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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!

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Fourth? I count three. Unleas your talking about Twi's mom.

Yep, also includes Twilight. Haven't written that story yet.

But it's mentioned throughout the earlier fics.

cant help but feel bad for the dads in this fic series

It doesn't count! According to the mares, at least.

Also Mr. Shy liked being cucked.

Anon appears to be using my cousin's dating style.

Ask and keep asking till you get an answer, if they say yes, go for it, but if they say no, then move one t the next one...

what about the other dads? cause if it doesnt count why are they keeping it secret?

Well... You know... Why stress them out? Right? milf-moms nervously look from side to side while sweating.

so its obvious they wanna destroy their home and no longer love their husbands! i knew it!

Shhhh, it's okay, Dom. I never read the others, so this is the only perfect world.

So is Pear Butter last since it'll be so short about him learning she's dead and moving on?

so when is the royal sisters turns they are the MILF's to rule them all.

I like the idea of him fucking the skeleton to piss off AJ more.

I guess that's...

*Puts on shades*

How the Cookie Cummbles.

sees new clopficsinthecomments story


sees most underrated MILF in title

Fuck the hell yes~.

Here's an idea for a final entry in this series that would smooth things over with the stallions: "Anon Gets Fucked by all the MILFs' Husbands"

If he doesn't bang Granny Smith, then Anonymous has far to go. Old mothers need some loving too!


I'd be down for that. Not AS Anon, but if you're going to have intentional 'No they're not single MILFs in this timeline', then some sexy payback is in order.

Speaking of Rarity and blowjobs, did you ever notice that in "Party of One" after Rarity does her spit take into Pinkie's face, what she does next? (Hint: she tries both possibilities.) This is even more obvious since she is hoping to get in with Prince Blueblood in the very next episode.

Geez, I sure hope Sweetie Belle won't accidentally on this... Because then she'd want in on it too. That would be pedo.

Like all at once? good ole fashioned prison gang bang?

Me: Ah, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I can lay in this chair an-

My crotch: Fun times are coming our way...

Me: What?

My crotch: Fun times...

Me: No, I just sat down!

My crotch: look at the new stories...

*looks through stories and sees this*

Me: ....ah shit, here we go again *proceeds to violently rip pants off*

My crotch: IT IS TIME!


This is the response I want from all my readers' crotches.

Of course, revenge is a dish best served to everyone at the same time.

I haven’t read the story yet...

What the flying fuck

We all know you'd pick filly anon to make all the dads gay since it's still a dude. Seeing you do femanon and stallion will be a miracle.


Just, the one bangin' these MILFs. All of the DILF tubesteak as punishment for homewrecking.


Nah in this au, anon gets away with it...

And in no AU do I fic the m/m. :P

Clops is doing the lords work yet again.

Damn that was kinda hot, but that ending, I had a feeling it would end like this, but I still had a laugh from his reaction :rainbowlaugh:

But anonfilly is a guy turned into cancer, so all the m/m for you, friend.

Pretty sure everyone's hands are too occupied right now to be able to type something here...

Are we ever going to get a Velvet story?

his fourth Mane 6 Milf

Four? Did I miss some? o.o

.. ...

WELP. gottta hand it to you Clopfics, you sure know how to write em. quite hot the way this one turned out, and i got a fair few chuckles as well. i especially like just how much and how you describe the characters getting into it.

Sorry to be a naysayer, but while the premise was good and so was the sex, Anon's characterization just seemed off compared to your other Mom Six stories. Before, he was mostly nice, it's just that he had no filter. Now he's an asshole with a magically addictive cock, so everypony just puts up with it. Didn't like that part as much as the first two installments. :applejackunsure:

This was extremely hilarious, carried by Rarity and Anon's repartee.

I vote necromancy. Ladies with detachable limbs are hot.

The image surprised me

In a good way

It will be a crime if there is no sequel of this hilarious, glorious story.

Didin't he also smash Pinkie's mom?

This was a good scene. I think you pulled it off quite nicely.

He hasn't (I haven't) done pinkie yet! It will come!

You know it almost seems after reading this chapter that he’s fucking all their moms Talking to them as blank’s mom instead of their name Like he wants to get under their skin

He absolutely often just calls them 'blanks'-mom.

It's more to get under Rarity's skin in this fic though. The main point is that his fetish is really the fact it's a mom more than it is the mare.

Loved this so much. The descriptions of clitoral stimulation and winking were particularly nice.

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