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Cold in Gardez

Stories about ponies are stories about people.


Love can take root in the most unlikely of places.

In Equestria's darkest moment, when Tirek seemed unstoppable, when the princesses lay chained in Tartarus, when the Elements were helpless, two ponies discover that no one is so weak that they cannot fight back. And what matters more than victory is what you discover along the way.

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Amazing! Great idea!

I did not feel for this particular story. I wanted to feel for it - I really like CiG, I think he's one of the best - but I read through and felt... nothing.

The story itself seemed very formulaic to me, as if a talented artist were doing a paint by numbers page. Done incredibly well, right up to the lines and with just the right colours, but...inevitably turning out to be the same picture it was going to be anyway. I wanted to see the flashbacks as something other than padding and could not.

I'm not saying other people didn't find this very engaging and felt things, just that I did not. :fluttershysad:

The greatest judge of worth is the soul's strength in the face of the hopeless.

A truly delightful read.

Easily deserved its Writeoff medal. Here's hoping it does well on FIMFiction as well.

I don't know if I'd call the flashbacks padding, but I do think the apocalyptic imagery was far more interesting.

The imagery made me think of the ending credits of Urotsukidoji the movie. :twilightblush:

This story left me misty in the eyes.:fluttercry: Well done.:twilightsmile:

“Little pony. Be grateful that Tirek is a merciful god.” His voice held all the warmth of a glacier, all the love of an avalanche. It was the sound of rocks breaking and trees falling.

Oh my god I want to marry this delicious paragraph.

Jolly good show! A interesting read indeed.

*raises hand*

Can I punch Tirek? Please?

This was pretty bomb, yo.

This was fantastic. It really made me connect to these characters in such a small window of time. Very well done.

*Deadpool picks up a rifle and shoots Tirek through the head*

Magic doesn't make one automatically bullet-proof! Ya gotta make a spell for that!

Of course... kinda hard to make a spell to stop something you don't know exists!

*And so, Deadpool triumphs once again with his 4th wall-breaking genre-savvyness!* :trollestia:

There's a lot of beautiful sentences in this story, but I'm afraid my opinions on this story are similar to ambion's. I'm not sure why; the story just doesn't feel as alive as many of your other stories.

Muffled, as though the filly it belong to was jealous of her tears and afraid to let them escape.


I so want a sequel for this! Great story!


I'll never be able to look at Twilight's Kingdom the same way again.

There was some amazing imagery in this story, and the words were mesmerizing.

Muffled, as though the filly it belong to was jealous of her tears and afraid to let them escape.

That sentence really grabbed my attention. It's just a beautifully crafted sentence.

She nodded and jumped into the air like a stone from a sling.

This sentence stood out to me because of the callback to the earlier flashback. I wasn't sure what the pebble on Briar's cutie mark was supposed to represent, but this line made it pretty obvious that it's Dandi. I appreciated the subtle confirmation of my suspicions.

The prose was beautiful, though I do have to agree with several of the other comments that say that the structure felt a little generic. I wouldn't say that this story did anything really new or unexpected, but I also don't think that it was trying to. So, if I accept it as an exercise in atmosphere, then I can accept it as a beautiful thing.

This was a very well-written story, but I can't help but feel a bit disappointed? I dunno, I guess I was expecting something with a bit more of a kick to it beyond some lovely prose.

Still, great work!

This made me think about Xerxes, in 300, when he tries to parley with Leonidas and says that he is a merciful god. :-P

This is a LONG overdue Featured Tale in September for Tag-A-Long's Book Club

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