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Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pony procreation...

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Lol, already added to 'rape'. :unsuresweetie:

You're going in blind
'Looks at related groups and title'

Sorry Alcatraz, but no, just no

Contains: You're going in blind.

That... is the clean opposite of what a trigger warning is meant for. :facehoof:

6989961 When I was blogging about the story, people saw the comedic value behind it and told me not to change it, so I didn't.

What you can think about, however, is how many people judge a book by it's cover. Why not give it a chance instead of passing it up because of a content warning that's supposed to encourage just that?

It's substantially more tame than any of my other Domination fics, I'll tell you that much.

That's the joke. :derpytongue2:

Apple Bloom is aged-up in this story.


Why you skip Applejack round two ?? !!!! SHAME ON YOU !

6990003 Funny, sure, but it's a quick way to get downvotes. People don't like wasting their time with a story only to find a fetish they can't stand. I don't know how many fics I've downvoted because they don't have a warning that Spike in it has two dicks.

Dude, double dicked dragons are delicious.

Alliteration aside, assumptions arise on context automatically.

A seemingly clean fic will spawn so much as disgust when it suddenly contains kinks.

A warning would be welcomed.
If not necessary.

Ya can't juke us like that, bro.

You dirty dog you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

6992138 So if a story with spike had two dicks turns you away, what have you got to gain by downvoting it? I very rarely, if ever, downvote a story for containing something I don't like.

6992984 :rainbowwild:

6993096 It's not that it has something I don't like, it's that there is no warning. When I read a story, I give it my time. When that story suddenly, without warning contains something I hate, the author essentially stole my time. When you have fetishes like that or rape play, you need to warn people.

'POMF' Dang it! Why you give me wingboner?! :ajbemused:


When you have fetishes like that or rape play, you need to warn people.

When I'm notorious for writing fetish rape stories with 'Domination' in the titles, I think it's safe to assume what it's going to be about, don't you?

6993508 No, it's not. Not everyone that reads this story will have read your others. I haven't read any of them, and only know that you do rape fetish because you just told me. You can't expect people to just know what it will contain based on stories they may or may not have read.

You also can't expect the 'Groups' list to tell them, because people will add stories to lists they don't belong to. I've seen stories without a single mention of humans in HiE groups, and stories that are pure slice-of-life in action groups.

Looking at your story list, this is one of your worst rated fics, and it's very likely because of the surprise rape fetish. It's a shame, because that will turn a lot of people away, and it's a really good fic for those that do enjoy the fetish. I only sometimes like it, and I really did enjoy this. It would be a shame for those who love it not even give it a try just because the rating was affected by those angry about the lack of trigger warnings.

6993593 Worst rated? Maybe, but I look at it like this: If people enjoy it, then cool, but if people are downvoting it because of content, then I've got to laugh, knowing I've pissed those people off. Win-win!

6993845 They aren't down voting it because of content, they're down voting it because they feel lied to and tricked into reading what they thought was going to be a fetish-free story and got something they hate. Your description makes people think they're getting a romantic clop fic, but instead, they get a fetish fic.

6993964 I'm sorta known for writing these kinds of fetish fics. Of the six clopfics I've published, four are of this genre. Even one of my friends write a similar story, and said in the description; "Thanks to Alcatraz for his insight into this genre."

I can understand what you mean when you say people feel lied to. I made two blogs regarding this story while I was writing it, and people were basically telling me to keep the 'You're going in blind'. They understood the comedic value of it! Even the second commenter looked at the title and the related groups it's in. It's not entirely my fault if people decide to read this and end up complaining about it when there's multiple ways to ascertain what kind of content it may contain.

6994860 While one could possibly extrapolate that there is some kind of fetish from the 'you're going in blind' line, it is your fault to an extent. I can see the comedic value of it, too, but it's still misleading. Like I said, you can't rely on your reputation, as not everyone who will read this will have read your others, and you can't rely on your blog posts, because few people read those. The description makes it seem like a romantic clop fic, which is why I actually read it, but it turns out to be something very different. While, again, I did like it, many people would be very upset and rightfully so.

It may not be a requirement to put trigger warnings, but it's still right. It shows you respect your potential readers enough to let them know ahead of time if it has something they might not enjoy. Most people won't downvote something just because it has something they don't like when the story claims it right in the description. If they do, that's them being a childish douche, and we can all laugh at how sad their life is.

my only complaint is the "wtf" extra long back story flash. why not just make it the beginning and had time forward flashes, thus eliminating the flash back? the whole semi-assault caught me off guard, but hey, i'm just along for the ride.

6999749 The flashback was to explain Johnny's position in Equestria and how the relationship between he and AB developed. I thought it necessary rather than jumping into the thick of it.

You're going in blind.

I'm going in alright.
That was my first thought. I'm not sure whether that upsets me or not.

She begins tying some slipknots in both ends of the rope and sliding them under the bale across the width.

I'm pretty sure that I'm wrong about this, but isn't slipknot another term for noose?

I had no idea Applejack could deepthroat so well!

I mean, horses don't have a gag reflex so...

7915656 A noose is literally designed to be put around someone's neck for the sole purpose of killing them.

A slip knot is loop of rope tied in such a way to allow it's user ease of tightening and release.

7915662 And you know this how :trollestia:

As much as incest perturbs me, seeing you two go at it in the heat of the moment turned me on like you have no idea.


I did it for you, babe. So long as I'm not on the receiving end of something I don't like, it's not my problem if someone does it in front of me


Well even though this felt a little preachy, this was alright.

Well, can't say I blame her for wanting me to deal with the hay.

Hay that’s not fair!!! :rainbowwild: :rainbowlaugh:

I tried making a break for it, but holy shit those two can run! Big Mac pinned me to the ground while Aj tied my hands and feet, and dropped me across the red stallion's back as he took me into the barn.

Cue the chase music!!

I guess the worst part about being told you have amnesia is that it doesn’t just happen the once.

I know first hand that nothing gets out of Applejack's ropes.

Reminds me of a bugs bunny clip where he brings a fan into the oven that he was being baked in.

Thank goodness it was just roleplay I was just starting to tear up!!

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