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The Abyss

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Damnit, I wanted to readeth this so bad! And now I can not!

Ohh, I soo wanna take you up on that offer of a snuggle, To cute, also great story.

Abyss is on like a freaking clopfic roll right now

Sassy Saddles stepped up to Rarity and pressed her up against the door. She nibbled on the tip of her ear, and when she heard another needy moan, she pulled back with a lustful look in her eyes. “When we get back to my place, I’m gonna rut you senseless.”
Rarity gulped.

Wait a minute. I'm noticing a pattern here! It always end with the protagonist about to get some more tail or the pony they had sex with saying he/she is going to get fudge.

Still I enjoyed it.:derpytongue2:

Which bring me the question.

Maaaaaaane this was awesome!
Nicely done, nicely done.
Hehehehe eue

Maaaaaaane this was awesome!
Nicely done, nicely done.
Hehehehe eue

7/10, good fic, but I don't like lesbian sex that much... :applejackunsure: eh, I'll give it a like anyways.

The NSFW version of the cover art has, by far, the best vagina I have ever seen in art. Period. So freaking sexy.

I've been waiting for this since you first mentioned it after this episode came out! I loved it! Do we possibly get to know what happens when they go back to Sassy's place?

Cute! Very arousing. Thumbs up!

Once I saw this in the popular stories box and read the first line of the description, I knew exactly who wrote it.

6612963 Can't link NSFW images, but you could find it easily by reverse image searching the SFW version.

see's story pic:


damn you're stories are good

Man, this was absolutely fantastic! I can believe that Rarity would have such a device... :raritywink:

I would totally read this if it were written with a few minor and or major changes.

6611811 Mhm. This allows me to continue one-shot stories or add a bonus chapter at a later time all while having the one-shot be whole.

6614300 How can Rarity can hide this when Pinkie already knows?

6614322 Once again, what? I don't know what you're talking about.

6614324 Somehow, someway Pinkie Pie knows.

6614329 Knows about what? Dude, your comments are so vague you're confusing the hell out of me haha.

6614336 Rarity and Sassy have a thing going on right? Sooner or later their secret will be found out and scandals will rise she'll have to tell her friends about it.

Refer to previous strapon comment [https://www.fimfiction.net/story/211540/for-the-love-of-the-song#comment/4895447] (no linking, stupid rules. unless your computer does it automatically. Is that against the rules?).

All in all, 9/10, would almost definitely werf.

*chanting* Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!

But on a more serious note, great work like always, would love to read more like this.

6614336 Maybe he's making a reference to that new episode: The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows?

Well Rarity, you're fucked, literally.

Nice reading, well done as usual :twilightsmile:

6726220 Not allowed to send direct NSFW art links. But, I can tell you the number of the picture on Derpiboru is 725271.

Uh oh rarity is in trouble.:rainbowlaugh:lol

6612659 Jesus, Joseph, and doggy-style Mary, you weren't kidding... that's one helluva pussy!

She felt the medial ring bump against her opening, but the lust within her screamed at her to take it like a good mare.

The inner sub in me just squeed in delight when she read this. Nice story, well done.

This was sweet.

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