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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.

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Aw, why'd you stop there?

Very nice. Heartily anticipating more.

This "argument" of yours is even funnier when you realize how fitting your user pics are.:rainbowlaugh:

He says he's not going to. This story about horsecock needs a few more chapters to tell fully.

Good start, though I was kinda hoping for some good ol fuckin. Can't wait to see where this goes!

Ew. Futa with no balls? What're you? Gay? Still upvoted tho.

6/10 still not enough actual horse riding

This was great!
I'm also glad you started with Rarity. In a lot of stories where "X bangs their way thru the mane six" Rarity is usually so late in the series she's either last or the writer gives up before getting to her.
And pearls always compliment alabaster!

traps confirmed gay

Bruh, it's still gay if she doesn't have balls m8. Ball-less futa are the cancer of the earth. Story still isn't bad tho.


Sweet, and I get an add to my pony meme folder.

I mean, if there's balls, wouldn't it technically be more gay? :trixieshiftright:

not one for futa personally but I love the title.

Horsedong Shimmer

But since it's two mares does adding balls make it more or less gay?

Eventually, that lead to Sunset hypothesizing that the residual Equestrian magic from bringing that crown to their world was being called forth by the musical harmonies they were creating. Something about it had to do with the ponies from their world all bursting into song and dance routines without warning. .

Yep sounds like MLP:FiM all right

Hay, I'm a mare with sandbags, a tallywhacker, and jibblies, but no hoohah (because it doesn't work that way in real life). Are you calling me gay? :trixieshiftright:

...because that would just confuse me more. :applejackconfused:

Good stuff. This is pretty sensual, really. The bit with the ears was really, really good, the striptease, the descriptions were pretty tastesful. A lot of people ignore stuff like that, typical horsedong story is like typical futa porn, borderline disgusting (if that), but you did it differently and it makes this piece rather unique. Hoping there's more to come.

Nvm, now I actually read the author's name. Now I'm certain you will not disappoint.

As someone who has sucked dick, I approve of this story.

Huh. Took me a few days to figure out why I had a couple of extra favs coming in on my fic; it's in the 'Also Liked' bar over there. Thanks for the signal boost.

EDIT: To weigh in on the discussion, don't mind internal jizzsloshers, but more partial to external. They add a lot to the worshiping at the altar of pony dong.

Her family owned the building and allowed the group of girls to get as loud as they wanted

Oh, I know where this is going.

This earned a tracking. Quite hot, curious about what she'll do with the other girls.

Good point! I guess adding balls does make it less gay. :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, this is really the most accurate portrayal of Rarity that I've seen so far :P

Futa? Dammit. I'm not goin to read this then. I was kinda hoping what you meant was that she wears a strap on all the time in case of strap-on emergencies or carries it in her purse and then uses it on all the ladies. My bad. Moving along...

Nah man, that the OTHER story with Rarity I'm working on.

You... you stoped it in mid sex! :fluttercry:

Write more. Write it now!! :flutterrage:

Ponies are already awesome, giving them magical horsecocks just makes them even better.

Sunset's pony status is kind of in the grey area, but she's still one of the more enjoyable characters I've seen in recent years so I can roll with it.

Oh then you're really gonna like my next fic.

Next fic, next chapter, or both?

Y'know, I didn't want to be the person who steps into a story comment section and complains about it. But after that rousing round of shitposting, I feel like I can make an exception.

One of these days, Fuzz, one of these days. We'll get to look forward to a day when everyone finally learns that "lady has a secret in her pants, guess what it is" is always a bad story. Doesn't matter if you play it straight, gay, for lulz, or parody. There really is just way too fucking much terribad futa, and it isn't even funny to parody it anymore.

I can't wait for this site to get a real tagging system in place. Then we can filter out "futa" and all of you who just want to wade in the shit can find it easier, while the rest of us can filter it out and forget it exists.

Until then, have a downvote and a good day. Hopefully you get this out of your system soon and will entertain me personally. 'cause my interests are, like, superior to these other idiots.

Allow me to upvote this comment because someone has to say this and you did so elegantly. I completely agree with you on the tagging issue and the fact that stories of this calibre are never good. I needed to vent my frustrations with my "serious" stories and this...plus some other things I've pecked at...was what popped out of the grinder.

Hopefully at some point I'll be entertaining. Until then, see you later and have your own good day.

(jokes aside: you've been plenty more entertaining than most on the site. You could do zero more to entertain me, and you'd already be a winner)

You should make a black and red alicorn futa at this point.

Shhhh, don't give Fuzz any more ideas! You'll doom us all!

Doom me first! Too many ideas is main issue!

Bloodraven Embersmoke, the black and red alicon mare, has a secret sitting on top of her head. Her horn is actually a dick. Watch as she uses it on all your waifus.

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