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your body is a collection of beautifully complex systems and processes. are you really gonna use it to type something mean to a stranger?

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Honestly, I got bored about halfway through. Too many commonly used cliches.

That short description cracks me up.

"professional rapist."

I like it for exploring whole rape scenario more slowly and thoroughly than most fics, but it was too short on ending part, blowjob was rushed and overall this was too fast for Dash to get free. But still, nice read.


Too many commonly used cliches.

Such as?

That drive by downvoting tho

6986602 I can see what you mean, but if you look at it from my perspective, given Pima's rates, there was a word limit and a budget I couldn't go over. I'm still really pleased with the final product, though.

You thought the blowjob was rushed? Huh. If anything, I thought the vaginal sex scene was the rushed one. Thanks for the critique!


6986755 I see this as a win-win scenario.
People enjoy the story, which is good. But if Pima and I managed to annoy that many people with the content, then I take pride in having pissed off so many people :rainbowlaugh:

6986790 You certainly did your job then.

OC raping many people's best pone?


I simply don't understand how some people can actually get off to this kind of thing or even remotely like it. Guess the only reason I can leave a thumbs up is because Pimapifi wrote some of it/it's well-written, just really fucked up.

Well, thank you for the brand loyalty! :derpytongue2:

As for the beginning of your comment... well, I did write a fic all about that. The way I see it, yeah, it's weird—but at the same time, it's just words on a pony fiction website, and Crimson is painted as a psychopathic shithead anyway. If some peeps can get off to it, why not let 'em, yeah?

6986866 It's a fantasy. People get off to all sorts of things: watersports, gay/lesbian, scat, and fantasy rape is no exception. What I tend to do is view my kinks in the same way people view theirs, regardless of whether or not I like them. Each to their own, and so long as people express it in a manner that doesn't intentionally hurt anyone, then that's great. It's why people turn to fanfiction platforms to write their kinks and fantasies. It's easier to find people who're interested in the same things using a medium with billions of users (excluding fimfic). Maturity and respect go a long way for that kind of thing, but since it's the internet people tend to be a lot more cunty through a guise of anonimity, thus is probably why there's a 50/50 downvote/upvote ratio.

6986916 Oh, I'm not bashing on the story or anything, those little dudes can beat their dick or slap the lower lips to whatever they like. I can't stop 'em; it's not my job nor my care to. I'm glad to see you writing, and glad that you write well. You still have my thumbs up.

Might check out that story later, so thanks for the recommendation.

6987008 I know what it's like to be in that 'weird/fucked up fetish' part of the world. I used to be somewhat obsessed with incest (nothing that would ever, ever lead to it actually happening, but stories here on FiMFiction would quench certain thoughts and keep me at least looking normal on the outside) but I grew out of it over the past couple of years.

Like you said, to each their own; not my thing, but it was still a good read in its own way because it was well written.

6986916 Also, if you're still interested in a pre-reader, hit me up.

6986754 Don't get me wrong, the writing was good and I'm fine with the content. It just doesn't appeal to me the way the character is written.

Starts out as an apparently well prepared and thought out character, ala Patrick Bates (American Psycho) then has impulse control issues later and turns into Mr. Angsty McRapeface. Just causes cognitive dissonance with me. Accomplished criminal with impulse issues doesn't mix well. That is kind of a major cliche there.

Then the usual whipping, gagging, impact play in general, etc. Generic standby when someone is writing sort of BDSM, etc. For god's sake, introduce some Shibari, electroplay, hell I don't think I've ever seen good sensation/deprivation done, piercing, or chastity device use. Not that I'm involved in the BDSM community or anything. :twilightblush:

Like I said, no issue with the story itself, it just didn't do anything for me and I got bored.

6986916 He's more of a sociopath from the DSM definitions of it. More emotional than analytical and all. :twilightsmile:

Besides my comment directly below, the writing was good. The content didn't specifically fall into my bailiwick, but it was solid.


Hmm, it's almost like people don't like the concept of a character they know and love being brutally tortured and violated. Weird...

6987240 ikr?

boggles the mind

6987296 Did you read it though? :rainbowwild:

For a rapefic, which usually ain't my cup of tea, this was well done, and made me, ah, reach for the tissues, if you will.
A worthwhile 7/10.

Rapefics aren't really my thing, but this isn't that bad. Because it wasn't an immediate 'shit is fucked up', I gave it a like anyways...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

6986776 Funny story, when I looked at your named, I was like 'why does this name sound familiar'. After reading the story (Which was a interesting read) I look at your other stories and realize that you made the Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle sex Fic (which was also good) and felt stupid:ajsleepy: sorry for not knowing:applecry:

Answer for Crimson Skies:

Iron shackles, a whole bottle of pills, and weights.

6987322 No, but I'm a fan of the author. And I will defend to the death anyone's right to write whatever they want. And even though the theme of this story doesn't appeal to me, it's a shame to see so many drive-by down-votes on any story that doesn't have Flash Sentry in it.

I'm not sure what to say but that was good story

The author is a good writer.

Neat story. But why is Rainbow happy in the thumbnail?

I thought Crimson Skies was on the Moon.

7168389 Lunar Domination was so popular that I decided to try and capitalize on Crimson's nature and other (non-related) 'Domination'-style stories.

Essentially, these are all side stories/prequels with no relation to one another.

Very well written, and didn't pull too many punches. Shame he didn't keep her for longer.

I'm going to just say that Rape is a horrible crime and those that in act it should burn at the stake. However, not only was this story grammatically perfect, but the characterization of Rainbow Dash was almost too real.

I don't Favorite things like this often, but you've more than earned it, Mr Pimapifi.

8/10 worthy of a read, even if its mot your thing

That was fuckin amazing 13/10

Please do one on Applejack. It could be called Apple Domination :pinkiecrazy::ajsmug::ajbemused::ajsleepy::applejackconfused::applejackunsure::rainbowkiss::rainbowhuh::raritystarry:

7611311 Apple Domination? Seems a bit bland. For this and other stories, I tried to find an adjective for Rainbow's name and work that into the title.

7659417 ok, I was just asking because Applejack, Fluttershy and Luna are my fave Characters and you have done one on Luna but not on Flutters and AJ

This story is a sequel to Lunar Domination

Wait, so Luna didn't banish Crimson Skies to the moon?

7713842 it's not a direct sequel, rather a side story. I just had to capitalise on Crimson haha

I'm tempted to make a Crimson Skies group. If I weren't able to separate the duality of it, I'd be ashamed to say I enjoy these kinds of stories. Then again I'm a hardcore sub, so I kinda get off on imagining myself as Rainbow Dash or Luna in these. :twilightblush:

Such as?

Well "but what stallion wouldn't if they had the chance? He's just doing what everyone else is too scared to do!"

A self-justifying outright evil stallion, calling others too scared to do what's morally and legally wrong, and assuming everypony is as bucked-up and evil as him?

Thanks for the warning, though.

"He knew that Rainbow’s having a baby that looked like him would probably cause some suspicion—but it wasn’t like anyone would believe a word that slut said anyway."

And with the foal that would look suspisciously like him, how would he disprove her, exactly?

"“You think so?” Crimson asked. “You really think they care about some filthy lesbian bimbos? You really think they’d waste their time trying to save you?”"

Well, they won't come for Rainbow in the barn if they all think she's supposed to be in Cloudsdale for a few days. If they suspect she is in danger, it would change.

"along with all the other pictures of mares he had captured over the years."
Egads! :-O How many did he rape?! And ... how come none filed a complain at the nearest Police Station?
How come he was never even arrested? O_o

"“Just what would it take to kidnap that Applejack filly...?”"

"“Please, don’t kill me!”"

"“But remember this: if you tell anypony—anypony—about me or about what happened here, we’ll be seeing each other again. And next time, I won’t be so merciful.”"

He's planning to rape a filly ... and would kill for that??
Alright, time to bail out, now. :-S

You know? I agree with you on the maturity and respect part.

But it's hard not to consider tolerance for this kind of stories as more or less acceptance of the acts it depicts.

It's well-written, though ... no matter how strongly I dislike it, I keep coming back at this kind of stories, every once in a while.

Is there something wrong with me or what?

I'd like to see more development of Crimson Skies character, and i'd feel the ins and outs of the Legal System that Crimson Skies and Wind Rider play, amid others, would get more light on this site, too. I feel that Law and Order is not everyone's game, but, it'd be better than careless criminal commissions that escalate, which would be bad for no reason.

I'd love to read about him kidnapping Applejack.

Someone's getting killed with a railgun i guess.

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