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very good at writing very bad things

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i just finished my coffee when I saw you uploaded this... damn, almost got a heart attack from excitement :rainbowlaugh:


Tell me your fave bits!

Damn I've gotten here early! This is amazing, and looks to be even better later on!

I literally can't choose, this is all of my favorites in one.



So much fun so little time:pinkiecrazy:

She whined helplessly with the cock in her mouth. The price of ignoring one of their degrading 'suggestions' would be to have a far worse one forced upon her. The first time she'd refused such an order, they had made each dog fuck her in the ass, let the cum dribble out as she sucked the cock clean, and then lap up the jizz from the floor. Since then, she'd done her best to obey.

you know I would have liked to read about this in detail

Will read later to see if/how it’s changed from what I know.

Edit: Okay, it’s all there. T’was good, but then you know that.


such a cut off ending

Where the hell did these assholes get 100 dogs? Or do some of them get a second round? Either way, that's a fuckton of doggos.

Good shit, though. If you don't continue this, I'll be more than a little miffed.


they own a kennel

any standout bits for you?

For shame...

She'd get done three times as fast if they put all of her holes to good use.

Love a lot of your work! Ever thought of giving Celestia or rarity this treatment hah! For both being clean ponies or royalty. Can’t wait to read more

please continue this!

Now we just have to deal with all the poor, pent-up mutts you were too lazy to help tonight...

I guess just have her finish the rest off without the "don't throw up" caveat.

Sequel idea!

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