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Umami Stale

I write about horses. And read about them. And sometimes I edit stories about them.

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Umpf yes more of this please!

Love consensual, feral rutting for the sake of breeding like this. Mix that with knotting and interspecies impregnation? Top unf.

On the writing itself, the wording was kinda repetitious at times and I saw a few seemingly misused words peppered throughout, as well as some paragraphs that went on FOREVER, some covering like three topics. Otherwise, besides these minor things, it was good.

Overall I really liked it, though it did take a bit too long to get to the 'good part' imo...but that's personal bias. Have a like and fave.

Would love a continuation of this where they try to adapt to Equestria. Might just be me though...

More gryphons and impregnation please!

I do not have plans to continue this story at the time, unfortunately. Most of what I've been writing have been little one shots and the like. Things to wean myself off of RP style writings and into a more full fledged and skilled writing ability.

It would be interesting, but I fear it would probably be quite dull. A great majority would be Uma praying the child takes more after her. Ralek also belongs to a friend, so I would need his permission before I even dared to start rolling it into a canon.

If you want more gryphs and impreg, check out Ralek's art over on his tumblr at http://ralek-arts.com/ or his derpi tag under artist:ralek . He does some really amazing stuff and a lot includes one or both of those topics.

Ahh! I'm glad you liked the content. And thank you so much for the critique. I've been a fan of your stuff for a while, and it's really uplifting to know that you enjoyed it. I will admit, yeah, I really don't do well at rushing into the smut itself.

I think it's mostly because I'm primarily an RPer at the moment, and rushing right to smut has kinda run its course for me. I just lose interest too quick.

Very enjoyable read! I really like how there was basic consent before everything really got started. :twilightblush: This is very important to me to enjoy a good clop. I like the ending. We all know that Eqestria is mostly sunshine and rainbows. :raritywink:

I also forgot to mention that there is no explicit mention of what a 'megakolo' is anywhere in the story. I inferred that they are large-structured Pegasus ponies, given she has wings and hooves, molts feathers, and they are referred to as 'mares' and 'stallions' with equine genitals, but is that correct? Might I suggest adding specifically what a 'megakolo' is in somewhere?

They're, in essence, an original species that grew out of an old pnp I used to take part in. I'm currently working on a little 'hand book' of sorts for them. But if be glad to answer any questions you may have about them.

Wait, who are Umi and Ralek?

Ya know...I probably should have included that. I've just got that 10/10 brain going on, lol.

Umi is my own OC, seen...here.

The female counterpart, Uma (Who I honestly haven't figured out if she's a r63, an AU, or a twin...) is the one used in this story. Found here.

Ralek is owned by, well, Ralek. Pics of the bird can be found...Over here.

I already follow him, it's what brought me here. I could always use more though. :3

Heh, I wondered if that was the same Ralek I thought about... and it was! :pinkiehappy:

Good read, though!

So, exile, huh. Welp, that village must be really deep in its own ways. Oh well, Equestria will be friendlier... even if it will take a while for the adjustment.
Which also begs the question how will those two react when they see gryphons who can talk. That will be quite the surprise :rainbowlaugh:

hopefully there is a follow up where she births the abomination out into the world with her village elders looking on! >:D

"tastebuds were assaulted by the raw scent of a virile male."

there is a problem here. you taste with tastebuds not smell

I has to sleep now im not done yet ill post the rest of what I think some other time

The village is...a bit 'backwater', yeah. But that's what you get when you section a bunch of tribal, militant, giant horses off from the rest of the world.

Pfft, interesting as that could be, I do not think there is currently any plans for that. Seeing what the 'little' one would look like would be interesting. But odds are they would be born in Equestria, rather than the forest.

Ahh, thank you for pointing that out! Hopefully you enjoy the rest of the story!

I know this is just a fun romp, but the ending could be the setup to a wonderful tale!

It could! And thanks to Ralek (The artist, not the character.), there's even an image of the kid!

you know it just occurred to me why i find uma's name so disconcerting. Been playing too much witcher 3 lately and one of the misshapen troll characters was called uma.

Dammnit now i can't stop thinking otherwise. XD

This... This described exactly why I love knotting. Well written.

10/10 need a change of underwear.

This was a hot beautiful story I loved it ^^

About that scent thing, if a smell is strong enough (doesn't have to be super strong) and a deep enough breath you can actually taste the scent. Learned that when I had to take care of a barrel full of dog poop, doesn't matter if you breath through your mouth or nose, still disgusting either way.

 bearing her to the sunlight and the eager gryphon tongue.

Slight typo I noticed

Is there any plans for a sequel to this story? This has a lot of potential to an awesome multi chapter fic if you plan on a part 2.

Wonder what the foal will be like.

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