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very good at writing very bad things

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More! :rainbowwild:

Please make Ditzy not only pleasure, but torture Dinky too. :pinkiecrazy:

Well, right now all I can say is, you're obviously not cockney, or you would have spelled it right.

But looking forward to reading this.

Hope you'll update "Stolen Diamond" too. And maybe even some cross-over?

A twisted group of humans uses technology to pull ponies onto Earth and use them to satisfy base sexual desires.

so basically what bronies would do if we had that kind of technology? :trollestia:

We really need more of these kinds of fics. I wish someone would pick up where rape train left off and make a full fledged story with all the ponies.

So adamanthys you mean a story like stealing harmony .

6227169 There's a lot better quality fics like this than the Rape Train ones. Those were always just glorified greentext.
Look at HamGravy - Rarity's Garden, Twisted, A Silver Sky, all really great.
Brony Stories did 120 Days of Blueblood, that one's the most extreme fic I think that exists on this site.

This fic was okay, I still think Stolen Diamond was much better. I dislike when there's absolutely no buildup. Need a proper story so that I care more about the characters when they get destroyed.


i find hamgravy's work unfappable because you care about the characters *too much*. i can't take pleasure in twist being triple-penetrated by the cream of equestrian society when i'm just rooting for her to get free. i'm pretty sure that was hamgravy's intent too, the initial stories are far more cloppy than the super-plot driven later ones.

agreed that stolen diamond is a better fic than this. kidnappers was mainly written because we never got to see forced dinky/derpy action in stealing harmony.

6231836 Ah it probably is now that I think about it. But I haven't fapped to R34 fics for a long time now. When I read stories like this I'm just in it for the abuse.

I take it, that you read Celestia's relaxing vacation, then? That is some insane shit :pinkiecrazy:

~ lost a little faith in humanity
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Oh, good, I thought that you never gonna continue that :pinkiecrazy:

Mmm, smegma... mmm, piss... yummy! :twilightsmile:

oh fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. so sexy. love it. wish my boyfriend would treat me the same. ;D

AHAHAH! Good story,even if in the end,I felt sorry for the poor Dinky!

This is fucking awful.


Just when I lose hope, you come back and post a new chapter to one of your stories :pinkiehappy:

Welp. Can't say I wasn't warned.

This is absolutely disgusting.

thank you. (This was not sarcastic)

Well I've officially seen all humanity can provide, I seen the good, the weird, and now, the fucked up shit.

Jesus, your writing is officially the most vile but yet interesting writing.

Well a least these humans wasn't as rough as the others.

I'll keep an eye out for this.

I really want to write an update to this, but more of a rescue effort than...whatever this was. But I thought I'd ask permission first so it didn't look like it was my idea.

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