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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.


Twilight is a mare of science and magic. Everything exists in known quantities and values. So of course, mythological creatures such as humans don't exist, don't be ridiculous. So... what's that thing? Why is it following her? What purpose does it have?

A fiction where Twilight learns the truth about humans... and doesn't like the implications at all.

F**K this prompt: Your self-insert is shipped romantically with one of the mane six. Or something. Whatever, I lost the original idea.

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This story is great and right on the nose. I love it!

That was an amazing ending XD
And I normally don't even like the Human tag! You did great! :pinkiehappy:

Hahaha, this is great!

Very entertaining. Great job!

Ooh, you're evil. :rainbowlaugh:

I would think that, if Twilight is princess when this story takes place, wouldn't she know about humans? After all, she had to go into their world to recover her stolen crown,

PS: If Twilight wants to be in control of her life, she should take the red pill!:raritywink:

Here is a mathematic equation for you!:twilightsmile:

No sequel = Mass extinction

So this. I like this.


You've got this marked as complete.
It doesn't feel complete.

Okay, that is quite a horrifying implication. Poor Twi.
Marked as complete? Gonna track anyway!

>a strand of my mane that periodically poked me in the eye with no amount of my frantic puffs was helping in moving it permanently away
Perhaps delete 'was' :moustache:

Meanwhile in a world where twilight never went through the portal into the human world...

The horror. The horror.

Oh no, she summoned an author

That got dark pretty quick and never stepped off the path. Love it!

The only thing I really have an issue with is this:

The front cover featured a map of Equestria, with a gold-embossed title proclaiming boldy, ‘Heads Under Your Beds, by sunnypack’.

Boldly, not boldy, and I would expect the front cover to be the story's cover picture of Twilight with her wings stretched out instead of an Equestrian map.

6340216 Thanks for the catch, the reason why there's an Equestrian map is because my stories all share the same folder and within them is an official map of Equestria to remind me of place names and geographical scales. I thought it poignant to tie into the scenes that the all-seeing being that is the Author would have a detailed map of the world. Still, seems like a good idea to reinforce it with the cover image, so I might change it.

Thanks for your feedback!

lol, At first I thought this was going to have the human as Barbas and got rather confused xD Nice read though :3

So this was a ride. I don't know if I should be creeped out, laugh, cry or all the above... good job!

This is horrifyingly meta, and brilliant :rainbowlaugh:

One small error I spotted:
> pyrogenesis
I assume you mean pyrokinesis :raritywink:

With the title of the chapter I am dissapointed there is no Santa in this chapter.

And then the human realises he's a written character as well....

What if a human was placed in the normal equestria with the ability to read, watch, and modify the plot just as much as the show creators? Basically a god due to coming from a 3D world in comparison to the 2D one they wound up in.

In other words such a thing as a character becoming aware of their existence as a fictional character or being the plaything of a higher being writing out their life could be alot darker.
Just think, it could of been M.A. Larson going to equestria with all his evil plot modifying powers :trollestia:

Um. No. "Pyrogenesis" isn't a word at all... :ajbemused:

You realize those definitions say it's something completely different than pyrokinesis, right? :trixieshiftright:

After doing some basic fact checking I've realized your right. They are completely different. Pyrokinesis doesn't work here at all. :ajbemused::trixieshiftright:

Well, neither is correct. The author was probably looking for a fancy word for "fire magic", and pyrokinesis is still closer to that than pyrogenesis.

Pyrogenesis is a broader term and can be applied to just about anything that generates heat. Like a spell or toaster or spellcasting toaster. "Fire magic" would certainly fall under this.

Pyrokinesis is the manipulation of flame by using psychic powers. Twilight may be a magical being but she isn't psychic as far as I know. Assuming she cant control things directly with her mind and has to use an intermediatery like a spell or the force to affect things around her.

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