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YAY, you're back! I missed you! :heart:

and posted a complete story in one go :pinkiecrazy:

Just to be clear, this story has nothing to do with my other stories, it is a oneshot that doesn't take place in the same continuity as "Cadance's baby quest". Oh, also it's very shameless, even by my standards, please be advised that this fic is very silly and raunchy. Enjoy!

Oh hi! Damn, got ninjaed in my own comment section, nicely played. Hope you enjoy!

Finally an FX horse story.

Horse on pony too, I haven't found quite enough of these, so decided to make a quick one!

Oh hey, always nice to see you drop by, hopefully you like this weird fic!

Oh Faust this story is GREAT, please tell me that there is a Sequel in the works for when Luna finds out she is knocked up from those horses and with foals of a mix of Human Equestria horse and Pony Equestria pony.

Eeeh, don't think a sequel is on the table, I like leaving it in suspens like this, sorry. Very glad you like it though!

Any chance there will be a bonus chapter where Celestia gets it on with the mares?

Prepare to infiltrate that feature box my man. A truly unique and very steamy story. 10/10.

I don't know if I could do it right, male feral is much easier to deal with than female feral.

Oh yeah, it's up there! Dunno if i'll stay for long, but in any case happy you enjoyed it so much!

8013560 'shrugs' just do what come natural.

and a twist ending.

Luna: Well, that was fun, but I suppose I must return before Tia wakes.

Horse: Alright, come back again sometime.

(record scratch)

Luna: ...WHAT THE BUCK!?

Now, that would have been a great twist ending, gotta admit.

i thought bestiality meant human on feral am i missing a definition or misinterpreting it

ok than I am thinking the girl friend may have a interesting night to night.
after a cold show that is.
wow I will defiantly be passing this story along to a few friends.

8013385 God, that's good. I'm totally saving that.

Kinda tricky when you are dealing with intelligent ponies, but it applies to anything involving intelligent beings with, well animals.

Well, this turned out to be a lot better than I expected. Well done!

8013652 no bestiality is sentient on non-sentient

She suddenly had a vision of a hundred little Celestias running around the castle, giggling cutely as they devoured every cake in sight, all screaming “aunty Luna!” as they swarmed her with hugs and kisses, her blue hoof sticking out in a plea for help as she was swallowed by the white tide; it was a vision of horror, a vision of doom...

For this alone, I give you my upvote.

And that's how the saddle Arabians were originally made

Wow this was just... just amazing. The slow build up, getting tings set so well, making us wait as it got closer and closer. Even once she went to see the Stallions, just how long it took, but always building up to it. Really loved how hesitant she was, wanting it but... not wanting to admit she wanted it, just slowly losing herself to her need before just enjoying it. And then the actual gangbang... damn that was hot.

The Celestia bit was just a humorous icing on an already amazing cake. This really is such a damn well done story, great set up, makes the actual clop feel more.... important... give it more punch to have to wait so long and really get a good feel for just how badly Luna needs it.

Not sure what else to say but just feel like I should praise this thing more because it's so damn good....... but well, just that, one hell of a damn good clop-fic. Loved it.

It sounds nice, doesn't it? I wouldn't stop smiling for hours if that happened to me.

like, why does this exist. I'm not saying it's a crime against a humanity, im just saying-
what kind of drug did you take to come up with "princess luna goes and fucks a bunch of non-sapient human-world horses"
EDIT: I didn't mean to be rude. Honestly why are you even disliking it, I understand it's a harmless story on the internet. I'm not saying it should be deleted.

8014361 i want to see the reaction of the equestrians if luna brings back a earth horse..

Thanks, gotta admit I was scared it would feel rushed, since I didn't have much time to polish it, cheers!

The image got stuck in my brain the moment I thought: "What would an army of baby Celestia do?", glad people agree it's the cutest. Might mess around with it since it's a run-on sentence, but... eeeeeeh, Celestia swarm man.

Whops, fixed, danke!

I was on a few hours sleep and had more coffee in me than blood when I made this if that makes more sense to you. But, really, I'd say the main reason is that I've not seen many other fics do this (feral on pony), so I wanted to contribute. Same thing with my Yak story: not enough Yak smut, write Yak story.

I imagine it would be something like this. Really love Silfoe's work too.

Very good read. And twist ending was also nice touch.:moustache:
Kinda make's me wonder will ya one day write a Celestia's side of this story. U know; different point of view and all.:trollestia:

Keep it up:derpytongue2:

True. But again, did it need to exist?

By the way, there needs to be a sequel. This is one of those porn fics that legitimately could become an actual fic.

So horrible... so taboo... so disgusting...

I like it.

Goodness yes, that is a rare jewel that comes up once in a year at best, but it happened !

Now I'm curious to the question they had.

Absolutely stellar story, great buildup, and the payoff was extremely satisfying. Definitely a diamond among the dross. I tip my hat to you! You get five out of five...:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I normally never ever read stories like this. But I was curious and just read it.
I'm sorta glad I did, because I really like the image of little celestia's foals just swarming Princess Luna, that really really was funny. Just a wave of white foals swarming and screaming "Aunty Luna!"

No matter how things turned out, she knew she would be back here, sooner or later. Her stud was waiting for her.

Or she becomes so horny again that princest happens.

I can neither confirm nor deny that my next story, a sequel to my previous one, will feature princest. Nope, not saying anything. Actually there will be but don't tell no one shhhhh

Eh, gotta admit I'm a sucker for cutesy stuff, even in my clop. Maybe one day I'll write something that's not perverted to all hell, it'll be 100% fluff with the princesses being all cute and shit. Throw in Twilight and Cadance in there too, maybe a spell that goes wrong and they all turn into kittens with Celestia as the mom cat, and they run around mewing while the royal guards try to keep them from wrecking the castle... uh... I think I just gave myself diabeetus.
Also this: derpicdn.net/img/view/2014/7/15/675740.png

But if princest happened, then it'd be futa on futa :raritydespair:
Unless you refer to LunaXCadance or CelestiaXCadance...

This doesn't seem like beastiality, if you ask me.

Changed a few things that were nagging me, though nothing major; just expanded the smut in a few sections.

It's animal on sapient, so it fits the definition, but I do understand what you mean; seems strange that Equine on equine is bestiality uh? Thing is, I put the warning and added the groups because people who dislike bestiality will probably want to know to avoid this fic, and a good portion of those that like it will want to read it, since it does match the fetish.

We'll see, we'll see.

8016774 Oh, that makes sense. Luna with an Earth horse isn't much of a big deal, but when I read a beastiality fic about Sunset with an Earth horse, it makes me think about Equestrian ponies with their freakin' heat cycles on while they're on Earth and how they might be more potent.

8015586 I don't want to be 'that guy' but unless 'magic' then the foals would probably be the pony equivalent of neanderthals

8017172 Not my fault that you like the same things I do!

Well, good thing Luna's a super duper magical horse then eh?

I guess if people really want a bonus chapter with Celestia's adventures, it could be a thing.

8017682 i actually wouldn't mind seeing a bonus chapter with Luna, her stud and their foal living on the breeding farm

or maybe a chapter where shes heavily pregnant living on the farm?

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