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"What is this fresh hell? Tell me, what good is fantasy when it becomes nothing more than mockery of the very thing we seek to escape...?" -DWK. REE XD (Also Sunny Bun Shimmy Sham Is mah waifu)

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Twilight forgot one basic rule: make sure the door is securely closed. In a tent, that means zipping it shut or duct taping the flap closed.

What if Sunset moves in Sci-Twi's home?

Sunset nodded while placing her hands on Twilight’s head, almost slamming it against her vagina.

How? Her hands are supposed to be restrained by a ribbon above her head right?

Yo didn't catch that, Ill fix it
Thanks lol

Proofreading your work is important. This has so many mistakes I quit reading partway through, the missed punctuation and shaky grammar are too distracting.

Very hot, nice work.

Sci-Twi has quite the vixen with Sunset here & I love it!

Zyke #8 · Apr 9th, 2021 · · 1 ·

I have so many questions :applejackunsure:
1. Where was Spike? Was he there during all the sex?
2. From the beginning, Twilight already pointed out how the tents are too thin. How come no one heard them? My logic was just thrown out of the window.
3. In a tent, it should be stuffy. Why haven't Timber notice any smell of sex?:rainbowhuh:

If everything is at it is then I'll just blame it on magic.:rainbowlaugh:

I did liked how you portrayed them but the situation would have leaned to a more realistic approach.

The cover image for this story: MEME~~~~!

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