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*views description*:applejackunsure:
*instant wingboner*:rainbowderp:
*finger pyramid of evil contemplation*:trollestia:

*while reading* :facehoof:
*nearing the end* :pinkiegasp:
*after finishing* :pinkiesick:
i request a sequal.

Is it bad that I want Rarity and Filthy Rich to be tortured slowly by Rainbow?

Loved it. From all your stories this was the second best one. Would have been hot if Rarity would have taken the debt in a more "personal way", but that's just my opinion :pinkiecrazy:

Is Rainbow ever going to get peyback at Rarity?

So, first I saw the picture and I was like POF but then I saw the description, and well... I read on with trepidation.

From a technical point of view, it's not that bad; your phrasing is clear and spelling is good. But the way you treat your subject matter verges on the repulsive. I understand that this is a clopfic (not entirely sure what's to be gotten from Filthy Rich raping Rainbow Dash), but characterisation is just thrown to the wind here. Why is Rarity so sure of herself through all this? Even if she and Rainbow Dash were never best buds, I still think she'd have some serious doubts about going through with it. And on top of that, rape is an extremely traumatic experience that a lot of people never fully recover from, so Dashie is taking this a bit lightly too.

The idea is nice and all, but this wasn't really executed well. I really think it should've been Rarity to have her way with Rainbow and NOT Filthy Rich. Sure the clop scenes were nice, but really I think the overall premise is kind of screwed up and it doesn't really work well for me. Sorry DarkJester, I love some of your work, but this one along with Improper Punishment didn't do it for me.

I can neader love IT or hate IT. this fan fic show the dark side of the world. you are a good rigther, but i thinking you have more potensial then wright a sex/ rape storie.

:twilightangry2: Rainbow then told Twilight, Twilight sent a letter to Celestia, and we never heard of Filthy ever again. Rarity was sent to an asylum, and Rainbow went to see a psychiatrist. Their friendship broken, Discord was let free, and this time, was utterly invincible because the elements only worked with friendship and love, and Rarity broke Rainbow before hand. Oh well. :ajsleepy: Thanks for giving ammo to people who think bronies are freaks. :ajbemused: If you're into rape at all, you're pathetic. You can't defend it in any real way, even if it is your fetish. This story was written decently, at least, except for the major OOC. Why is this labeled as a romance again? :rainbowhuh:

The fuck did I just read.....? There is a special plac in pony hell for these fics... Great concept... Exicution wasn't....

You sir...



WELL DONE!!!! You just got a one way ticket to hell!

I demand RD getting revenge on Rarity. possible a five way?...... no evil smile pony emoticon. i need to message the FIMFiction creator

You sir, yes you Mister Dark Jester, fuck your self with a machete. Please?

That's pretty uncalled for...

Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh. Why do people post stuff like this about PONIES :ajbemused: its just down right wrong to post shit like this about damn ponies let alone human version's of this.

Agree with you there

As for the story itself. not my cup of tea.
I saw many grammar errors as well.
Just a bit amateur you see.
More practice a less taboo concept and a little more time and you will get it.
Good luck

I just remembered something! If Rarity is so obsessed with keeping track of debts then why is it that she doesn't remember that she owes Rainbow Dash her life for saving her along side the Wonderbolts in ep.16! There should be a sequel where Rainbow remembers this and gets payback on Rarity such say flying her high into the air and dropping her to her death or at least painful drop where she breaks the majority of her bones.

Very nice. Some ponies need to chill out though; if ya don't like clopfics, there's the door.:raritywink:

Hmm a lot of mixed opinions I see. I will start by addressing the most prevalent ones first:

I know rape is traumatic, but if I tried to make it as realistic as possible, I don't think anyone would enjoy it, they'd just feel sad and regret reading it. I personally, have a kink for rape fantasies, and I wanted people to enjoy it like I do: Without all the emotional turmoil.

I don't see how I could make this story with all characters 100% IC since they're ponies in a world of rainbows and sunshine and something like this would never happen in a realistic setting. Sometimes you gotta bend the rules to get away with something like this.

I'm sorry so many of you don't like it. I personally have always been a rape fan (in FICTION), it's just harder to write with ponies in my opinion. There would be more rapefics from me otherwise.

Great clopfic! :rainbowkiss:
You should make a sequel where Rainbow Dash gets payback!


I still like it, but i already said that. Are you planning any more fics by the way?? :pinkiehappy:

Of course! A Daring Do one is up next!

Because let's face it, when there's a clop fic with RD, the rape one's are the best :rainbowwild:. She's so adorable when she's defenseless and broken and not trying to act brave because she CAN'T and she's forced to be submissive and...... OK, I think my pedo is showing. :twilightoops:

240379 Thank yoooooooouuuuu! I thought there was going to be a flood of Daring Do fics after that episode but only like 10 or so ever came to fruition. Thanks for adding to that pile of awesome! :twilightsmile:

You covered my feelings about it exactly!

Every fiction you wrote with this theme I immediately regretted reading, so forgive me if I don't read this one. That being said, I'm sure it is very well written, and I would never discourage you from writing more exactly like this one.

Although it seems to be tempting me to read it.

238806 239190 239508

As to all the people who complain about this being terrible and wrong....

Yes. Yes it is. I'm ashamed to say that that was arousing to me, since saying otherwise I would be lying. You have to deal with the fact that people are gonna make this shit, ponies or not. If you want to try to get rape fics banned from the internetz, be my guest. I can't say I'd really object to it.

Do I find these kinds of stories distasteful?... Yeah, honestly. But I choose to take it in stride.

However, in many ways these fics actually benefit society. Yes, yes, I can hear your outraged screams from here. But seriously, studies have shown that societies with access to child pornography are less likely to sexually abuse children. The same concept applies here, things like this are an outlet for humanities strange, immoral urges. It's the exact same concept as a stress ball, albeit with sexual unrest instead of emotional unrest. Like DarkJester said in a comment above, "I personally have always been a rape fan (in FICTION)". Not real life. Fics like this have prevented 16 year old girls from having their virginity stolen and their self-esteem crushed.

I'm probably overselling it, so make what you will out of what I say here, I can't change what you want to think. That's just my opinion on it.

Well I'm not saying the story was bad, it was actually pretty damn good! I just like to think in terms of possibilities for sequels. I think it would be pretty damn amusing if Rainbow say threatened to do what I posted early and have Rarity beg for her life or some crap like that so RD gets payback by say getting a couple of stallions to rape Rarity instead.

...so I read it anyway. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Although I do wish that I would've stopped reading at the point where the ring gag came in. After that I lost interest. I actually enjoyed everything before that point though. Well done.

Really what irritates me the most is Rarity's smugness to the situation. :raritywink: Yeah, I'm talking about you bitch.

You should make a sequel where RD binds and gags Rarity, and then taking advantage of Rarity while she's most helpless, yells at her as much as she wants. Then after she has vented and feels satified, she lets Rarity go, and they're all happy friends again. Oh, and then they fuck, because come on, what shows more friendship than fucking, am I right?

:flutterrage:Long shall be your Suffering. Joyous be your PAIN!!!!!!!

Well I got to say this certainly was an exhilarating Clopfic (If I'm allowed to call it as such) I've read so far here FimFic that surely was eye-bulging piece of literal wonder which definitely get ones Blood Flowing in terms of how it was well written to point one could have picture the scene in its entirety along with equal imaginative ways of how Rarity had gone to take her revenge on RD of whom even Princess Molestia , with the Chaos God Slaanesh would have approve on in more ways than one to such degrading way possible.

++++Words of Faith++++++++

"Let the Sins of the Flesh Be there Weakness, Let there Mind Wonder of Pure Desires! May the Ecstasy be there Calling, For they are Mortals who Crave the Sweetness of Deviation of which to Sate there Hunger. Born of Wanting and of Longing For the Touch that can be Sated Through Pain and Pleasure For which I Provide in its Rawest Form."

+++++Slaanesh Chaos God of Lust, Excess, Pleasure, Perfection and Hedonism-

:twilightblush:But nevertheless I still have my misgiving or rather opposition upon the perpetrator towards RD's inevitable payback as it where that wisely angered me in part of such a Stallion Filthy Rich having his way with her surely tested my resolve in not outright condemning this Tale altogether. Due not at all its significance of how it was portrayed or rather just the character since I've have my standings of just Mares/Mares only, which on my part had me seeing Red towards that particular pony having done the Deed himself of whom I wouldn't have mind shoving a Chainsword through his Stomach, while listening to his suffocating on gurgling his own blood along even watching the limps spasms in his death throes could have been the Highlight of my Day or just having him singing the most beautiful of Screams while being tied town with me having a Power Maul shove up where even Celestia's Sun doesn't shine.

:raritydespair:For Tomorrow you Die!


"Love the Empress

for She is the salvation of Pony-kind

Obey Her words

for She will lead you into the light of the future,

Heed her wisdom

for She will protect you from Evil

Whisper her prayers with devotion,

for they will save your Soul

Honour Her servants,

for they speak in Her voice

Tremble before Her majesty,

for we all walk in Her immortal shadow."

Is it bad that this is the most arousing story I have ever read, and if I weren't in a public place, I would be fapping?

RD, do you have an answer?

Yes, yes it is

242480 Holy crap. I approve of this comment. *flashes a thumbs up* :yay:

not bad, but it felt a little weak.

sometimes less is more.

or i should stop comparing rapefics to the best of rapefics.

yay another great clopfic
yours are the best :yay:

238505 Not really. Personally I'd prefer it if RD tells Twilight, who then tells the Princesses, who then have Rarity and Filthy Rich arrested and left in stocks for "public use".

Brilliant that sounds like something I would enjoy reading.

*Description* :rainbowhuh:

*While reading middle of story* :fluttershbad:

*reading end of story* :facehoof:

238806 nope no way to justify it other than who are you to judge? i mean i love the show but in the end its fictional its not real rape is wrong when its real or fake but unless its real why give a damn?

258555 :pinkiegasp: You mean a site were you can express your opinion on any story you want is going to have people write what they think about a story?! And it's not always going to be praising it?! :twilightangry2: WHAT KIND OF A MAD HOUSE IS THIS?!! And I give a damn for the same reason you read my previous comment and you gave a damn in replying.

He should have tourtured rainbow to. Overall very funny, you're good at writing comedy.

I can't find the favorite button...WHERES THE FAVORITE BUTTON!!?? :flutterrage:

This.....was....:pinkiesick: :moustache: Amazing! :eeyup:

I dunno, it's just that I keep seeing your comments on fics like these. It's as if you purposefully seek them out to be disgusted, so you can complain.
I don't even care that you have an opinion, I can respect and ignore you, until you post something like, "If you're into rape at all, you're pathetic. You can't defend it in any real way, even if it is your fetish," at which point I get riled up.

If you're into telling me what my opinion should be, you're pathetic. You can't defend it in any real way, so do shut up.

397586 Dude, that was over a month ago. Why do you still care?

>I keep seeing your comments on fics like these.
Are you stalking me now? I read these stupid stories to try to understand what the big fucking deal they are(you know, the same reason why anyone read 'Cupcakes'. I bet that got you really hot under the collar reading that), and it's always the same stupid thing. And it's just so sad when people try to defend something like this with "You can't tell me what to do, so now let me tell you what to do," and they never have a decent reason to like it. I'm sorry, but if you're into rape, that just means you want to rape somebody. Why else would you fantasize about it? It's the same reason why some guy's fantasize about having a threesome with models, because they want to do it in real life. It's like having someone tell you "I'm just into drinking blood and I write about murdering my mother, but I'm not actually going to do that now."

>so do shut up.
Dude, I completely forgot about this until you brought it up. So thanks for that.

Now here's something you can jack off to.

397586 I mean, this is a crime in literacy. You could literally just replace the names of these characters with anyone else, and it would fit no matter what. And it's always "Oh God I can't believe this is happening but why am I enjoying it?!" bullshit. Yeah, I know it's been proven that some women orgasm during rape, but that's a bodily reaction. They are not enjoying it in the slightest. I don't even understand why rape fics are a thing. You can have characters having rough sex and enjoying it. Hell, rape role-play is a common thing and would actually suit most of these things (since invariably the victim ends up loving it in these stupid clopfics).

Actually, you know what would save this fic? If they really were role-playing. That makes sense. It could even forgive the horrible OOC, because you could just say it's their horrible acting. Maybe have RD in a relationship with whoever the stallion is, and wants to be tied up so she could pretend to fight back without accidentally hurting the stallion, maybe because they tried this before and she always ends up knocking him out by accident or something. Like, you could make it plausible that RD enjoys being tied up because of how free she usually is. I know that idea is fucking stupid, but so is this fic, so it would be par for the course.

In short:
I "still care" because I don't understand how time works and a month is a measurement of time. Had no idea it was a month ago or.. whatever.
I'm not stalking you, I'm attempting to find something to masturbate to. Since you're also reading the same set of stories-- apparently just to judge their literary value-- it's not surprising that I see you again and again.
I didn't read this, iirc, I just looked at the comments to see if it was something I was into. Decided it wasn't.
If a person who likes to read "erotic" stories that involve rape must, then, also like to rape, what does that say about the rape-play you're advocating for?
I liked Cupcakes.
What is the gif from? I'm interested.

The comment came when you told me that I was pathetic and had to defend my interests. Actually, this isn't my fetish, I just like to argue. Why do you flail around and act like it matters if you call people pathetic?

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