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This... just all of my YES! I hope Papa Franku comes in to take care of buisiness once he realizes Pink Guy and the other Lycra's are missing. Nice job!

This fic needs more hair in its cake.

The two were silent together, unsure of what could have possessed Pinkie Pie to allow such a violently silly creature into their house.

\what could have possessed Pinkie Pie to allow such a violently silly creature

Pinkie Pie to allow such a violently silly creature

Pinkie Pie

violently silly creature

The Defense rests, Your Honor.

Caaaaaaaaaaaaan somb0dy gibi da Pusi ples!

Don't know why this hasn't been done sooner.

The Dark Lord better be summoned.

And we have to sacrifice something, but what?

You should really kill your self
It's the song don't hate meh plz

Please, please kill yourself
i got a little bit o that anal cream fo yo aysshole

7249235 To be fair, I don't think Pinkie Pie and a friend have ever gang-banged a helpless bystander in an elevator before.

Another Pink Guy story. Dunno why i don't see these much with them being just as weird as Pinkie but i like em. *likes*

FoRst CoOOOmEnTt!! Kill me please i don't deserve to live.

7251842 Well as soon as i left i immediately noticed you updated the story through the latest updates section so...

7251610 Watch someone take that as a challenge and make a clopfic.

B0ss That Was Some G00d Shit Mang

I now have the awnser to everything thank you

Not manny can resist the clutches of Japanese cartoons


I... I never asked for this...


Wait, Creepy Dude IS Chin-Chin, though.

7273879 Who's to say that Chin Chin didn't turn into Creepy Dude at the end there?

What a beautiful ending.

sadly, no pussy was gotten that night

7299750 Except for maybe Chin Chin/Creepy Guy.

I'll fave if you let me know one thing.

Have you seen Chef?

dam b0ss, ey fuk da pusi
I'm the 69th like lol

WTF did I just read!!!!:derpyderp2:

This was, like The Duke would say, a delightful blending of cancer and comedy into a fruity, delicious smoothie.:rainbowlaugh::yay::moustache:

I applaud you. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiecrazy:

How the fuck did I find this? Why did I click on this?! WHY THE FUCK AM I ABOUT TO READ THIS?!

Just finished reading. Now I'm very confused about why I expected anything else...

You will not be forgotten, Lemon...

A perfect encapsulation of all things Franku. My eyes are bleeding just by reading this, but my soul is still dead soaring based on the sheer autistic artistic quality of this piece.

I rate it -4 out of 359 chromosomes.

Also, I played this during breaks in the musical cue. It worked really well.

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