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your body is a collection of beautifully complex systems and processes. are you really gonna use it to type something mean to a stranger?


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These are humanized ponies...

Horses riding ponies...

Yep. Yep yep yep.

This is weird, honestly, I never expected this.

Humanized pony doing it with horse...

Personally, it's not to my taste, but I would still consider it well written by this site's standard.

The author's note drove the point home. :rainbowlaugh: Have your like, good sir.

Humanized pony doing it with a horse...

Probably won't fap to this ._.

I am at a loss for words..........

This was not what I was expecting to be reading tonight.

I'll uh... Give it a like.

Well, looks like Sunset's in a jam. :ajsmug:
There's only one who would dare...LONESTAR!

i kept reading lonestars lines in the paralized horse's voice

Came for the potential laugh,Upvoted/Fav'd for the Owl City.

Considering that the guy who voices the Paralyzed Horse from Bravest Warriors also voiced Tirek in the original 1984 My Little Pony TV special, that makes this story take on an entirely new level of WTF, :applejackconfused:

Oh for crying out loud, it's been one day and already there's a clopfic out about the horse. :facehoof:

Oh, man. The story was good, but that author's note was the icing on the cake. Well played.

5812148 Technically the AJ in this fic is human and has always been human but close enough.

The question is: Does Sunset having sex with a horse in her human form count as bestiality?

I just...what?? That escalated so quickly I have the most confused lady boner ever. I just...what??? :rainbowderp:


The question is, "As long as it's hot, do we care?"

The second question is, "Wouldn't Sunset having sex with a human be bestiality to her? Ponies being the dominant sapient race in Equestria..."

My succinct reaction when reading this fic.


Take your upvote, and may we never speak of it again.


I think it's only bestiality if the being can't give consent. People and this horse can talk so I guess it's okay.




And dayum is he a talker... dude is so smooth he almost makes me wanna have sex with him, :applejackconfused:

You know, I can't really fault anyone for reading this.

I won't be, but it does raise some interesting questions concerning Sunset's sex drive.

Comment posted by Glowing Ember deleted Apr 2nd, 2015

Never stop living down to the stereotype, guys.

well I just read this... it was good... I don't find a lot of good stories like this one.

I don´t wanna even know about the story, but.... from where is the photo? I don´t remember it in the movie.



It's from one of the new music videos that just got released. Specifically, it's from "Friendship Through the Ages:"

This is the fastest I've ever written anything, specifically because I wanted to be the first one.

I was laughing on how Applejack was getting off at this event--then wanting to go next afterward:rainbowlaugh:.

Well, when you think about it, this is kinda like Twilight and Flash, but in reverse...

... And for some reason, it's still less creepy and more believable. :rainbowlaugh:

...We need a sequel. PLEASE!

If you think about, this makes sense. She was born and raised in Equestria, so being a pony originally, she would not see anything wrong with this, and would it fact find horses more attractive than humans.

You can change the outside, but the inside will remain the same.


Oh, you want a sequel, do you? Well then...

You better vote favorably for my FunFact contest entry, over on my main account. :trollestia:

5815144 Um, in order for me to do that, I would have to know who your main account is.

I'm joking, of course. I wouldn't want anything to affect your voting process.

And besides, if enough people really do want it, maybe a sequel could be arranged...

5815170 Well, it wasn't going to affect me anyways...but out of curiosity, what is your main account? 'Cause chances are, I might have not read that story yet.

And maybe have Sunset do something for Lone Star with those 'massive breasts' (as your story called it) of hers... nudge nudge wink wink

Only took a day for there to be porn of it. I fucking love this place.

My only question is why you have a christian music video at the end of this? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just curious.

Did you take this picture of reddit? If you did its mine XD

5813143 Only one being would dare give her raspberry!

Rolling rolling rolling, keep those puppies rolling, keep those puppies rolling, rode hard. :applejackconfused:

Sunset just has to hope that not just her equine physiology for physical capacity made it from Equestria. If her biological capacity did as well, well, AJ is going to have to deal with that in 11 months time. :twilightoops:


Yeah, we're really slipping. It should have been within hours.

She took a long breath. “So,” she said, voice quavering. “Why did you want to talk to me now?”
Lonestar’s entire body seemed to shrink away. Eyes set to the dirt, she muttered, “I need something from you.”
“What is it?”
He shot her a long, heavy stare. “Do you really trust me?”
Sunset nodded. With shaking hands, she took off her jacket and threw it to the side. “With my life.”

Alright, I got lost there. I don't think Sunset said “I need something from you.”, because she just asked Lonestar why he wanted to talk with her. So, I guess it should be:

Eyes set to the dirt, he muttered, “I need something from you.”

Thanks. Could have sworn I caught that before...

Something else you should look into... Sometimes it was hard to tell which of... Sunset's fields were being plowed by Lonestar...

Applejack could only stare as Sunset, ass raised high into the air, squealed in delight.

:ajsmug: So, the back fields?

Sunset’s pussy was bursting with juice,

:applejackunsure: Wait, her front yard?

Sunset’s anus stretched wide from the sheer force of her fucking,

:applejackconfused: wait, the back yard? also, whose fucking? I think it should be his fucking, 'cause Lonestar's doing it.

Sunset did the same, grabbing her bouncing boobs and covering them with the precum flowing from her cunt.

So, the seed was being planted on the front fields? Maybe I'm just that dumb (not saying that I'm not) but I got lost a lot.
I also learned that I suck at making farm-related euphemisms.

Me and my friend sneaked reading this while everybody was out and about. About halfway through my friend felt wet and I moved her far away from me. XD

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