to point out the errors they see. I'm trying to get better on that front, but I always let mistakes like these go through, even after many rereads.
Next chapter will come shortly, I don't like having three ongoing stories.
Glad you enjoyed the silly dialogue! As for Twilight, she tried, and got so far, but in the end...

If they actually did have a child, it would be a girl, and massively inbred (similar to multiple generations of brother-sister incest).

I recommend Sci-Twi take some Plan B.

I'm gonna throw in the title I had planned for a comissioned story that might come out some day, just because I think your next chapter could use it well with your story title :p


At least, if my math is right :p

"scrapped" should be "scraped".

They have different DNA when they are not the same species though, it's all okay.

Thanks, fixed!

But I think it has something to do with the litters of coffee we’ve consumed


She smiled and pulling on it.


Twily covered her mouth to avoid moaning out loud as the alicorn took one of her breast into her muzzle,


That is all. Equestria is ours.


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